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Explorer not working w/5.0 - Why?


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Ever since 5.0 was remotely D/L'ed to this computer without my permission, accessing Explorer is (1) slower than dirt, (2) Explorer keeps saying (paraphrase) there's a problem and it can't load.


This NEVER happened until 5.0 was loaded on this computer. It took FIVE attempts to access Explorer a bit ago (for the umteenth time in 3 days) -- and TEN FULL MINUTES after that for my Gmail to load.


The 5.0 has my bandwidth at 0, and TPC as Dial-Up via AOL. I've had DSL for 10 months on ASC 4.0+something, not dial-up. As well, the keyboard was old news instead of Logitech's Solar model.


How can I get back the 4.something-PRO version and get 5.0-PRO OFFthis machine ... preferably before I send this computer and monitor through the window and into the next county?!!


I have deadlines to meet and NO TIME to ***** around with something I never wanted (5.0) It would take a week to learn what all these TECHNICAL terms mean -- and still not know what to do with them. What happened to ASC's superb "simply-click-and-go" magic?!





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I think version 4 can still be downloaded here:

(be sure to completely Uninstall and delete All files and registry-entries, for Version 5, before installing version 4)




BTW- I think version 5 is an Improvement over 4.

but Both versions require that the user 'Be careful' as to which utilities and options are activated and run,

since both can make Major changes to your computer.

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Explorer not working w/5.0 - why?


Top, thank you for the link. Do you know if the link is the last version of 4.0?


Just hours before 5.0 interrupted an article I was writing by being D/L'ed, I had deep cleaned this machine (deleted old My Favorites on Explorer, deleted old files in My Documents and then deleted those with ASC Gutman method; de-fragged, optimized CCleaner and Auslogics), and run from a hard disk scan from My Computer [none of which were done with ASC]; run Shields-Up! (result: stealth system) -- afterwhich this machine was running at top performance. Then 5.0 totally fouled up everything.


Now I have an editor screaming in my ears about missing a deadline last night and about to miss another one this afternoon, so I am anything BUT a Happy Camper.


Glad you're happy and prefer 5.0. Wish I could say the same, but I'm a writer not computer geek who understands all these technical terms or what do with them.


I was hoping an Administrator would

_ explain the reason all these problems are occurring with 5.0

_ why wrong info about this machine were included in 5.0

_ why I can't change AOL's adapter to DSL after changing the bandwidth

_ why there are all kinds of things IObit is running in the background rather than letting a User choose when and what to run myself ... and suspect that's part of the problem.

_ and why 5.0 was ever D/L'ed remotely without permission - so it doesn't happen again.


There's an old saying: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." (I'll bet the Deep Registry Fix isn't!)


Hopefully I can find software that will be as simple as Advanced Sytem Care once was ... as soon as my editor leaves me alone long to find one! :-x

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I assume that V-4 download was last update, but not sure.


I don't remember anyone else reporting compatability problems with AOL.

I do know that AOL is different than all other ISPs though, so there may be one of the ASC utilities that effects AOL.

You probably would need to run each ASC utility separately to determine which of the many utilities is causing the problem,

if it really is ASC causing it?

But first make sure the Auto-load and Auto-run options are Disabled in ASC, to see how that effects it.

(To disable those go to the 'Settings' page, by clicking the 'More' button at top of window, then 'settings', then 'auto-care'.)

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Exlorer not working w/5.0 - why?


Top, again, thank you. Will attempt to do as you suggested. (Thanks for including the how-to!) :wink:


Actually, since AOL is no longer my ISP and DSL is - IF that's the problem due to the fact ASC has it listed as my dial-up/TCP, may beg for a conflict between IObit and my computer/access to Explorer.




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