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Is Comodo Spying on You?


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Aside from the controversy over Comodo issuing SSL certificates to known purveyors of malware,discussed on forums such as Wilders and Comodo ,another article caught my attention in respect to a clause set forth in some of Comodo's EULA content.The article,found at dottech.org is open to interpretation,I suppose,but is none the less disturbing.Give it a read and see what you think.

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I'm not saying they (Comodo) don't have an excellent firewall,just that I'd like some clarification on that data reporting issue,and if the one opt out feature in the program defeats the monitoring.You might have a look into the PC Tools firewall we discussed here .I believe Ted is using it-you might PM him for an update.Bear in mind,who is going to use the firewall?? Some can be very confusing for the novice user,especially at higher security settings.Updated input from actual users can be found here ,and some additional info from the link Max provided here.

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Detailer-I see that you are continuing your campaign to discredit Comodo in every way you can without having ever used the very highly rated program yourself by bringing up the most inexpensive Domain name SSL Certificate issue which all Certificate Athorities issue without doing background checks including the biggest offender of all which is Verisign who literally invented this low level class of security certificate and issues many times as many of these certificates as Comodo does. Go Daddy is also issuing many times more of these low security SSL Certificates, but they never get bashed because they do not have a free Firewall and Internet Security product that has been at or near the very top of the Matousec Antvirus tests for years on end causing pain and frustration in the $Billion Internet security business.


As far as spying is concerned the Comodo Firewall Pro instantaneously and continuously documents each and every bite of information going in and out of the computer as well as the exact origin and destination of that data and as a fairly experienced user of Comodo I am confident that there is absolutely no spying going on. Only those who had never used Comodo would ever make such an unfounded accusation. These baseless rumors are probably started by those who know that CIS 4.0 will be coming out soon and since they have no way of implementing software anywhere near such an advanced level they resort to petty non-technical rumors and doubtful disputations about Comodo in an attempt to keep people away from using CIS because they know that once users get a taste of the best free Firewall with Hostbased Intrusion Prevention System along with Virtual Sandboxing and Comodo's incredible new Time Machine that they won't be trying other products.


There is such a general fear these days among paid Computer Security companies and the online Magazines that they support that I even saw an article the other day entitled 'Are Free Antivirus Programs Any Good'. Of course the Magazine wants to keep the money flowing in and these free software Security companies just don't have the big bucks to advertise so the Magazines find the most obscure reasons to discredit the free programs and point toward and recommend products from the rich companies who charge for their products and pay for advertising. Like they say if you want to understand the truth just follow the money...


Detailer, you might carefully reconsider your heavy support of PC Tools Firewall in light of the fact that it scored an abysmal 6% on the April 2008 Matousec tests and then a few short months later Symantec Corp acquired PC Tools in August 2008 and then things started to improve considerably for PC Tools Firewall after that and just 1 year later under Symantec's ownership it scored an impressive 99% on the last Matousec test which you brought our attention to in another post...




CUPERTINO, Calif. – Aug. 18, 2008 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire PC Tools, a global provider of innovative software products designed to protect the privacy and security of Windows® computer users. The financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the calendar year and is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.


With the addition of PC Tools, Symantec will expand its consumer product portfolio to include award-winning PC utilities software and point security technologies. PC Tools will help Symantec expand its reach with consumers in new emerging regional markets and will bring an array of go-to-market capabilities, that have been effective with consumers in many markets around the world.


“We are excited to welcome PC Tools into the Symantec consumer family and believe the combination of our two companies will provide additional value and choice for consumers worldwide to better enable and protect their digital life," said Janice Chaffin, Symantec Group President of Consumer Products. “By adding PC Tools, we build on the market-leading success of Symantec’s consumer offerings and firmly position ourselves for continued incremental growth in a rapidly expanding market."


I have no Idea why you have suddenly singled out Comodo which is headquartered in your home state of New Jersey for persecution lately, but I would hate to see you tarnish your sterling reputation by associating yourself with and recommending a software firewall that was taken up and nursed to the top of the Matousic ratings by Symantec the very same security product conglomerate that you have professed so much hatred for here on the Forum and now you are bashing Comodo who invented the concept of the free software firewall much to Symantec's corperate consternation and loss of revenue behind which purchased refuge Symantec now cleverly disguises itself through PC Tools products.



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Wow-Are you Serious??


Max-Man do you have me all wrong!! My intention was never to discredit Comodo-only pass along information that's been available to me in daily reading so as to let others examine it and explore further if so inclined.You can't tell me the article didn't warrant some consideration.That content in the EULA doesn't seem the least bit peculiar? Are you saying you know exactly what data is going where? I stated it was open to interpretation,not the Gospel.I do not advocate or campaign (heavily or otherwise) for any particular firewall,or security program either,for that matter(there's been plenty of that already).Why the hell would I? I don't use a softwall-been there and done that(tried Comodo firewall and BoClean).I was merely asked my opinion of another to try,and in light of it's most recent rating that I'm aware of,PCT firewall popped of the top of my head first.Didn't I elude to Comodo having an excellent firewall in that post? I could have easily said OA or Outpost.And then to insult me with the reprint of the acquisition of PCT by Symantec-as if I didn't know this? From everything I've read,the performance of the PCT line has nothing to do with Symantec's arrival.This appears to be marketing strategy.I've read nothing to suggest there is shared or integrated technology there.Not to say there isn't,but I've seen nothing to support that.Seems you took that Razz about getting compensation from Comodo way to seriously,and now you think I'm trying to smear you,the product,and your use of it.Nothing could be further from the truth or my intentions.As far as I know,my reputation,sterling or otherwise,has always come from my participation and affording others the opportunity to evaluate the information that I pass on,as well as my opinions.If you find me the perpetrator of perceived terminological inexactitudes,don't read me! You really need to get your shorts out of a bunch here Max,I'm not talking about your daughter or your wife here! It's software!! Don't take it so damn personal,OK? I'm sorry if I've offended you. Now,we good here,or is this the start of a verbal volleyball match to see who can compact the most words into a single sentence?

