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Tweaking IObit 360...be aware..


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Ok first Thing BACK up your PC or at the very least Restore point...


the reason this is posted here as i will be talking about iobits programs and ad ins ...to enhance them and work as one..

but you need to understand the program, and what to tweak..

and what to leave alone.(until you know)

i am starting this as for the ones who want to adjust there iobit 360..

as the other tread has gotten away from what i wanted to post..



please look at the captured shots carefully..and do not be a know all

this could save you a lot of grief..

this version of the latest 360 has some minor cliches.and baring that should be ok..

probably to keen to be let out to the public...



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hallow members...


just to elaborate on the app (command) hijack.


here you can determine what if any rouge soft ware is on your system..

you would of read many reported scans,and many ask ..what is what


please for your own sake do not tic a thing..and rid any thing.until you ether know.or have asked. what to get rid of .


look my advice is this.Please back up your system..a restore is not very secure

by itself..then if for some reason something went wrong you can replace your system to the image you made..


do not just click away and hope! that this app will fix a problem..


its there to help you,YES but its not a majestic thing..that fixes a problem

its used to try to identify a problem..


my advice is ask first..there is plenty of members happy to help you .try to fix a problem..

follow each step as close as you can..and ask again if you are not sure..


i cant stress the enoch..

ok next up lets talk a bit on tweaking..safe tweaking..nothing that will harm your system..



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now if you do not have it installed then perhaps you may consider this and that is a ip blocker..


a total free application or you may want to try a pay up one


just Google what are available and try them out

you would Google Under IP BLOCKERS. from there you pick what you like..


you do not need to add any lists ,i do not download any,all i do is use the program then start my own..list by adding ports and block ips ..


with the major possibilities of blocking ports..as let say port 53 UDP...and 137.

the 2 most considered vulnerable ports used,by the user on the net.

please have a think on this ..


look at the page 1 refer to (http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=6061)

and you see what i mean..


this i be leave is worth the installing of a blocker.




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I prefer Online Armor!


Hello itsmejjj!

Very nice screen prints.

I prefer Online Armor rather than Zone Alarm. You might want to check it out when you have time, I had Zone Alarm, but it kept giving me pop ups, wanting me to upgrade to paid. Online Armor doesn't do that. It works very similar to ZA :smile: PS its freeware.

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so what we have is -so far if say you are just using the OS and Iobit 360--a very basic yet good preforming system..win fire wall and win defender defaulted installed,that is getting better ...

you would or could add a browser like fire fox or opera,chrome or similar type and run that along IE ..


now a good player something like VLC media player.and perhaps a well known trusted cleaner like cc cleaner. Free--


i would advice to let IOBIT scan at start up when booting.and preform the scanning of the system. perhaps set it to update at least 1 time a week for the files.(DATA) and perhaps the program itself..keep that update.

and the ip blocker if you have this or are interested,watch the ports that MAY try TO inter~fear or try to scan your system.(preference)



ok so far we have a basic yet now well defending pc.ad to this your choosing of a virus application..and this should be sufficient for the average user..

but you may want to enhance this by adding a fire wall something like zone alarm

Free,or pctools free fire wall?

this certainly would not harm your system..but its a preference whether you ad them or not..


we are now slowly adding extra protection..ok now add to this IOBIT-ASC

this i think you would benefit from a heck of a lot..



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well have you made a image ? of your system...no ~~~then consider doing that, this now..


ok if you use win7 there is a full backup command that will do this .you need a store drive or a flash drive min 8 gig preferred..or better.

you probably read the may please back up your system and i will keep saying it...or use a back up application you like ..


how many times ? at least before a application that you do not know about .and or a major UPDATE..what ever it is..


read the may cryings that a update has ruined a system.than it may induce you to do so..or a installed program did this or that ..


right..so you have the basic protection? yes ? excellent!


now look at freds small apps add them and read up on them.thy to may and can be very useful (thy are free )

and perhaps look at your browser setting as well tweak them to your likeliness.


ask him FRED,if you are not sure about them but read up first..ok slowly we are moving into the orange zone..

read the help files on IOBIT 360 .as to how to use it .and so on..then spend a little time on Asc ..you need to understand what it could do for you..look at the offering headings, and go from there..ask if you do not understand something no matter what it is ..


ok next up lets get into the orange mode Zone..





for any one interested please refer here..

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Hello itsmejjj!

Very nice screen prints.

I prefer Online Armor rather than Zone Alarm. You might want to check it out when you have time, I had Zone Alarm, but it kept giving me pop ups, wanting me to upgrade to paid. Online Armor doesn't do that. It works very similar to ZA :smile: PS its freeware.


thank you for the interest ,and that is good advice ,that some readers may want to use..

i thank you kindly..

if we are talking ad on such as fire wall(walls( it will come down to what works and what prefer method one uses and want from a application like it.. fire wall.

but yes i do know the fire wall you suggested.

also i will add a little each day and try to keep this simple as i can .more as a Gide.to help and hope this is to you the reader and members.not boring.

ok fist of all if you the reader is following this thread. and have not yet installed ASC please read up on the application and let me convince you its a very good thing to have..as is the tool kit that i shall get to later..

thank you every one..


please Note:

the application iobit 360. and asc are and do work very smartly with one and the other.


i shall explain this ,as we go 1 step at the time..what i believe is of very good benefit to you and av-ode any mishaps.or harm *mistakes* that you could do accidentally..so it could save you problems..if you follow the guides already made under the headings you will benefit from this and i think perhaps spend a little time reading up on this? would help you understand..





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so now for your benefit we have installed ADVANCE system care..

brand new and brand new OS used 2 weeks.

this case win7 ultimate 32 bit...


simulating a new user.that installed this app to try out..


now the first thing you be doing is that's right backing this up..with your OS back up or mulcuim reflect

or similar type application...WHY just in case of a problem..


ok so in it went..succeeded..from here you would now set this to your liking..

as shown in the captured caps...


nothing hard..

or if you don't want to be bothered just scan and fix automatic as set by default..


by iobit company..

now there should be no problems.i keep saying this as i yet have to get one using iobit 360 and this application..


thank you for reading this and i do hope you do give this a try..


then if you are happy then go for the Pro version



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Hi itsmejjj,


Thanks for the advices, but it is advisable not to use automatic scan and repair by hitting CARE button in the first couple of scans and repairs, so, one can choose what to ignore.


After regulating the System Optimization, then it is safe to use automatic CARE function.


It is all explained in USAGE of IOBIT PRODUCTS thread.



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hi there

yes certainly that is so very true...and i did post that its a good idea to read up on both applications.get to know them..but you put it in a understandably

and better way.


and as i trust the application properly put it not that in a "correct way", how to install and let it do its thing..that i did..as i showed..

thank you ..for explaining this..

jjj ..

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