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Legitimacy of September Amazon offer.

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  • Legitimacy of September Amazon offer.

    Hi there, I have inspected the code of this page: and it seems that it is possible to receive Amazon gift cards, however in practice I ran a testing Macro and out of 1000 clicks NONE gave an amazon card of: $50, 100 or 500:shock:, I managed to get 2,3 and 4 free licences but it seems like false advertising to me, OR very very poor odds! Could I have an explanation from IObit staff as to the answer to this question? At first I thought that it might track the IP address and give the same reward but once I received all IObit licences that killed my theory, have you guys only got like 10 cards or something? :?Please help! I love IObit and recommend it to my Clients but, this seems pretty unfair!:sad:

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    Welcome to the forum :smile:
    Originally posted by S4ndv1p3r View Post
    .....Could I have an explanation from IObit staff as to the answer to this question?.....
    As stated in the thread FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first
    Purpose of this forum
    This forum is for the explanation of and assistance with IObit software
    Please remember, the members and Administrators/Moderators of this forum are volunteers who would like to help if they can but they are not employees of IObit. Plus we all live in various places around the world so a reply might not come immediately.
    If you have purchased the Pro version of IObit software then you are entitled to contact IObit Online Support for assistance

    What we can't help with
    We can't help with 'lost license codes'. You can get a copy of your license code sent to your email address @ IObit - Retrieve License
    We can't help with a 'Refund request' To request a refund complete the IObit Support - Online Feedback form
    For assistance with issues other than the use of the software have a look at the IObit Support FAQ first, if you can't find the answer in the FAQ then contact IObit Support
    You can also send an email to
    The members of this forum don't have any specific knowledge of the specials on the IObit website except that they exist so we can't answer your question
    Someone from IObit staff might drop in and answer your question but there is no guarantee that will happen.

    You would be best to contact IObit directly by sending an email to

    All the best, woz of oz
    FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first
    Description of IObit Forum features and requirements - Reading this is compulsory


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      Hi S4ndv1p3r... welcome to the Iobit forums!

      It would appear that you are most unlucky.

      Karma is what it is...:grin:!!!!

      Live long and prosper!


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        Hi S4ndv1p3r,

        Thank you for your interest in our promotion.

        There are 2-3 customers who win the Amazon gift cards every day. We will publish the list of the customers who win the Amazon gift cards on IObit Facebook. You can check the result when the promotion is over.

        If you want the gift cards, you need to try harder or be more lucky. :razz:
        IObit Support Team --
        If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!