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  1. For several years I’ve used iobit products in admin accounts, either on my laptop or my parents laptops. On such laptops only 1 user account is used (admin account). Recently I created standard user accounts to my laptop and also purchased a laptop to my Son, on my son’s laptop is his standard account and my admin account, IObit products are auto started on my account but if the laptop is started and my son logins then no IObit software is started, and if I manually launch them from my son’s account I’m promoted for my admin credentials. i don’t know how much iobit can do to fix this situation. Thanks
  2. What I’ve learned and found is that in the past, startup optimizer used to screw programs where startup items cannot be delayed; the result was that such delayed programs were not opening at all or opened with some errors. latests versions of ASC now handle such programs in a different manner, instead of delaying them, then startup optimizer just re-enable them and the programs open fine, they are NOT delayed but at least they open fine. I can tell that iobit has enhanced startup optimizer and is capable of delaying more and more software, even Startup optimizer is able to delay various antivirus like in my case Avira free antivirus, other competitor programs are not able to delay several programs that startup optimizer can, for example iolo System Mechanic is NOT able to delay avira antivirus free! my suggestion is for you to make a list of programs or items NOT delayed and share them with IObit, so that they can work and try to make them “delay” in future versions.
  3. I have also noticed since iobit launched their new screen recorders "iFun Screen Recorder" and "iFun Screnshot", ALL iobit installer by default try to “push” you to install them, I guess this is not the correct approach! I know when that option is displayed at the installer, the user can just select “no”, but if you do a search in internet for Iolo products reviews, you can see that a general complain and a big “cons” at such reviews is that iobit products are plagued with adware, adds, or “tricky” installation prompts to download and install additional software. Iobit as of today has a huge number of users who are paying for the “pro” versions of its products, and iobit should really consider changing its marketing, advertising and techniques for convincing users of downloading and installing additional software, this will help iobit to gain more good points at the reviews and remove the BIG “cons” of adware.
  4. I found that AI mode is not smart enough, because I removed from the ignore list a system optimization item and then executed a scan using the AI mode, and the modules to be scanned excluded "system optimizations", so this make me cancel this AI mode scan and then started a manual mode scan, selecting ALL modules except disk optimization (since I use Smart Defrag); the results found 1 "System Optimizations" and 1 "Outdated software" item and those two modules were NOT scanned by AI Mode I guess this should not happen.
  5. Justr curious, why my IObit Software Updater 2.5 pro is still reporting that it is up to date? I don't know why it is not auto updating to this latest version
  6. Hi IObit, I've expressed this on a support ticket but I think is a good idea to also post it here. I've found that currently IObit has 3 stand alone programs that have "software updater" functionality: ASC, IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software Updater. And few days ago I noticed a big inconsistency between IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software updater; Uninstaller was reporting that there was an update to TeamViewer, while IObit Software updater was reporting that TeamViewer was up to date :?: See the attached screenshot. So, I would like to suggest IObit to ONLY have IObit Software Updater as the only and golden source for "software updates", please remove the updater module from ASC and Uninstaller, problems like the one I'm reporting will confuse users and at the end is the risk of creating bad reputation to IObit. Regards Hector
  7. I would like to also comment on this post: indeed this seem to be a junk post by someone who just wants to demerit IObit OR perhaps that "friend" @quinik maybe has IObit malware fighter free versions and never has care to manually update the database, even when the tray icon says so BUT is odd that @quinik has only 1 post and has not replied this thread I've been using iobit products for over 12 years and as of today I can say that IObit is the ONLY company out there that really has products to further optimize and care Windows PCs and Malware Fighter is very good and with really low footprint, I only wich that Malware Fighter is submitted and considered for specialized anti-malware sites like Virus total, VBulletin, etc. And just for the record, I have pro versions for the following products: Advanced System Care Smart Defrag Driver Booster IObit Uninstaller IObit software updater IObit Malware Fighter I'm really satisfied and just purchased a new laptop and I'me using my pro licenses (those licences are for 3 PCs, 1 is with my dad, 1 with mome and the other one with my new laptop)
  8. @Lewis-H why your comment that IObit is not a trustworthy company?. we all know about the Malwarebytes and IObit situation, but this is history and in fact this Incident was not truly a bad and intentionally action from IObit Currently I'm a very satisfied user and owner of the following products with PRO licenses: Smart Defrag Advanced System Care Driver Booster Uninstaller Malware Fighter Software Updater As of today no other company has such complete and robust products for PCs,