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Detailer- I realize that you probably just came across this article about Comodo, but much of it is old news and it saddens me that a decent fellow such as yourself has been duped into spreading these fabricated accusations against what is most likely New Jersey's finest and most successful computer security company.


As far as this alleged 'spying' by Comodo which clever excerpt is placed in the title of this thread to quickly dupe readers into thinking that CIS collects information from users is concerned this is from the dottech.com article...


"if you install Comodo Backup, Comodo will collect data from your computer such as how you use Comodo Backup. Not only will Comodo collect data, but the data can potentially be personally identifiable: Comodo won't disclose the data to a third party in a manner which will personally identify you but that means if they are taking a deliberate and conscious action to make sure the data is not personally identifiable when being passed on to a third party, the data is personally identifiable when Comodo themselves have it. Am I understanding it properly or am I being paranoid?"


"IF you install Comodo Backup, Comodo will collect data from your computer such as how you use Comodo Backup"


What part of IF is unclear here? I've read through hundereds of different EULA's and many of them have standard clauses like this for certain user optional features especially Google they are the king of Data Collectors but for some reason no one is willing to take them on!!


The user has complete choice whether to OPT IN to the Comodo Backup or not so the privacy issue is mute!


If the user does not consciously OPT IN to the Comodo Backup feature there is no gathering of any information period which makes the titling of this thread purposely misleading in a very insidious way.


The dottech.com article also mentioned the issue that Softpedia had with users having to OPT OUT of the Comodo Toolbar. Why Softpedia doesn't also have a problem with the 1,000's of other programs like the very popular CCleaner which has downloads in the Millions that they also host which offers the same Ask Toolbar on an OPT OUT basis exactly like Comodo does sounds very prejudicial when they refuse to level the same judgment on all of many the other programs that Softpedia offers.




I'm sorry if I've offended you. Now,we good here
And I apologize if I have offended you also. I just wouldn't want the good Members of IObit to be misinformed about a fine software product from New Jersey that I have been fortunate enough to become fairly familiar with.
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Ok gents settle down a bit here --



The user has complete choice whether to OPT IN to the Comodo or pc tools or 360 -what ever ---I being paranoid yes --my self i do not allow it nor is it of interest to send from my pc info--in a Derrick link!


Thy all collect info--Not just this crowed--

thy or any software -asks if you want to participate in helping them better there product --

soft ware linking-if you allow this

you can dissipate from this if one is not willing to allow info out--simple filter this --or plane block the links--i can say Zone did it sneaky a while 3 or 4 years back--

and it was drawn to the attention to the public--yet i never allowed there site to link--same as lookNstop i plainly block there link--has no difference to the productiveness of the said program working- BARRING UPDATES---as for gathering personal info

and use it ,i wonder why--thy may--probly to better the product--

and really that's all-it would be of interest to them

what a pc user is using--and why ? -perhaps add in extra apps to try and convince the user to only select the install a program of there interest rid any other--


( PC Tools into the Symantec consumer family and believe the combination of our two companies will provide additional value and choice for consumers worldwide)

BULL DUST --its the DOLLAR --nothing to do with interest at all

Why would i sell and or Merge if i have a top used product!

make the combo larger-or pc tools -what ever thy may name it--- more appealing ?? NO , make there product more used on a users pc --,now look at there history--there very first program offered-to now WHAT A change- you ether like them or not--

talk about take over LOOK AT MS---!!

how many products thy killed of!! or stop being computable to use with there OS!!



my self well Max i do not use Ether pctools or comodo

WHY ? thy do not work the way i want-BUT are very GOOD FIRE WALLS--

TRY AND USE ETHER one AT THE SAME TIME --will not work--as some use a similar filter process! or type of blocking mechanisms----


yet i use 3 fire walls ?? 2 IP stoppers-

-you can not run or install IP STOPPERS or filter programs -that i do use--conflict with my filters-i use--zone will want one to uninstall any fire wall-comodo the same

pctools the same--

most big installs will not run until you do -thy are not what i term PURE fire walls STAND alone--its a war with the producers and there interest to do so

its big $ making--to draw in clients-and not allow other programs to run along each other ---make them uncontainable-or conflict----



now this happens often where thy ether sell of, or by in,

now Norton was perched by MS -a while back -or merged- i can remember exactly - and yet in depended of each other --some would remember--?

look this happens -ms collects info -on what you use or do-thy all do-

its in there interest to Do so ---try gather info- why a user is using other products ,or survey,or perhaps SPY?

Spy i don't think So,gather YES --thy do ask if you want to participate

whats the first thing a install will do ? LINK UP TO THERE SITE<<<<install what ever --yap away to the link every day --emmm update!!!



or who ever --if you feel you are intruded by any software -Just ether rid it

or block the link--

support them ? why would thy need me fore support --or any one?

well i think to make there program more usable ?report say why it may not run --or falter?


"sterling or otherwise,has always come from my participation and affording others the opportunity to evaluate the information that I pass on,as well as my opinions" i agree !

that's why we are here -and its in my hope we will still be here for as God allows us to live!!


your truly ITSMEJJJ

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make up your own mind --i my self when i came across this post

a while back ,block it any how--i just checked my data base and still had

the address ---




Block access to ZoneLabs Server zonelabs.com

to your Windows host file.


ok you could do this with any server by adding the ad to your host files

if one feels that one may be compromised----or even perhaps spied on ---


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