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Spying and Tracking you on the Internet


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Useful info


Installed clean Win 7 updated , installed avira premium security suite. Returnil 2010 System safe restart to drop all changes,

Sandboxie delete when Web Browser closed,

Sandboxie runing With Returnil 2010 as Vitual System no online profiling, no ("spyware", "web banners", "web bugs", and "cookies" and "JavaScript Tags")

avira premium security suite firewall set to custom rules nothing in or out except Web Browser.



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the programs bar the OS are thy free of cost?


and without the need to reinstall a os (Installed clean Win 7 updated)

nor have to use this app (Sandbox)

i was thinking more on the line of free apps like IOBIT software..



you did not mention this.i was going to suggest people use free apps to

and ways of blocking.

to be able to

achieve this.later in the post.


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why ?



Security 360 PRO and free edition can .


it is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers.


With the unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection, iobits 360, detects the most complex and deepest spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way.



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I do apoligise for jumping in on your post before it was finnished.


u asked why ?


check here

Security 360 PRO and free edition With the unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection, is still hit and miss. its ability to block malware or other pc invasions is limited by its ability to find it. cant find or detect cant block ... And yes i know is not an anti viurs porgram and should be used with a anti virus,, but but their is not much point in using it at all. as layered protection goes...

I can send u a few hundred samples if u want to put it to the test yourself?


u asked the programs bar the OS are thy free of cost?

No they are paid versions Sandboxie, and Returnil 2010,

Returnil 2010, Home Free is quite good so is sandboxie free .. But i perfer the paid versions .


Whats wrong with IOBIT software nothing apart form 360 which needs vast inproving , how ever hopfuly IObit's NEW security software will be much better...


I do find your post full of excellent advice.. and u seen very helpful to all the members here,


I do read lot of the posts here and I dont post much but have not read all your 1,494 posts lol working on it ......



Yours Snoopy2010 , Stupid Guy Here ,3H48002Y4, Former Iobit user, and who ever else I am today or tommrow?



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thank you for the interest



firewall set to custom rules nothing in or out except Web Browser.

Love this ! my way of thinking!

ok .



360 which needs improving. yes .i agree its still very young.

and i think in time will get better.


ok first of all my post here is a general post of learning,2nd

i am talking ,not just 1 possible app .3rd we try to advertise free software first up


for the ones who cant afford pay versions.


but i like the way you think and do .my way of thinking.

only your BROWSER..on the net..nothing els.

ok we get to that later..

but please post and ad in if i miss something...here .never ta old..to learn..myself


i do use my system differently to many and have a special way of blocking.

that i will not go into detale about. as this is not a security site.

but a broader way of explanations for the new user..



i am looking forwards to more from you and do not be shy...please any help is wanted .!



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ok we have in the other post talk in a broud post why and what.

now the what can you do..

ok this is for the beginner..

please read the thread carefully.no 2


now install iobit 360..yes the free version..this well enhance your protection..

ok before you do .yes you got it BACK UP YOUR HARD WORK FIRST.


now is this plenty ? for me yes.some one els perhaps no..



now when done please download if not already ,and install..

when it is installing .take it very slow,follow the pop ups.and decide what you install.also read the posts first on iobit software..

when scanning.be aware what you do.and allow to kill of .not sure ?

ask in the iobit thread or if already answered check this out..

again .take your time there is no fire to hurry this up.

be aware..look,and carefully decide every step..



look i have had no problems since it went from beta to its now state..

but that's on my systems.

as with any sort ware be aware.look take it slow..


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a word about mallawre ,and spy type app.


i could make a list of at least 15 different types.

i will not get involved here and tell you what is best for you!

just because itsmejjj uses this and that aplacation..

i have come to learn this the hard way..

when something went wrong .i am the biggest basted, on the earth

so i have stopped it..and keep this to myself mostly now.


i will leave this up to you to discover.now read ,study,and take the hype and fancy words,with a grain of salt.half of it is a averted page

or pages, is mostly over cook in its descriptions.to get you to use there fantastic application..be aware of the wording free


FREE what ? download? free use? and will it really work as stated.?

will you be forced to link? will you be able to block the site,and still run the program?

can you update the data base free,or is there a time limit? check all this carefully before you install any new soft ware..


is there the ability to properly uninstall? .what am i saying here?


