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mark estrada


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I wrote you and notified you I cannot get mail from my (email address removed by Mod) account. They reject a lot of my mail, but they are attached to my paypal. You don't seem to have an option to send the code to another email.  I wrote you a week ago and no response, no phone #'s or nothing.  This trend of businesses being unavailable really sucks. Eiter send me a code in the next 2 days or I will get paypal to get my payment back.This is ridiculous. You guys seem to run your businesses on autopilot, IDK if it's laziness or what but internet businesses seen to do everything they can to avoid dealing with customers.

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On 6/4/2021 at 10:45 PM, Scannan said:

I do not know who or where you wrote to, but there are lots of posts in the forum dealing with

licence issues and what to do.

HERE, there is no one to contact and the website runs me in circles.  What a weak (inappropriate language removed by Mod) operation.

I never got a code, I don't have time to read though posts trying to resolve my issue. Why is it impossible to contact sales? I have been working on computers for 30 years and have never experienced a situation where everywhere is a dead end. You are a mod. You know staff, why didnt you forward my message to them? I don't even want the (inappropriate language removed by Mod) software anymore, I want a (inappropriate language removed by Mod) refund. 


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43 minutes ago, Scannan said:

Yes, I am a Mod. I volunteer my time. I do not work for you.

If you are not bothered to read the relevant posts, which will show you how to get immediate results, then I cannot help you any further.

Let me tell you something. I am a PROFESSIONAL comment forum moderator, meaning I get paid to do it, and I have been doing it for 16 years now. If I am a customer of this company, so you do work for me, regardless of what you think. This company, this website,  would not exist if not for PAYING customers like me, comprede? This forum is the only avenue that the owners of this company have availed to me to recover the money I spent. That is by design. They know that most people will give up and they get free money. 

What you are unable to grok (understand), is I am not here looking for anything but support that only  the company can provide, and I am not gonna hunt through comment threads to find my resolution. When I paid for the software, they did not ask me where I wanted my activation code sent to, they just sent it to one of the 3 email addresses I have on my PayPal account.  It happened to be an email server that rejects any mail from this business. (gee, wonder why...)

Help me any further? You basically told me to 'google it'. You haven't done anything but piss me off even more by compounding frustration with trying to contact the sales dept. of this company, that I am now sure it doesn't have. The function of a moderator is not to just delete posts with naughty words or threats, you are the ears of the company. What you should have done was to forward my post, and should have not talked to me at all, since you dont seem to be conscious of what your job is. 

Now, I have wasted more time on this. My plan now is to contact PayPal and let them know that this company is a driverless car, that tells its customers to 'google it' if they have an issue that is not covered by the FAQ. Since I wont be able to recover the valuable time I have wasted dealing with this, I am gonna cost them some money as well. I have had it with companies who do business like this, and cant even be bothered to train their volunteers. I comment in many tech forums and I am gonna give vivid detail  of my experience with IObit, and it wont be pretty, and it will hit them right where it hurts, their wallets. What I am gonna write is be the final blow for this companies reputation that is already in the toilet. I have seen this name for years, but your forum seems to not have a lot of satisfied customers. Hell my forums get more traffic in a half a day than this one has had in its many years of existence.

I don't need this software to update my drivers. It's a pain in the ass and I was willing to pony up some money to save me some time, but now you couldn't pay me to use any software from this company. And if you think I give a rats ass about being banned from your worthless little forum, I could give a fuck less. PLEASE ban me. I have a feeling this place wont exist in a few months and I am usually right.  ta-ta looser...adios waste of bandwidth. 

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Go ahead and do all the things you have threatened. It will do nothing other than make people feel sad for you

as you obviously have issues with other people not doing what you want or the way you think they should do it.

No. I do not work for you. I do not even work for Iobit. This is a volunteer forum, where users help each other.

It has been operating a long time and I am quite sure it will survive your petty tantrum.

You have been told where to go, to find the info to resolve your issue. If you are too lazy or too self important

to avail of this information, then the fault is yours, not the company, or the Forum.

As for your "instruction's" as to how a Mod should perform....well....I will gladly ignore them as the foot stomping of a spoiled child.

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