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License vault & detailed information (And a new suggestion for a license pack!)

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  • License vault & detailed information (And a new suggestion for a license pack!)


    I have all my licenses codes and information stored locally on my computer in a text file,

    I think IObit must implement at the IObit website a License vault, so when a user logins there is this option to view the following information for each license acquired:
    1) License Code
    2) Date of purchase
    3) Valid period (valid since <DATE> to <DATE>, for example, valid from 2018-09-30 to 2019-09-30)

    Also would be a good idea for IObit to implement some kind of License Pack, so that IObit users that have more than 1 license code, can gather all their licenses and generate a license pack, this license pack will offer basically two benefits:
    A) to have ONE single licences pack code that is VALID for ALL the software that the user has selected, for example, suppose a user that has a pro license for each of the following software:
    - SmartDefrag Pro
    - ASC Pro
    - Driver Booster pro

    the user will have an option to generate a license pack code that is valid for the 3 softwares, this will be just a single code that the user can use to activate the 3 software

    B) to offer discount to loyal users and an easier way to renew a license pack instead of having to renew each license code individually, if each license code has different end date, perhaps iobit to offer initially to the users who want to switch from individual license codes to a licence pack, the option to make this license pack expire with the lincese code that has the latest expiration date, for example

    - SmartDefrag Pro expires 2019-09-30
    - ASC Pro expires 2019-12-24
    - Driver Booster pro expires 2019-03-23

    Then if user decides to consolidate those 3 licenses, then iobit offer a special price for a license pack that has a code VALID for the 3 software, AND with the expiration date of 2019-12-24

    This is a very raw idea, but if considered and further worked and polished; This will result in a big benefit for IOBit and users and a win-win relationship
    DJ ektorbarajas:

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    Cicely please also a follow up for this concern and suggestion
    DJ ektorbarajas:


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      Hi ektorbarajas,

      Sincerely thanks for your precious suggestions.

      I will report them to our product team for consideration.

      By the way, our current online support can solve the issue " option to view the following information for each license acquired:" on some degree. You can go to to get your license details. It can not meet all your requirements, but it is still quite useful.

      Your ideas sound good but it may take some time. I am not sure whether our product team will accept.

      Sincerely thanks for your suggestion again.

      IObit Support Team --
      If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!


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        Cicely thanks for this tip and really hope this to be considered by iobit, btw, I currently own the following 5 pro licenses:
        Malware Fighter
        Driver Booster
        Smart Defrag

        And they are meant to expire on March 19 and March 20, would be great for iobit to provide some kind of "bundle" discount to renew all of them

        DJ ektorbarajas:


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          Cicely enoskype The following message was also sent by email, but wanted to also post here hopping this concern is properly addressed for users like me, who are few days for PRO licenses to expire:

          I've noticed that constantly there are better offers and discounts for new users! OR from a IObit Pro products at the action center OR lucky draw

          Se attached Word documents for some examples
          (not able to upload attachment) but adding this information as reference:
          Also by doing a basic web search for keywords like “Iobit coupon” can give way better discounts than renewal of licenses:


          Sorry to say this, but is not fair that IObit punishes loyal customers with up to 50% or 57% discount PER license/product, and to offer new users and on the internet 70% or more discounts for new customers and the majority of such discounts consiste of bundles (3 pro programs) or license packs (Pro license for 3 computers)

          I really hope iobit can fix this and really show appreciation for loyal customers
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          DJ ektorbarajas: