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  1. I think, jerzyzm thinks..that: ASC should have one installer program for ASC and ASC Ultimate....and it should be one program......here is my idea how should be look ASC DIRECT UPGRADE READ VERY CAREFULLY It would be good, if activating ULTIMATE features, if they would be included in ASC FREE AND PRO.....as same as you can upgrade from FREE TO PRO,,,,,,,,then users do not have to uninstall ASC Ultimate and download and install PRO version or do not have to uninstall PRO version and download and install ULTIMATE version.... So, USER has ASC FREE version......he wants to upgrade on PRO version....so he did it entering license code for PRO........but there is final option to upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE.....So he enters only license code for ASC ULTIMATE and he has ASC ULTIMATE version....... ASC FREE and PRO has Antivirus item,,,BUT IT IS DISABLED AND BLOCKED,,,,but if user enters license code for ULTIMATE,,ASC will unblock and enable Antivirus features,,,,..and then user can manually disable and enable antivirus features with one click according to his needs.. If user wants to upgrade from FREE TO PRO, he pays 19,99 dolars for license code,,,,if he wants to upgrade from PRO TO ULTIMATE,,,he only pays difference ASC PRO and ASC ULTIMATE,,,so he pays another 10 dolars,,,,,,if he wants to upgrade from FREE TO ULTIMATE he will pay full 29,99 dolars... Note: UPGRADE FROM FREE TO PRO unlocks only PRO features UPGRADE FROM PRO TO ULTIMATE unlocks additional antivirus features UPGRADE FROM FREE TO ULTIMATE unlocks all features What do you think???
  2. I think Antivirus should have feature to turn off antivírus engine and protection....because user often install the world popular antivírus programs like ESET, AVIRA, Kaspersky and Bitdefender.....if you make antivírus with option to turn off, then user does not have to uninstall ASC Ultimate or go back to PRO version, if user does not want to have two antivírus running.. user can have ASC Ultimate without antivirus turned on.....but user can whenever turn on antivirus again...
  3. Can´t you make one antivirus program? ASC PRO could include additional activating to enable ASCU Antivirus and IOBIT Malware Fighter in one program....... And Example suggestion for Release Notes:...this is only example ASC 11 beta 1 is released: WHAT IS NEW FOR ULTIMATE.... ADDITIONAL FEATURES = New antivirus to strengthen performance and better protection WHAT IS NEW FOR FREE AND PRO = Updated languages = Improved Clean, Optimize scanning = Comprehensive LiveCare As I already said about three licenses for direct activate ----from FREE TO PRO, FROM PRO TO ULTIMATE, FROM FREE TO ULTIMATE Suggestion...Releasing new ASC beta version or number means ,,,,,together changes´´´´´´ for FREE, PRO....and ULTIMATE Please consider it...
  4. IObit AdBlock for PC should do these things: 1. Block Ads, Tracking, Adware and Popups 2. Block Facebook Ads, Search Ads, Mail Ads and Sponsored Ads 3. Block Elements as you need (manually) 4. Block Special Popups that open new site on new window.......it usually happens after clicking on Play in Video 5. Block Malicious Extensions...it scans and monitors the browser extensions installed to detect and remove unwanted or malicious extensions. 6. Protect your homepage and new tab page from being hijacked by malware. But it should help to take it back if it's already hijacked. 7. Social Widgets Blocking....Social widgets on websites track your activities and slow you down. Block them means better privacy and speed. 8. Whitelist (manually add which sites you don´t want to block 9. Fair Ads....you can decide how many ads that support developer you don´t want to block 10. Video Playing Fixer....if site doesn´t allow playing video because ads blocking,,,,,IObit AdBlock can automatically whitelist video server for allowing play video These features I also suggest for MOBILE DEVICES for AMC Security apk
  5. New suggested features: 1. ASC Media Together ------- if you can not find your video, music, document and picture file on Computer...or you want to group media into one folder, beause they are scattered in PC.....ASC could create FOUR FOLDERS ON DESKTOP named : Music, Video, Pictures, Documents ASC will find all audio format files on your Computer and ASC moves them into MUSIC folder, ASC will find all video format files on your Computer and ASC moves them into VIDEO folder, ASC will find all picture format files on your Computer and ASC moves them into PICTURE folder, ASC will find all text and document format files (including Office files) on your Computer and ASC moves them into DOCUMENTS folder user can select one of them or all of them-- 2. ASC could perform ADVANCED CLEANING ------as same as included in AMC Security they are sorted in categories for manual user´s actions 1. Category: Large Files Clean ---------------Clean big files, you don´t need or don´t use (1 GB and more) 2. Category: Installers -------------------------Clean downloaded program´s installers to save space 3. Category: Unneeded Videos-------------Clean videos you have watched to save space 4. Category: Unneeded Music--------------Clean out songs you no longer listen to 5. Category: Duplicated Files-----------------Clean files that are duplicated 6. Category: Downloaded Files----------------Clean downloaded files in Download folder 7. Category: Windows Patch Cache Clean-------Clean cache for smooth system running 8. Category: Similar Photos Clean--------ASC will select the best picture of similar photos and you can manually decide, which ones you keep and remove 9. Category: Blurry Photos Clean -----------Clean pictures that are blurred, 10.Category Archives Clean------------------Clean downloaded archives 11.Category Old Files and Programs-------Remove files and programs you didn´t use for 6 months and later That´s while all..
