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Lost wifi


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My HP Omen 17 has lost its wifi completely.

Driver Booster scan came up with Error 43 and the statement to contact Iobit so here I am.

The only recent change is that updated to Windows 11 the other day but it was fine up until this morning.

Obviously, no wifi so no internet so can't download any drivers or programmes.


I usually use mobile hotspot to connect; how do I do it by USB to my phone?



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This is the Iobit Forum, where volunteers try to assist Users.

If you receive a message to contact Iobit, then you should contact their support directly.....

As for your issue....You say you did nothing, but your wi-fi suddenly stopped.

Why did you run a Driver Booster scan?

Did you try anything else to fix your issue prior to the DB scan.

Did you get any other error messages.

Did you run the Windows trouble shooter?

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Hi. I ran ASC to see if there were any errors and when Driver Booster finished it came up with the error 43.

I tried Windows trouble shooter prior to that but it didn't help.

I thought I was contacting Iobit here but obviously got steered in the wrong direction again.


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In order to help you we rely on the information you provide. Unfortunately the info you provided is confusing.

1) You posted in the Smart Defrag section of the forum. (Why?)

2) You say that Driver Booster gave an error message.

3) You now say that you ran ASC.

So! I trust you see the dilemma here.....conflicting information.

Driver Booster is a separate program which will be accessed by ASC if you request it (Hardware Accelerator), so it is quite possible that Driver Booster

may have not run successfully, and the error has nothing to do with your Wi-Fi issue.

Did you do any driver updates.

What did you run in ASC. Did you do a full scan of all functions/some functions...or did you run specific ASC tools.

Did you have the Wi-Fi issue before you ran ASC.


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I didn't knowingly go into Smart Defrag, I thought I was in Driver Booster.

Driver Booster runs as part of a full ASC scan.

I had a wifi problem before I ran anything, that is why I ran it, to try and resolve the problem.

I can't update drivers because I can't connect to the internet because I have no wifi.

Also, I am on a ship so an ethernet cable won't be long enough :)

Network trouble shooter and Driver Booster both came up with error 43 so I guess that is where the problem is.

I usually connect wirelessly through my phone as a mobile hotspot (when in range) but I don't know how to connect with a USB cable.

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I trust you can now see why it is important to post in the correct section, as it avoids confusion.

As to your issue. We have now established that it is not caused by Iobit products, but is a windows issue.

If you have a restore point from before your issue occurred, I suggest using that, as it should fix your issue by restoring your system to a working


This is quite common at the moment with Windows 11, especially after updates, and particularly the Wi-Fi issue. So I recommend looking here....


Also, this is a device issue, so you should open Device Manager and see if there are any exclamation (!) marks or question marks (?) next to any

of your devices. It is also worth deleting your W-Fi driver from Device Manager (not just disable) and reboot your machine.

Windows will automatically a new generic Wi-Fi driver.

Also have a look here....https://www.lifewire.com/43-errors-explained-2619238

I also strongly recommend that you do not scan all options in ASC, but rather a few at a time. Then if anything goes wrong it is easier to diagnose.

The same applies to driver booster. Only update a few drivers at a time. Automatically updating all drivers is not recommended.

Personally, I never update a driver unless there is an issue with a driver, or the manufacturer strongly recommends an update.

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Thanks for the info; it is a shame that Iobit don't put a warning on not to scan everything when prompted!

Resetting the adaptor has no effect. 

\selecting properties brings up the following messages:

Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems (Code 43)

The device cannot start (Code 10) (Operation failed)

I uninstalled the adaptor and restarted but that also had no effect.

I rolled back to Windows 10 and that didn't fix it.

Uninstalled it again and restarted but again no difference.

I am going to see if I can connect to my phone's wifi by USB cable and see if I can download the drivers again.

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Or download the drivers on another pc and transfer them. If you can.

As for the warning... I do not think any company would put up such a warning as it would infer that the product could cause issues.

That is why people should read the product manual first so they know what each function does and can then decide which options

and settings they want to use.

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Life is too short to read manuals, plod on aimlessly, much better.

Anyway, after much faffing about (trying to get any sort of connection in a steel box that is miles from land is quite problematical at times) my wifi adaptor has decided to make an appearance and is now functioning again.

Not sure if I actually did anything but it seems fine now.

Thanks again for the assistance, much appreciated.

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