FREE..no strings attached.


if we talk about pay up type apps

that's is different altogether.i amd talking Free


do not just install any thing because of fancy ,sites.hype,or extravagant averts, be aware of why you would want it in the first place..


now as time passes you will know.and what to do.we call this learning..

i can tell you you will become wise and get gut feeling about software.if its good or bad.read in between the lines..



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Clarification is best!


Returnil and Sandboxie


The best way to run them together is to .....


Install Sandboxie set it up, no customized configuration needed not sandboxing windows os just firefox and Internet Explorer, all one has to do is to install Returnil on top.. virtual system , virtual Web Browser, leting u run system as long as u like. if u down load a nasti or something not nice, delete sandbox and off we go again.......... if u install a program that makes changes to the system u dont like ... reboot ... system back to virtual state changes gone ..... as clean as when u first installed it ..........


yes Returnil and Sandboxie work differently. but they also work well........even together....


Some are going much further


Security through virtualisation




Yours Snoopy2010 , Stupid Guy Here ,3H48002Y4, Former Iobit user, and who ever else I am today or tommrow?



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Returni ok its on my drive the free version.

is their any thing i should know first before i install it again?

i have read what i can see.but is there a dangerous problem in the running?

and why would i want to run it?

you possibly read the warning from Gary..




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ok you are if you are following the treads a tiny bit wiser?

i do hope so.

now i posted a site for you to check your




ok now try this you be suprized the info you could be leaking.and the trace rout to your ip.address.its scary to think how easy it can be.for a hacker to get at you..

but you would need open ports of coarse [open] any how its somthing to look at ..there are several test you can run.


this is just so you know nothing is intended .or to scare any one.

its simple study ..and learning ..:neutral:


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Port Scanner


so which is the Best test?

Whois Ping Port Scanner isn't responding on 21 (ftp). port 23 (telnet). port 25 (smtp).port 80 (http).port 110 (pop3). port 139 (netbios-ssn}port 445 (microsoft-ds).port 1433 (ms-sql-s).port 1521 (ncube-lm).port 1723 (pptp).port 3306 (mysql).port 3389 (ms-wbt-server).port 5900 ().port 8080(webcache).


hackerwhacker probing probing probing after 20min fo this still probing got cheased off ...Probing port details, please standby ... so left the site lol .


intersting tests lol


So what u think? is my security tight? rember not hiding my IP Address ....


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nice ,now your browser gave you the warning .good that is a safe warning.

and letting you know .


probing 20 minn,?

took my test 3 minnits.to complete

my own ip tested took 7 minnits,

really probing.and completed..



well tells you you are locked down to probing.

test incomplete,

but we assume you are ok..



why i like this test i can scan my proxy ports! that i use for vulnerability's


if any one passes the first one probably no need to run this,

its more as a excessive and just for people like myself wanting to really check .

every port for possible open holes..


but yes you are good .


now so long as readers understand this is about ports.!


open.,half open., closed,or locked down..


and will not stop any mallawares .or spying.and so on..



checking for possible hackers intruding into a home pc.


let me also warn you.its still not fool proof! the System tested.

do not become complacent and think .YES i am invincible and am safe! 100%


.be still very aware..

thumb of the rule here you are ok...to much work for a hacker to try to get into who may need to spend days trying.and most cases 99.9% pass you by.

unless you did something silly that would of made someone try hard..


:arrow:for the benefit of our members .i made you aware of this site.

to check you system.its one of the best i have come across.

its not intended to scare.or frighten you.

its there so you could check your self..and i hope its useful .:?:

so you can see if you may have a weakness in the armor.so to speak.




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