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my feedback on ASC4


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Alright so i'll start by saying my specs

xp sp3

1 gb ram

ge force fx5500

yes pc is old,use it to see if ASC really speeds up something.

2nd,what i'll say aren't bugs nor me complaining,it's just my feedback :P

ok so ...

1 : malware removal thing is completely useless,only thing that it mostly finds are trackng cookies,same was for ASC3 and i'm using ASC since i got my pc,that's like 3 years ago if im correct.

2 : registry cleaner/fixer is THE BEST one i ever saw,not exagerating,i tried tune up utillities,compared results....fail(and im not a noob in pcs,checked entries too),tried ashampoo optimizer too,nothing...optimizer in his name is a joke,tried iolo one too,only thing he did was mess up connection and corrupt every browsers cache with registry defrag.so get my point :P

3 : the optimizer thing,well....windows tweaks are good enough to speed things a bit BUT the major optimizing thing is the service tweaking,it doesn't ***** up pc nor anything if you choose the good profile,now onto net optimizer....FAIL.sorry to say it but net optimizer as you guys optimize it,it focuses on ONLY 1 connection,therefore can't do **** while 1 download is active,yes it speeds that download up but all other downloads go near ZERO.(using wireless)

4 : shortcut fixer does a good job but could do better,misses a lot of shortcuts.

5 : privacy sweep and junk files,hands down can't complain there,it does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it great.

6 : passive defense,best thing ever,why don't major AV have this lol(using avira btw)

7 : disk scan....well all are the same i think,maybe im wrong so sorry if so.

8 : vulnerability thingy,don't get how patching MS updates can affect security but oh well,no problems with it.

9 : disk defrag,decent,sorry but that's it :P though you guys got smart defrag that's #1 :)

oh and rating service thing fails big time,no offense but its USELESS,no one can get under B >.>


so that's it,sorry if spelled stuff wrong(i'm Romanian)

overall it beats other optimizers without problems and toolbox doubles it :)

correct me if said stuff wrong and keep up the good work ^_^

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I find a lot wrong with your complaints...

1) Malware Removal: this is completely useless, the only thing that it mostly finds are tracking cookies. The same can be said for ASC3 and I'm using ASC since I got my PC, which was 3 years ago, if I recall.


2) Registry Scanner: this is the best I've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating. I tried TuneUp Utilities and compared results. I tried Ashampoo Optimizer too, nothing. I tried Iolo once too, the only thing it did was mess up my connection and corrupt every browsers' cache with registry defrag, so you get my point.


3) System Optimizer: well Windows tweaks are good enough to speed things a bit BUT the major optimizing thing is the service tweaking. It doesn't mess up the PC or anything if you choose the correct profile.


4) Internet Optimizer: Sorry to say it but the Internet Optimizer, as the program optmizes, focuses on only one connection and therefore I can't do anything while one download is active. Yes it speeds that download up but all other active downloads lose their speed.


5) The Shortcut Fixer does a good job but could do better; it misses a lot of shortcuts.


6) Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Cleaning: can't complain here as it does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it well.


7) Passive Defense: best thing ever why don't major anti-viruses have this?


8) Disk Scan: well all of these are the same I think.


9) Vulnerability Scan: I don't get how installing Microsoft Updates can affect a system's security but oh well, no problems with it.


10) Disk Defrag: decent,sorry but that's it, although you guys have Smart Defrag which is the best


(edited for readability and removed insults aimed at competitive products)


My responses follow:


1) This is a system optimisation tool, the fact it even has a malware scanning feature is something you should be grateful for. If you want to complain then complain about the fact it hasn't got a real-time virus scanner. It detects spyware and common malware, as far as I can tell, and isn't meant to replace a proper anti-virus program like Iobit Security 360.


2) Each registry scanner uses different criteria to determine whether a registry entry is invalid, just because TuneUp, Ashampoo or Iolo detect less issues doesn't mean they're worse, it could mean they have different criteria or only list registry issues in non-important locations where deleting from could result in system-wide errors.


3) Absolutely correct, the system setting tweaks and the ability to disable printer services and other infrequently-used services does help with the optimisation.


4) I personally stay away from Internet connection optimisers as Windows 7, the OS I use, has better-configured settings than XP or Vista out of the box.


5) I agree with this, but all programs that scan for invalid shortcuts have issues, in some cases (like in Steam) you can delete a game and the shortcut therefore won't work, but the location the shortcut points to is still valid and therefore it won't be detected as invalid.


Feature request: Scan the computer for programs with a similar name to the shortcut and give the option to redirect the shortcut to this program if you want it to.


6) I disagree, just for one simple reason, the amount of programs it supports. CCleaner + CCEnhancer/winapp2.ini is much better at cleaning junk files, cleaning Steam's HTML cache, flash cookies, uTorrent data and the like. Other than the relatively list of supported programs, the junk file cleaning, as you said, does exactly what it says.


7) Major anti-viruses don't have this for one good reason: they have active defence which detects executables that start up or read/write to a file and matches the behaviour to a list.


The passive defence only helps by stopping you accessing known malware websites and the like. If you plug an infected flash drive into your PC then this passive defence will do sweet FA.


Spybot does something similar but adds many more websites to the blocked domains list, so Immunise your system with Spybot as well as ASC (they're compatible).


8) Yes, this does exactly the same as opening Command Prompt and typing chkdsk. It's not a complete scan though, so I recommend opening Command Prompt and typing chkdsk C: /F /R /B and saying yes when it asks you if you want to check after you restart (this will take an hour, maybe more, but is a complete disk scan).


9) You don't know how Microsoft Updates and computer security go hand-in-hand? Read up about the SQL Slammer and the face a Microsoft Update closed the vulnerability that allowed the SQL Slammer worm to infect a PC. Seriously, go into Windows Update and click Check for Updates and if it finds any click on it and read the description, this will generally appear:


"An exploit has been found in [product name] that could allow an unauthenticated remote attack to compromise the system and take control of it. This fixes the exploit."


10) The defragmentation method doesn't matter; the most important thing is that fragmented files are laid out across the HDD contiguously. When that's all fine and well then you can worry about the file placement optimisation.


Just sayin'

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I thought your comments were a 'very honest', 'from the heart' Review,

and although some of it sounded a little Negative, I Agree with Most of it. ;-)


That collection of utilities are not All supposed to be 'the best thing since sliced bread'

but for what they are and when they were developed, they are great for Many users.

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thanks i guess?lol but the windows update patching comment was messed up,i admit it.1st thought that it was patching updates and stuff then realized it was only downloading them lol,wish i was a blonde now to use it as an excuse :P

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1st thought that it was patching updates and stuff then realized it was only downloading them


You are definitely Not the first person to make that mistake.

The only way I figured out what it was really doing, the first time I ran it, was by noticeing all the Internet traffic while it was running.

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