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Advanced System Care Outdated Drivers issue


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I am experiencing and odd issue.  When I run a scan with Advanced SystemCare the "Outdated Drivers" section shows me 6 drivers as being outdated.  4 of those drivers have a different name, but they download the same file when I press update.

I downloaded the 3 files by pressing update (Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning, Intel(R) SPI Flash Controller and Intel(R) Management engine; The dynamic tuning is the driver with 4 entries pointing to the same driver file.)

I then updated the drivers manually by extracting the zips and running the installation program.  I then rebooted the PC and ran another scan.  Again the same 6 options appeared as needing an update.

I decided to purchase Driver Booster to solve the issue.  I bought the program, installed and ran a Driver Booster scan.  It found a few drivers to update, but not the items identified in Advanced System Care.

I am wondering why Advanced SystemCare does not recognize that I updated the drivers manually, and why Driver Booster is not recognizing that the drivers are not updated?  Why are the 2 applications out of sync?

Thanks for any help that can be offered here.

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First, I must say that your post is difficult to interpret, as you talk about 6..then 4...then 3....without clear detail linking same......

but as best as I can figure out, it seems that after you ran ASC and manually updated the drivers, that you did not reboot your pc.

This is a normal requirement of updating drivers in order for the new driver to be properly installed and take over the functions from the old drivers.

By then running ASC again, without first rebooting, it did not see the changes because the system was not rebooted.

Then you ran driver booster, which is a dedicated driver utility, and it's algorithm reads the system differently and more comprehensively.

So it would be expected that would get a different result. Otherwise there would be no point in having created Driver Booster as a dedicated

driver utility. The ASC driver utility is only a basic version.

Once again, as I have done many,many, times in the forum, I must advise that drivers should only be updated when there is a driver issue, or

when the pc manufacturer recommends an update.

Just because it is possible to do something, does not mean that it is always wise to do so.

If it is not broken....do not fix it...

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Hello Scannan,

Thank you for your response.

My apologies if I was unclear.

1) When I ran ASC there were 6 "Outdated Drivers."  (See first image below.)  Of those 6 drivers, 4 of them were a variation on the name Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning. If you look at the 4 line items that I highlighted in the image below, they are all "Dynamic tuning" with a variation at the end, each has the same "Current Version" listed, and the same "Available Version" listed.  For each of those 4 line items (With different names) when I press the UPDATE link in the action column it downloads the same exact file.  So that is where I get the 6 (represents all line items), and the 4 (represents the 4 dynamic tuning line items). and the 3 represents the number of downloads, IE 1 = Dynamic tuning driver, 2 = SPI Flash and 3 = Management Interface.

I hope this clarifies some of the confusion.

2) Something that I thought I clearly stated in my description was about rebooting.  Direct quote from my initial description: "I then rebooted the PC and ran another scan."  So again, I downloaded the 3 driver packages that ASC recommended and installed it. Why would ASC not recognize the updated drivers?  False positive? Bug for Windows 11 OS?  Something is clearly occurring. I also rebooted again after installing Driver Booster. 

3) If ASC is a basic scan, and Driver Booster is a much more comprehensive scan  then why would the comprehensive scan not show the same recommendations and more?  Especially considering that the image below, from ASC, CLEARLY shows a recommendation to use Driver Booster to update the drivers.  It was that recommendation that prompted my to spend MORE MONEY to correct the issue. I don't mind investing in maintenance of my systems, but I do mind spending money unnecessarily.  

4) While I appreciate the suggestion of not updating drivers unless necessary, this was a clean install of Windows 11.  I do not update drivers unless recommended, except for when I reinstall the operating system.  After a clean install I always update my drivers. But this begs another question.  Why should I spend money on an application that regularly scans my pc and sends me alerts if it's better that I ignore said alerts.  


One last item of note, I did a clean install on both of my laptops, a Microsoft Surface Pro (That is where the image from above is) and on my HP Spectre (Below image).  The same issue occurred on my HP as well, but with a different set of drivers.  The same occurred here.  I downloaded the drivers using the link in the action column, then manually installed the drivers.  I then rebooted!!!!!! And running the scan after the reboot produced the same results.  ASC did not recognize that the updated drivers were installed.



It appears to me that there could be an issue with ASC's scan engine and it's producing false positives or there is an issue with Driver Booster not recognizing necessary drivers. Maybe there is an issue with one or both with Windows 11, it's a brand new OS.  I am open to user error on my part, but I think IOBit should at least review this thread.




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My apology for my error regarding the reboot.

And I now fully understand your issue(s).

With regard to the four Dynamic Platform items downloading the same file. that is not unusual. I have seen this many times,

where a driver file(s) is actually a package of various driver components that perform different functions. Realtek audio drivers and display

drivers are a good example.

With regard to the differences between ASC and DB and the other discrepancies, I am afraid that Iobit products do not support Windows 11

yet, and this has been stated in various posts by Iobit.

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