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Saved Software Installation Files nearly deleted

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Something new in Uninstaller v11 is the issues scan.

After the scan there were 22 issues with software installation files that were checkmarked already for a fix.

At first I thought they were files that had been left in the system temp folder after the installation of these applications and I almost, but not quite fixed/deleted them with the uninstaller v11.

However, they are the software installation files that i have saved on purpose in the Downloads folder of my Data Partition so that when a fresh install of Windows OS is done I can easily reinstall these items without having to hunt all over the internet for them.

I suggest you stop checkmarking things items like this automatically, especially ones in a Downloads folder and let the user choose for themselves what to "FIX" or not!

With some softwares there is a time limit on downloading them from their original source and if you had deleted some of my installation files I may never, ever have been able to get that software installation file again except with maybe a great deal of searching through different internet software file repositories somewhere.

Also the fact that you call a shortcut link to an app or program on my Desktop an "ISSUE" is somewhat disturbing because an "issue" is a problem.

How can a shortcut link on my Desktop be a "Problem"?

If it was a shortcut link named after a respectable program that also linked to malware or something else that would be an "ISSUE", but NOT one that is there to help me and links to the proper software!!


It was a complete waste of my time to go to have to go through this list.

I thought it would be helpful but it was NOT, including having to write a report to you about how you need to warn people that your automatically checkmarked software files may delete valuable software files they wish to keep for later installations!!!!!

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Before the fix, you can manually right-click the installation files that you don't want to clean the Ignore list so it will not be deleted. If you have deleted some installation files by mistake, you can go to the Recycle Bin to try to restore those files.

For the shortcut issue you reported, user's can also ignore the items that they want to keep. We have forward your suggestion to our product team and they will further optimize this feature.

Much appreciated your understanding.

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To whomever it may concern

Dear Sir or Madam


You do truly have my sincere understanding but do I have yours?   It certainly does not seem like I do with this "ISSUE", yet.

With this so-called Software Health scan, IObit are now making work for their customers by automatically check-marking items to "FIX", especially when they are all items on my computer that do NOT NOT NOT need FIXing in the first place!!!! 

There is the old saying that goes "If it ain't broken, then don't FIX it!".

I did not pay good money for IObit's software program just to have my time wasted, especially by the program causing me to have to time-consumingly go through a long list of items that are all automatically check-marked by the software for a FIX that is absolutely NOT NOT NOT needed at all.

In order for the software to FIX those things that actually do need FIXing, I have to then laboriously uncheck-mark all those items that it took the program just milliseconds to tick.

Plus NOT everyone sends deleted files to the recycle bin.

On my PC if I delete something it gets automatically shredded and is gone forever because I actually know it is not needed anymore, but your software doesn't know what I truly need or what I might want to keep or not.

As I suggested previously, please do not check-mark things automatically after the scan because sometimes people do things without truly thinking about them and with just one possibly careless or accidental click of a mouse valuable items and data could be lost.

At the very least let the user of the program decide what to FIX and then the user can actually check-mark and FIX the items themselves if they choose to do so and then it is their choice and NOT the programs choice of what is good for them and their PC! 

Or it would be even better for IObit to put in an option in the program settings for the user to stop the program automatically check-marking items after the Software Health scan, and then people who like things automatically check-marked and those who don't can each make their own choice of check-marking items automatically or not.

In situations like this, IObit are NOT making things easier by automatically check-marking what IObit believes needs to be FIXed.

And also in situations like this, I detest IObit's particular use of the words "FIX" and "ISSUE" because that makes it sound as if there is something wrong or some kind of problem with these items when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and no issue at all with having personal shortcuts on the Desktop or keeping software installation files that I may never, ever be able to get hold of again from anywhere, so why even select them for FIXing at all.

Om my PC, besides all the modern utility programs etcetera, I have over 200Gb of old, rare and hard to come by software installation files that at one time or another were extremely valuable to someone and with some it has already cost me a good deal of money to get hold of them.

I do NOT need a computer program to tell me that they need to be FIXed or let's say the real words, "deleted and gone forever".

Some of these files are now, and others will be in years to come, the digital equivalent of rare and valuable antiques that IObit, IObit's program and IObit's Software Health scan have just tried to throw away into the trash.

Before I began to earn a reasonable living wage I could not afford to buy the necessary utility programs I needed to protect and maintain my PC and it was only due to IObits freeware programs that I was able to do just that and that is why I am here now purchasing software from IObit  and hopefully repaying IObit for all their generosity towards me and others like me.

I do remain respectfully yours, with immense gratitude and high appreciation for all IObit's good support and all IObit's helpful programs that I currently have not and probably never will have the ability or knowledge to be able to create for myself.


enVisioning the Future

Keep hold those Dreams so sparkling Bright,

Feed them, nurture them, make them Right,

And at Day's End, when comes Good Night,

Share them with the comforting Quiet.


Once again, when comes Good Morn,

Share them with the Light-spreading Dawn,

Should others scoff, be not forlorn,

For from tiny seed iDeas are great lives Born!


So have Faith in Yourself, and reach for the Sky,

Aim for the Stars, no matter how High.

Just follow Your Dreams, they're waiting for You,

And You're the One who makes them come True.

Starlight Dreamwalker

(This poem is allowed to be copied by anyone
and given away to anyone for free, but Lovejoy
asserts his rights to the intellectual copyright and 
also to be known as Starlight Dreamwalker,
the author of this work and others)
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