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installing win 7 on a flash Drive


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this is a Gide to how you to can take it with you -run it from any and most pc's i do hope it will be of help to the ones that would love to be able to ---


so here we go---first !!


Tools needed fore installing win 7


Windows7 DVD/ISO

usb drive reading 4 gig-yes that's all -no need for any bigger--you just wast one bigger--FLASH DRIVE Ehhhh near forgot!


Preparation Of the USB drive---


follow these simple steps to create a windows 7 USB flash drive

boo table from ,boot allowing you to install win 7 on your PC--or any you want--


1 insert the usb flash drive into the usb port of your pc and save its contents in a safe place.-or back it up to a safe place-CD,drive,or copy to a directory.if its empty disregard this-


2 open the command prompt with admin rights

use one of the following methods to open the command prompt

with admin right->>type cmd in windows search box .right click on the command prompt run as admin by selecting administrator.


3 you must hame a minimum knowledge of the usb drive


type the following command prompt.after you have typed a command ,

press enter



>> disk part is a command line interpreter which allows manage disks.partitions,and volumes,directly from a command prompt

via scripts,we can create a partition ,make it active,set it as a boot partition,create a mirror volume,change the drive letter on a disk and so on..



list Disk this to identify the address of your usb drive

in our case disk 1


Select disk 1


now we have to select our previous identified USB Flash drive


1=hard disk1



clean up our usb flash drive from previous partitions.



Create partition primary


on our usb flash drive


select partition 1


one you just created- make it active--FORMATTING it to a NTFS file system,


or use format Quick using the command FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK


to be continued



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..>>reset all assignments previously performed.


..>> leave the disk part interpreter line.


NOW minimize the command prompt,DO NOT CLOSE IT,we need to use it in the next steps.


insert the windows 7 DVD into the optical drive ,(dvd) take note of the letter of the player

that you inserted the CD,or alternatively if you have a ISO image,mount this with a program like

Alcohol,Damion,Nero what ever, or similar software-again note the drive letter.

on witch the image was mounted-note the flash drive letter, in our case drive1:


ok --

restore ,now at the command prompt

continue the following commands



> we move in this way in the device of your DVD or ISO

where d: is the drive letter for the device previously noted]






Now proceed with the following commands in order to make our USB Flash drive

computable with the BOOT MGR:



in this way we update our flash drive with boot code of BOOT MGR.

in our case 1:is the letter of or USB flash drive.


leave the command prompt--



now tat our usb drive is ready to boot from .we copy files inside it,take

this from the DVD inside the optical drive or from the ISO file you

mounted on virtual drive finished coping the files ,our flash drives ready to be booted

from boot, and start installing windows 7 on ya PC ---


(how zat)!!

ha, ha, eh? yeah !Yippy ca yate ! ya just made one!!







boot set up-- to be continued--

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ok Now all you have to do is ether you do if you know how-or get help

Just be aware when changing your Boise we need to st it to boot from you flash drive --that's it --OK when done -it should boot from it -and as if with a cd .pop up and load win 7 and proceed to install the OS!


and get this you got a way to repair your drive as well! hey hey !


--now if if failed to boot -OK redo it start again !


who said it don't fit on a 4gig drive ? --now you got a install you carry around

you neck as a necklace! and can look sexy! as well or very cool looking!


well i get called a gala! or hey grand dad that looks silly!


now any one wondering i learned this from a book made by


NAVARRO-how to!- that i have on my data base--and wanted to share it with you -how to make a boot disk or a both, (flash drive-) you can also do it using a old drive--!

but perhaps a lignite. heavy for a necklace? ahhhhhh-gotta luff, at this i cracked a funny!





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that it ! sir- thanks for the link! very nice --bit easier than all the above!

that is a very good link --i just wanted to show ya can do it ! ones self --

but i will download it !

Download link:

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool hit it see what we get



Today Microsoft released Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, which allows users to install Windows 7 from a USB flash drive or bootable DVD.


The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD. To create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive, download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, run the program,then locate your(created or Downloaded) Windows 7 ISO file and it will create a boo table USB flash drive or DVD drive for that Windows 7 ISO file.


aww detailer, thy spooned me post! never mind !




:: sure is ,better than all

bother of the above--!!! well what can i say --all that hard work for nothing--still its a lot easier












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I would think that installing Win 7 from a USB Flash Drive would be facilitated by using one with the 200X write speed that some of the newer dual channel USB Flash Drives have.





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jjj- Although I have other more in depth benchmarking programs the one that I find myself using most often for both its quickness and accuracy is Crystal DiskMark v2.2 freeware which is simple to use and can do benchmarks that range from very quick to longer and even more accurate. Crystal DiskMark will test any local or attached drive both hard disc and solid state Flash Drives for both Read and Write speed at any file length and any duration that you set.


If you are also interested in a portable benchmarking application the Crystal DiskMark Portable App loads onto a USB Flash Drive which may come in handy when you are out on a service call to show your client exactly how much jjj sped up their computer!



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