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Can't take advantage of Sales due to Disability.


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This has been kind of resolved, although the resolution has me feeling creeped out and feeling uneasy. And even madder than I was at the beginning.


Due to the disability, trying to order the software this year has been problematic. By the time I entered the information in the online sales screen, the "3 Minute Christmas Mega Deal" expired and the deal went from $33 and change to over $211. This kept happening over the two days that I kept trying to order the yearly renewal on the software that I buy from IOBit.


So I finally called in on the 800 number, and was denied the ability to buy a product until I would allow someone on the phone to log onto my computer, take over a session and run a diagnostic on my computer! I have only allowed a company to do that one other time since I started using microcomputers in 1979 (Yes, I even still have my CBM 2001). After trying to get the person on the phone to understand that my PC is running fine, and it is running as I INTEND AND WANT IT TO!!! Especially for someone with my disability, he still refused to take my money because I would not let him take control of my PC! I also could not be transferred to the supervisor because he "hadn't done anything yet." I finally had to resort to the "If you don't want to sell me your software and the same price a normal person can buy it for, I will contact a lawyer specializing in the American's with Disabilities Act." threat and was transferred to the supervisor, who after 15 minutes of questions and further attempts to get me to run a remote diagnostic session, transferred me to sales.


The gentleman from sales saw the previous sale and was willing to perform the sale at the quoted price. If it had ended here, I would have been happy, taken my software and left without writing this post, filing a complaint, etc. But at this point, the salesman insisted that he could not ask me my information, could not complete the sale over E-Mail, but had to do it through (wait for it...) a remote desktop connection! where he logged into my computer!!!!! After dealing with trying for two days, and almost an hour in just this session, I collapsed like limp over-boiled linguini. and allowed the connection because he couldn't even tell me the price until I agreed to it.


I allowed the connection, feeling soiled, dirty, and abused, and well past al dente. He showed the deal, but would not renew the "Driver Booster Pro" because it didn't expire until next month (so I get to go through this again in 43 days). Even now, I could have been happy, but he had to stay connected; waiting for me to enter my credit card info, (all of which is displayed on the screen). They can't ask you to say it, but they can watch as you type it (lol). Then, he called up my E-Mail program with all my E-Mails displayed on the screen, waiting for the E-mail with my activation codes to come in.


I reminded the gentleman, that I had been using PCs longer than he had likely been alive, and using IOBit products for over four years, and that I could enter my own codes. He wouldn't disconnect or hang up. We kept waiting, as I was protesting for the E-Mail to come in. Finally, the Activation Codes were there in front of us, I saw the end of the call in reach... and was told, "Please hold for the next assistant". I thought that it was going to be a customer service survey or some such, and thought ok, I can do this. And still was not upset yet. Although I still had an open connection between my PC and the computers at IOBit going on at the time.


Next on the line was, was a gentleman that decided it was his job to open up the E-Mail message with all the activation codes again, AND DESPITE MY ASKING HIM NOT TO! and by the second program ordering him not to. was copy and pasting all the codes from the E-Mail into the programs for me. What if I was not on the machine that I was buying the codes for? For all, he knew I could be on a company-owned work PC, and needed the software on my home PC.


He then looked at my Hidden Icons and the programs that I keep in my taskbar and told me that I have too much stuff running (what business is it of his, first of all, my PC can handle it, second it isn't his PC, third, he doesn't have my disability.) Told me I should disable my Anti-Virus (because it conflicts with their software) I purchased ASC Pro (not ASC Ultra), and that I have to let him run diagnostics on my PC. (We are now right back to where we were when I started this fun journey). And it had to rise to the point of an argument before I could get him to stop, give me mouse control long enough to end the connection without fighting me. And allowing me to disconnect the call.


So we have a company that takes away sales from people when they are unable to type fast enough to take advantage of the sale due to a disability. That despite an intense love of security to the point of NOT WANTING THEM TO CONNECT TO MY PC, gave me no other way to make a purchase, then for them to connect to my PC. Then forced me to expose my financial data to a human during the sale. Then without asking determined that the machine I was on, was the machine it was going to be installed on. And forcing me to do this again in 40 days because my next program doesn't expire until then, and would not sell it early to me even though it would have made it easier for me.


Unless this really improves, I am going to be looking for a replacement for the Driver Booster Pro before next month. And a replacement for everything else before next year. I am also going to place a copy of this on my Social media including my YouTube channel (different channel name), and post the info on different boards for the disabled. There are many times that this could have been stopped and each of my complaints stopped if the IOBit employee had simply not been so insistent that their course was the only one and that I would be forced to bend to their will. As I have been typing this I have been getting even madder, usually I cool down and delete these rant threads. But this one is going to be escalated.

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Could you please tell us where you accessed this "3 Minute Christmas Mega Deal".

I cannot find it anywhere on this Forum.

It sounds to me that you were dealing with a third party and not Iobit directly.

Also, please understand that this is a volunteer forum. We do not work for Iobit. We are simply users helping other users. That said we will try to assist you regarding

the appalling situation you describe.

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