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Hard Drive and or CPU fan spins loudly

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  • Hard Drive and or CPU fan spins loudly

    I would like you to add a feature to ASC. I would like a feature in which the hard drive does not spend so much time spinning or perhaps it is my fan. It is noisy every time I go to a new browser page, I expect because it is checking things. Why not allow me to dedicate space on a given volume, say, on a chip drive, or, in RAM so that stuff is not being constantly zipped and unzipped. Or if this is due to necessary CPU usage, can you slow down the speed of the program so it only processes at a given rate.
    Windows 7
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    You can alter how your PC behaves in Power management settings. Google it and you will find the best settings for your requirements.
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      Hi there,

      This is Cicely from IObit.

      Scannan just gave a well suggestion. However, we will keep improving our ASC.

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