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Once again infected by malware (FusionCore) installed without asking confirmation from user about embedded adware components !


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This new version is once a gain infected by a malware in its "free" version, identified as "PUA/FusionCore.ciw" (this is a new version of the wellknown "FusionCore" adware which is extremely intrusive, very difficult to remove).


Worse, the ioBit SmartDegfrag installer runs this malware immediately (before even displaying the confirmation dialog) which immediately attempts to modify the Windows registry and contaminate Windows.


This is ILLEGAL at least in Europe (with the mandatory RGPD). You are publishing it for use everywhere in the world and target Europe directly to promote it. So you are liable.


You did that because the previous version of the "FusionCore" adware was blocked in all the past products where you used it. You got a new version from the FusionCore bad guies, and decided to try again immediately but you have failed to respect users and the law.


Really, is IoBit trustable for its own promoted "security suite" when it does that without informing users ? This new version of the malware is no more trustable than the previous one. Notifying users that there's a new version supposed to "correct bugs" (without more details) is a fake announcement. You do that only to force them to retry the installer with the new version of the malware hoping that it will not be blocked.


This new version of the "FusionCore" malware that you install without asking or informing users is still already blocked by multiple SERIOUS antivirus solutions... but NOT by Iobit's own antimalware which is then a fake product !


Thanks, I don't use (and don't want to use) your fake antivirus which is built only to let pass the adwares and malwares you choose, and block any other competing products (and notably wellknown and reputed antivirus solutions, including those from Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Norton...) and give false advices.


You'll have to use more respectable solutions to display ads in your "free" products. And because we see that you run these adwares without even first asking the user or informing them, you are directly liable for this severe bug that you introduced voluntarily in your own installer.


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Note: FusionCore is a wellknown FILE INFECTOR, which attaches its malware code to any other application it can infect (notably any peace of program, DLL, driver that does not have a security manifest, which is now a requirement for all apps in Windows 10 to be downloadable and installable safely fro mthe Windows Store).

It's good to note that Iobit products (at least the "free" versions) are REJECTED contantly from the Windows Store, and there's certainly a good reason for that: ioBit does not respect users and the applicable laws !

But I have serious doubt you can sale any "paid" version if your "free" versions are infected this way.

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Note: "FusionCore" has MANY known variants. It is persisting since years into finding new tricks to pass through filters. Please iobit, break all relations with them. This is not just an "adware" (classified as "PUA", or "PUP" or "Potentially Unwanted Program"), but a real "riskware" that you cannot control at all.


Choose better advertizing partners, even if they pay you less.


At least you'll be able finally to promote your apps in the Windows Store and finally get some trust from users. But for now your commercial tactic with these "free" products are extremely damageable to your reputation, even if you are still able to promote them on CNET/Download.com (where your "free" versions are hosted and distributed, with your website and your update tool pointing directly there).


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Note: the way the "FusionCore" works, by contaminating immediately all unsigned programs, it is possible that you were infected on one of the machines used by your developers (while building the apps and the apps were still not securely signed). But it's a fact that the file you've sent to CNET/Download.com is contaminated.


Please review the working methods on machines used by your own developers, or on your own internal servers. And scan your servers, they are probably infected too by infected versions. Ask your developers to desinfect their machines (possibly by using competing products such as MalwareBytes) and test scrupulously the files you send to CNET/Download.com: do not advertize these versions before making sure these externally hosted versions are not infected.



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Dear Customer,


This is Cicely from IObit.


We are really sorry about the issue. Could you please send us the URL where you download Smart Defrag and the name of your security software?


By the way, please update the database of your security program and check whether it is still reported if you download Smart Defrag from http://update.iobit.com/dl/smart-defrag-setup.exe.


If the report persists, please send us a screenshot of the report as well.


Please let me know the result.


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The download URL for SmartDefrag is the same one shipped inside ALL your products, and advertized on your website (hosted on download.com).

SmartDefrag 6 is contaminated by FusionCore (several successive versions) since many months.


Even the version you are posting on "http://update.iobit.com/dl/smart-defrag-setup.exe" is contaminated by the "FusionCore" malware (the only thing you change regularly, is to include another version of FusionCore, in repeated attempts to defeat the detections) !


All other antivirus (except yours because you voluntarily created an exception to never report FusionCore!) detect that this file is contaminated (I don't even need to download it, the links can be checked online): Avast, AVG, Microsoft Antimalware, MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, Norton (I just cite the most wellnown, there are others!)...


This is not an isolated incident: you have VOLUNTARILY included the malware in this product and you are actively fighting to make it pass through detections


I even think now that ioBIT is the REAL AUTHOR of the wellknown FusionCore malware or participates directly to its development, just as a trick to try killing competitor products, notably other security tool providers, notably all other antimalwares, byt reporting false alarms against them, and then take the control of the PCs of your customers to force them buy your products when this malware you install without permission will finally block their PC, and customers will come to you for rescue and you'll propose them to magically unblock their PC, once they have purchased your products, and decided to kill all other competing products which were safe and that your tool FALSELY report as malwares!


This practice you do is completely deloyal.


And in Europe it is even ILLEGAL, you could be severely fined for this FORBIDDEN practice that is a severe breach of the RGPD, it could cost you several percents of your total sales (throughout Europe, but even a bit more, as the RGPD also covers European users outside Europe, and people and companies from all over the world that have a residence or activity in Europe) over the whole period where you used that practice (probably more than 1 year now, and at least one full year), plus the time of legal procedures against you, plus reparation of damages.


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