  6. OK, thanks...And when will be available ASC 10 Ultimate Beta 1 to download? Some info for release notes or upcoming news? I can´t wait...
  7. I suggested new UI for ASC, in the left up there are 3 lines, that show text for every item below.......so there is Antivirus icon, then Clean and Optimize icon, Speed Up icon, Toolbox icon, Uninstaller icon including its interface in ASC, Rescue Center icon, All Settings icon, Question Mark icon that includes technical support, license status and user manual, then Download IObit Freeware and About icon Do you like it? Something like this, easy access to important actions on the left, There is also feature suggestion: Drivers Fix item (in Clean and Optimize scan) that FIXES Drivers Errors and Failures in system and updates outdated drivers It would be good, if all actions, ASC Settings and Toolbox utilities (including IObit Uninstaller) can run in ASC interface Left Panel will not changed when utilities, ASC Settings and actions are running----Left Panel can be still there....FOR QUICKSWITCHING BETWEEN ACTIONS [ATTACH=CONFIG]n217789[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n217788[/ATTACH]
  8. I have great ideas for ASC 10: there are also reasons and benefits to include it into ASC with red text I suggest merge ASC Language and Toolbox Language file into one file (for shorting translate time, and better translating, better fixing translate bugs and better adding new strings) Merge Quick Settings and Settings into one Settings - I suggest create skin of Settings as same style as in Quick Settings (for easier of use) Still I suggest one-click all in one scanning to repair, clean, speed, defrag PC and update drivers--------you could use Together scanning method as same as IOLO System Mechanic to get 3x faster scanning and Disk Optimization (means defragging PC) won´t scan Junk Files and Privacy Issues-----when defrag scanning ASC will ignore these files...(for easier of use, for faster defrag scanning and defragging and overall Clean and Optimize scanning up to 3x faster and for easier access of better tunning up PC including driver updating) I suggest to move Vulnerability Fix, Software Updater and Spyware Removal items into ASC Antivirus scanning modul, because these items means Security of PC All features in Protect tab can be moved into ASC Antivirus modul, too..........(for faster Clean and Optimize overall scanning and better Antivirus scanning) I suggest running IObit Unlocker, IObit Undelete, Random Password Generator, Protected Folder and IObit Uninstaller programs in INTERFACE of Advanced System Care.......no as standalone programs and windows (for easier access to important actions, that provide these programs) I suggest Turbo Boost can use all features of Game Booster including it can show window of installed games and Turbo Boost can provide to speed and run specifical game from list.......(for better gaming experience and easier access for speeding games) for Protected Folder utility - if the Advanced System Care stops working..and it is not run - Protected Folder can automatically use rescue .bat file to unlock and move locked items with entered password (these locked items will be hidden in path of ASC on Disk) on Desktop.....(for preventing lost of locked files when the ASC have to reinstall....if this feature you include into ASC) I suggest merge all IObit running processes into one.....all actions, scans and utilities in ASC can be run in one process (for lower system usage, lower processes running ) I suggest merge Real-time Protector, Auto RAM Clean, Browser Anti-tracking, AutoCare, Autoclean and Autoupdate features to set........into one feature ASC Live Care (for easier and comprehensive ASC Live Monitoring) Add option to perform AutoClean feature when the system is idle or in scheduled time (for better real-time cleaning and lower privacy issues in ASC scan) After installing Toolbox utilities.....they can run in ASC interface....no as standalone programs and windows...(for easier and comprehensive using these utilities) Add Live Line on Clean and Optimize tab.....it shows percentage maximal tunning up PC with ASC and suggestions for reaching maximal tunning up PC......(for user can steps by steps to tune up PC on maximum) Move Antivirus into Cloud.....so Antivirus will not affect on PC performance (for the lowest PC usage and demands) Add option to perform ASC Clean and Optimize in Cloud scanning......so ASC will not affect PC performance when scanning and will have lowest PC usage
