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  • Driver Booster Pro 6.6 Refund Help

    Sorry to hyhack, but need help.My 14 year old son, has had £57.70 taken automatically from his debit card. We bought driver booster Pro a while back. But for some reason out of the blue money has been taken.Have read that apparently this can happen, something to do with a box you tick or don't tick. First we are aware of this, I would like my son to get a refund the software ran out 17th of August 2019. Have messaged a lady called Cecily on here, as read that she is the one to contact, but that was on a old thread. Spent hrs so far trying to work this out, from the UK. Please advise not getting anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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    I have moved your post to the Briver Booster section and renamed it. You do not seem to spend much time looking for the correct thing to do to resolve a situation.
    It is very important that you read the instructions when you buy anything over the net.
    It appears that you must have ticked the Auto-renewal box when you bought DB.
    Why did'nt you simply get your credit card company to stop the payment?

    You should contact Iobit via email
    Note: You should make the subject line "For attention of Cicely". AlsoYou should reference this Topic in the email, so they know you posted on the Forum.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.