  9. Hi @Cicely IOBit Software updated is NOT detecting WinRAR, not sure if this is because my WinRAR is in spanish, but even so, IObit Software Updater should be able to support apps in other languages. I've done what you instructed and sent the file to support@iobit.com Thanks
  10. I suggest that ASC supports multiple CPU threads, so for example a computer with a i7 Core intel CPU, who has 8 threads, then ASC scans, repairs and other tasks can be done faster by several cores working simultaneously
  11. May I suggest to make IObit software smarter? for example, if IOBit Software Updated is installed, then automatically IOBit ASC software updater and IObit Uninstaller Software updater to be disabled. AND to make this efficient, to make IObit software updater to ALSO support 100% the software that ASC software Updater and IObit Uninstaller Software updater support. For example, Winrar update is being detected by ASC software updater but not by stand alone IObit Software Updater, even IObit Software Updater is not detecting winrar at all See the attached screenshots
  12. I believe this is something that IObit must consider, since I've seen several reviewers and technology web sites to give low rating to IObit Malware Fighter since it is NOT appearing in top independent Anti Malware tester sites
  13. I don't know if pre-windows scan is still a feature that perhaps IObit Malware Fighter is missing or if this is something that is no longer in use, but if doing such scan will also make IObit Malware Fighter better and more robust, then this should be implemented. And allow user to either set the interval (just like SmartDefrag Boot time), or let IObit Malware Fighter determine the best time and frequency to perform such scan
  14. Hi, After disabling and re-enabling autocare, now is working as expected. Was weird that just after the update it stopped to work, but now this is fixed Thanks @Cicely and @Scannan
  15. I've noticed that since november 15, the autocare has not run, even if I have it enabled at the settings, with version 12 it used to run automatically with no more than 3 days, in fact when there were 3 days without AutoCare, ASC try icon changed to indicate that an AutoCare is needed Please fix this
  16. Hi, I just updated from ASC 12 pro to ASC 13 pro, and have noticed that this problem is still present. When I perform a Scan, ASC detects at "startup optimization" two invalid scheduled tasts. even when I select "delete", they are not deleted. Also If I try to manually delete such tasks directly from Windows Task Scheduler, I get a message that “The user account does not have permission to delete this task”, even that I'm using the admin account! The program "Revo Uninstaller Pro" is able to delete invalid scheduled tasks, So this post is for the following 2 items: 1) make ASC capable of deleting such invalid tasks 2) update IOBit uninstaller to also have Revo Uninstaller Funcion of forced uninstall and advanced search, in Revo uninstaller I just click "forced uninstaller", then select advanced, and at the searchbox I enter the key words, for example "Driver Booster SkipUAC", Revo finds the scheduled tasks and is able to delete it Find attached a word document with the screenshots BTW I've already sent an email to IObit support for fixing this, but also wanted to share this at the forum Regards
  17. Please check the suggestions at this thread: https://forums.iobit.com/forum/general-forums/general-forum-items/228947-various-suggestions-to-greatly-improve-iobit-products Additional I'd like to add: make ASC intelligently Aware of other installed IObit software, so that ASC either disable or enable specific settings or specific modules. For example if Smart Defrag is installed, then ASC to automatically disable any setting or modle that will conflict with this.
  18. HI all, I've decided to start this new topic with what I consider, strong features and functions that can vastly improve IObit products and take IObit far superior than competitors Advanced HDD, SSD, Memory card, Optical media & Flash diagnostic, monitoring and reporting (with S.M.A.R.T. and chkdsk) tool Development and implementation difficulty: hard Module or program to implement this: ASC sub-module and/or Smart Defrag Sub-module Implement an advanced HDD, SSD, Memory card, optical media and Flash diagnostic, monitoring and reporting with S.M.A.R.T and “chkdsk” like functions. Do all those features for all the storage media but not only shows the SMART data from HDDs, but to store the historical in the cloud, to provide further analysis and interpretation, and also record and register the drive/device health, usage, fragmentation, etc. Also to store all that data at the cloud, so if Windows is reinstalled and reformatted, when the user reinstalls the program and activate it, then the program will pull all the historical data for the media from the cloud, and keep on monitoring and recording statistics and historical data for the different media. The diagnostic feature will check the media integrity, if there are errors and fix them, do benchmarks, etc. The monitoring feature will keep on monitoring either in real time or at any given time interval (can be defined by the user, but also to have a suggested value from IOBit), and also function as a preventive module to notify the user if a media will probably fail or has failed. The reporting feature should be a robust reporting module (including exporting the reports to excel, pdfs, etc.) Perhaps the cloud could be a small cloud storage per IObit account/user, that also the users can check in any web browser. IOBit Cloud storage and repository for IOBit configuration and historical data Development and implementation difficulty: easy Module or program to implement this: not specific to a program, but to ALL IOBit products Based on the above cloud statement, to also store all IOBit products configuration, logs and historical data at the IOBit user cloud, so that all the IOBit products statistics