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Accidently Block A Windows Function


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Hi Buddahfan, You will have to use Windows system restore as IMF doesn't have a rollback/repair/undo function.




I was hoping for a better option. I actually had the problem on both my desktops. I did the restore against my better judgement. I decided not to uninstall and restore IMF because I don't know what IMF does to block an action. Therefore I don't know if the uninstall and reinstall of IMF will fix the problem.


If it modifies the registry I don't see how uninstalling IMF is going to fix that.


Does IMF modify the Windows Registry when you block an action with IMF?


If IMF modifies the Window Registry than it needs to create a log of of all its blocks only so the blocks can manually be reversed.


I did the Restore which I didn't want to because for some dumb reason, and I need to contact avast! about this it appears that avast! does not like the Windows Restore function at least on W7 x64 computers. I have used the Windows Restore function twice and both times avast! would not run after the restore so I had to uninstall and reinstall avast! both times which works but is a f**king pain in the arse because when you do this you have to manually go in and set your "non - default" preferences all over again every time you do an uninstall and reinstall of avast! since it has no way to save you personal preference which I have a lot of in avast! I have complained to avast! about this problem for a long time but so far they have not done anything to fix it. Dumb really dumb. No I am not gong to switch to another internet security program because of it since I rarely have to do it.


So I was able to fix the problem on one of my desktops by doing a Window Restore since I knew when mistakenly blocked the Windows Experience function in Windows with IMF. However, on the other desktop it looks like I may also have blocked it and I have no idea when this happened. I could run the Windows "Last Known Good Configuration" feature which should work and appears to play nice with avast! from having used Windows "Last Known Good Configuration" feature before. I have to think about it since it is not critical to have the Windows Experience Index working and I really prefer not to run Windows "Last Known Good Configuration" feature or even discuss why here even though it has worked before for me.


If the IMF generated blocks can be corrected by uninstalling and reinstalling IMF can someone please tell me how it will do this since my guess is the Windows Registry will not be changed back by IMF when you uninstall and reinstall it. ISTM that the only way that uninstalling and reinstalling IMF would reverse the blocks is if IMF has a file that points to the Windows Registry and the Blocking actions are kept in an IMF file. My guess is that that is not the case. Does anyone know if it is?


I need to find out what is happening with avast! and why the apparent conflict with Windows Restore and avast!

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Thanks It restored the functionality of the Windows Experience program.


I don't know how reliable the ratings were or are but in any case the new ratings now show a slightly higher score in Graphics, Gaming Graphics and Overall since the Overall score is determined by the lowest sub-score which in my computer's case was and is the Graphics.


Just a thought.


It would nice if IMF kept a file of all blocked items during real-time scanning and also the Blocked or Allowed items resulting from the Allow-Block Pop-Up including what was changed if anything in the Windows Registry after the real-time block and Block or Allow. The file could be a text file and hidden.


It might also be helpful to IObit if all this information was uploaded to them anonymously to the Cloud provided the IMF user approved in the setup.


Thanks again for your help:smile:

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I am glad that it helped you to solve the problem Buddahfan.


I agree that it would be nice if "IMF kept a file of all blocked items during real-time scanning and also the Blocked or Allowed items resulting from the Allow-Block Pop-Up including what was changed if anything in the Windows Registry after the real-time block and Block or Allow".


I have a doubt about sending the infromation to cloud though, as it may widely differ from user to user if allowed or blocked manually.



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