  9. Here is my deep feedback for ASC 10....I have very great ideas for ASC 10....(I deeply considered them in my mind)........I also removed all conflicts........ 1. About Hardware Accelerate feature......it should be included in Clean and Optimize tab for scan outdated programs and manually select to install new versions (with same method as Startup Optimization)...... Then replace Hardware Accelerate feature in Speed Up tab with Game Booster feature Replace Spyware Removal item in Clean and Optimize tab with Hardware Accelerate (but I suggested to move Spyware Removal feature somewhere else...see the point 7.) 2. Move Password Manager feature into Toolbox under Security and Repair 3. Add scanning time when Clean and Optimize scanning under percentage...main percentage should show overall scanning.....and next to the every item bar..it should be show percentage for every item..... 4. Smart Defrag features should be included in Speed Up tab named Advanced Disk Optimization (App/Toolbar Cleaner feature must be replaced with Advanced Disk Optimization).....This Advanced Disk Optimization will be scan Boot Time options from Smart Defrag...........It means that Disk Optimization included in Clean and Optimize tab will be scan Disk Defrag options from Smart Defrag.........it means that in the ASC Settings,,, there will in Disk Optimization item two catogories: Basic Disk Optimization (means Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab) and Advanced Disk Optimization (means Advanced Disk Optimization in Speed Up tab) Basic Disk Optimization will include these scan options: (select one of them) Fast Defrag, Defrag and Optimize, Large Files Defrag, Free Space Defrag, Defrag and Prioritize Files (Slow), Defragment files and free space, Defragment all files (includes Large Files Defrag also) and free space Advanced Disk Optimization will include these scan options: (option to select all of them) Defragment page files and hibernation files, Defragment MFT, Defragment system files, Defragment registry files, Defragment specified files (with option to browse them) Ideas to boost Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab: Disk Optimization in Clean and Optimize tab should be scan junk files and then defrag (if the Junk Files already was scanned and cleaned before while...ASC immediately starts to defrag,,,,,but if the Junk FIles was not scanned and cleaned, ASC will first clean junk files and then starts to defrag) 5. Next I suggest.....ASC 10 will have 3 versions : FREE, PRO, ULTIMATE I suggest three licenses for ASC 10-----I suggest direct version upgrade.........(for upgrading on the higher version..user must enter license code for that version, he wants....) 1. Upgrade from FREE to PRO (it activates PRO features) 2. Upgrade from FREE to ULTIMATE (it activates all features) 3. Upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE (it activates additional antivirus features) 6. Suggestions for ASC 10 FREE and PRO versions in the Protect tab....there will option to upgrade on ULTIMATE version and install ASC Antivirus module (includes additional features in ULTIMATE opposite PRO) but this ASC Antivirus modul will be locked and not installed....If FREE and PRO users want to unlock this ASC Antivirus module and install it...they must enter license code for ULTIMATE version after entering valid license code for ULTIMATE version....ASC Antivirus module will be installed and activated......and Protect tab will be changed......It will include Antivirus module interface....and in the arrow (like in ASC Ultimate 8) will be included all features in current Protect tab and other said in 7. point part B 7. Suggestions for ASC Antivirus module in version ULTIMATE it could be to include ASC Antivirus module merged with IOBIT Malware Fighter module and add IMF features that are not included in ASC and Spyware Removal feature...these features include to the arrow, where will be features that now they are included in current Protect tab 8. So IOBIT won´t have IOBIT Malware Fighter, Smart Defrag and Driver Booster like standalone program.....But I made refund: IOBIT Malware Fighter modul and its features merged with ASC Antivirus will be activated in ULTIMATE version, Advanced Disk Optimization and some options for Basic Disk Optimization and Hardware Accelerate scanning will be activated in PRO version.......... And for managing drivers same as in Driver Booster.....you could create small settings next to the Hardware Accelerate item (in Clean and Optimize tab),,that include driver´s views and details about them and option to rescue them (there will be included Rescue Center feature)......but scan settings and options for it will be included in ASC Settings That´s all......Last thing......I tested Surfing Protection and Ads Removal feature in Google Chrome..........it is very good feature (loading sites and web surfing is fast like cheetah) ASC 10 user interface is also very good and pretty! Cheers!
  10. Hi, Cicely.......Wau......l am surprised and excited of new features in ASC 10...I think, you are making the best pc optimizer and utility program on the world.......Well done, IOBIT.....Very, very great work OK, I am testing ASC 10 beta...If I get some ideas,, I do not forget to tell
  11. Some suggestions... Add Option to upgrade into ASC Ultimate 10 directly from the ASC 10 program entering license code for ASC Ultimate 10 No ads and third-party programs recommendations Add Ransomware Protection Improve malware blocking Imrove malicious URL Blocking Improve Anti-phishing Protection Include latest virus database into ASC installer....so user would not have to download more than 100 MB virus database file after first running.... ASC Ultimate should be tested in independent antivirus laboratories independently of Bitdefender Antivirus...... Add Online Banking Protection Clean, Fix, Speed and Update PC with single one-click Merge Quick Settings and Settings into one Settings......and have Settings easier, clearer to set
  12. Hi, support team can you update ASC Ultimate...it will be include latest asc 9.3 features and others that are not included in ASC Ultimate..?..and you could release ASC Ultimate update at the same time you release new ASC version with new features
  13. I suggested brand new ASC 10 UI.... Check for Updates moved under ASC name to always finding latest ASC updates in real-time---sorry--it should be manual updates Merged All ASC Settings, including Settings, Quick Settings, UI Customization and SCAN Settings into one item Settings.... Improved social sites icons in down ......sorry...they should be in circles Improved Up Panel One big circle button SCAN...with PC Status and Score---means maximum possible tweaking PC with ASC....(SCAN includes all ways to speed, clean, fix and update PC----including All asc scan items + software updates scanning, driver updates scanning, that´s all will be scanned with one click------ ASC will after first scanning work to find performance problems in real-time at backround---when ASC finds a lot of problems---it will notify you to scan your PC Improved Active Optimize feature -----defrag files as they as write in real-time and defrag system files manually Item Advanced...includes All Protect and All Speed Up modules on one screen link to UI ------------- http://www.filedropper.com/asc10ui_1 I hope that UI will like you...
  14. When you will release Advanced System Care 9.2 version??...I can´t wait! I hope, this version will include big changes... And please don´t stop supporting Windows XP......because this OS is for many world-wide users important...
  15. Hi! ASC Products like Smart Defrag, Driver Booster and IOBIT Malware Fighter should not be like standalone programs 1. You should merge IOBIT Malware Fighter 4 with Advanced System Care Ultimate....so IMF 4 will included in ASC Ultimate... 2. And you should merge also Smart Defrag and Driver Booster programs with ASC Ultimate---so that´s all will be included in it... merge means including programs into ASC Ultimate interface.. (IMF 4 interface and features merge with ASC Ultimate antivirus interface and features) and smart defrag and driver booster features and their scan include into Care and Optimize item to take All in One Care and Optimize 3. you should release more ASC Ultimate releases (including adding new features, features improving and fixes---every month I suggest It means--if that´s all will be included in one program ASC Ultimate: (in order, when user should have ASC Ultimate, IMF, Driver Booster and Smart Defrag together installed and ran on backround:) +Better Protection - (added IMF security guard, Browser Protect and other included features) +Easier optimizing, tweaking and speeding PC +Less resource use of system, CPU, GPU and RAM +Less PC startup time +More hard disk space +Less programs (without these applies = 4 programs--------with these applies = only 1 programs) Please, carefully consider these suggestions.........this is only thing I appreciated to add....then I have not no more suggestions!
  16. Hi, Cicely--- i have idea You could improve Web Protection...it is not good...it does not block all viruses, and dangerous connections and files on web pages I recommend join partnership with ESET...they have very good web protection database and engine... ASC should filter dangerous web results of web pages when surfing and searching If user will write direct link of web page...and that web page is dangerous.(site not will loading but first it will scanning with ASCU)...ASCU should immediately block this connection with notification And I recommend join partnership with popular Ad-blocker company...that also improves your IOBIT Web Protection....IObit Web Protection included in ASCU will include fully Protection before dangerous web pages..and will include All Ads blocker... You can dramatically improve user protection, privacy and experience
  17. Hi Cicely...thanks for comment.... But about Spyware and Unwanted Programs protection...I do not know....Have two protection programs at bootup...?...I do not like this style.... Can be all protection in one program??? Isn´t it better this way?? Ex.: Advanced Mobile Care is all in one protection, boost and clean program...Can´t be also Advanced System Care Ultimate??
  18. Sorry I forgot for IOBIT Debug File...Here is it... [ATTACH]n214562[/ATTACH]
  19. Here is it......problem still exists And about Spyware and Unwanted Programs protection....windows still notifies me, that this protection is missing....Will you add this protection into ASC Ultimate in next beta release??? Will you add Password Manager feature, Bootable Rescue CD and DVD feature, Incoming Email Scanning feature means SPAM Protection, Will you add Registry, RAM and CPU areas and Rootkits scanning??? And will you integrate all IOBIT programs into ASC Ultimate interface (and there can be option to unlock these programs by pasting license code for every of these programs?? --we would welcome And send request for internet tests on sites like AV Test, AV Comparatives and Top ten reviews for ASC Ultimate like standalone program?? And will you make IOBIT Firewall, IOBIT Banking and Payment Protection means Safe Zone, IOBIT AD Blocker, IOBIT Sandbox, ??? And will you make Network and Router Security Scanning??? And will you make IOBIT Anti-theft for ASC Ultimate on PC??? That´s all for ASC Ultimate....
  20. Hi, Cicely I have very urgent problem!!! Look on Picture 1 and on Picture2 files.... Sorry..it is Slovak,,but you will understand Very carefully you look these images! Will you fix it???
  21. Hi....here are list of all suggestions for ASC Ultimate....and what all there should be included.....i have looked in some reviews, which reviewing asc ultimate or asc Can you adopt all in one ASC scan with one-click---including all areas and ways to speed, clean and fix PC???? From web page,, toptenreviews.com......i suggest Add Hardware Failure Monitor Add Physical Memory Failure Monitor Add Hard Drive Partition Management Add Erase Partitions Add Live Chat ?Make ASC 100% easy of use Make 100% Optimization in Startup Program Management Next: suggestions:: Add Data Recovery.....finds deleted files, overwrriten files, lost files, files from reformatted device, SD card files...and includes forever removing feature which deletes all removed and lost files Add Android Data Rescuer....it saves all data from Android device when android is not running, and android has unrecoverable android errors.....
  22. I suggest merge bitdefender antivirus engine in asc ultimate with iobit malware fighter engine (iobit antimalware engine) and database....because iobit malware fighter database includes huge database of threats.......so i suggest add iobit malware fighter database and engine (iobit anti-malware engine) into asc9 ultimate...... And i still think about why is asc ultimate categorized into all in one??? I know, why! But there don't included....( i think in program engine and features of the asc ultimate) es) ...iobit malware fighter, smart defrag and driver booster features and scans
  23. Hi, Cicely,,,,,,is possible , all features that will included in Iobit malware fighter 4 product, but they won't included in ASC Ultimate...to adopt them into ASC 9 ultimate.....??...
  24. When you will release ASC9 ultimate.......because i suggest release 5 beta versions before ASC9 ultimate final version....it would be better......you can fix all bugs....and add new features, that are included in ESET antivirus, bitdefender antivirus, avast antivirus......and add them into your product.......and please...give the best protection and detection rate for your product asc9ultimate.....and request to test your product with av-test company and av- comparatives company.......then you will better to improve your product......i hope that your product will on the best on 1th, or 2th and 3th.....in this companies testing
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