and logs can be checked at any web browser at any time, and if the user want’s to restore specific setup or configuration it can be restored from the IOBit Cloud Better and more complete Startup Manager Development and implementation difficulty: medium Module or program to implement this: Advanced System Care Startup Manager for each entry, Startup Manager will show IOBit rating and % of deactivation, and also the customers/users rating and % of deactivation. The program should be able to provide detailed information of what should happen if an entry is disabled and what programs will be affected. About the delay option: When a program is delayed, The program will "hold and prevent" this program (and all the dependencies) from loading until certain time has passed, this time interval perhaps can be customized or let The program "sense" when windows has loaded and the HDD activity is low, so that it can startup launching those delayed programs one-by-one at small pace so that windows is working smooth and the delayed items are loaded gradually without impacting windows performance. This can dramatically decrease windows boot time without scarifying some programs that a user would like to autostart. For example, a user can delay dropbox or other cloud storage apps, can delay a graphic card control panel, a wallpaper changer and several other non-critical apps without the problem to disable them to optimize boot time and then the user to manually launch them. Also, the program should allow the users to send to IObit the rating, comments and user decision (enable, disable or delay) about all and every startup item Also, the program to have the following categories to separate the startup items: Required: This section should have all the critical startup items for windows to works properly and as expected, perhaps those entries cannot be disabled or give the user an “advanced” option to disable them Unnecessary: based on IOBit analysis and also customer’s feedback, then the program will place here all the entries that are considered as unnecessary User Choice: here would be placed the entries that are not critical and that perhaps have not been validated and checked at detail by IOBit and/or have not received enough information & feedback from customers Harmful: based on IOBit analysis and user feedback, here should be placed “bad” entries, like adware, bloatware, etc. Advanced Windows Service manager Development and implementation difficulty: medium Module or program to implement this: Advanced System Care sub-module This tool will facilitate the users the analysis of windows services, dependencies, information etc. And also allow the user to delay non windows critical services, also this "services database" should contain other non-windows services and be a cloud database owned and maintained by IOBit, so by default This program will suggest the users what services to delay, what services to disable and what services to keep to autostart normally Driver Booster major enhancement (a milestone in “driver updater” software) Development and implementation difficulty: hard Module or program to implement this: Driver Booster ALL driver update utilities at some point fail and the result is that you finish with a system that cannot boot at all or cannot be restored or rolled back (even if the driver updater has this rollback/restore function). So, here are my suggestions if IObit really wants to differentiate Driver updater and create a milestone in this category of tools. 1) implement some kind of sandbox to "experiment" and see how windows will behave with a new driver update: this feature will let the user see if windows will work fine, or if a BSOD or other major issue will appear, I know this idea sounds great but the implementation would be difficult 2) Driver Booster should have an option to totally pull all the hardware information from the computer, like a detailed snapshot of device manager, including all hardware IDs: That information should be prepared in a compressed file and send back to IOBit, so then IOBit staff can test and check if any driver update will eventually result in a major issue to the user's computer. Also, would be great if IObit can return a result of the analysis and based on that result, to customize Driver Booster to avoid certain updates and/or keep some devices with previous driver versions (also if the user wish, he can see a detailed report from IOBit experts). 3) based on features 1 and 2, Driver Booster can "learn" and adapt to the user's computer, so even if there is a newer Nvidia chipset driver that IS compatible and IS certified, Driver Booster will block and avoid this update to prevent user's computer to become unstable or to show major issues and to also provide a detailed explanation of why this driver should not be installed and why the user should keep the current installed driver. 4) implement some kind of advanced analysis that can compare how a device will work with driver version 1 vs driver version 2, so if Driver Booster determines that updating to version 2 will NOT present major issues and will provide a noticeable benefit, then to advise the user this, and if possible show the measurable improvement, for example: by updating the intel chipset driver from version 1 to version 2 will result in a reduction of transfer rate between HDDs, or will result in a better communication between RAM and CPU, etc. 5) the current rollback/restore function (that also all other driver updaters use) in some cases is totally useless, especially when you apply updates, do a restart, and windows won´t boot at all (even in safe mode). So to implement a restore function as follows: A) Driver Booster to has a boot module, that allows you to create a self-boot media (CD, DVD, USB Flash, even EHDD and Blu-ray). B) So, when the basic rollback/restore is not working or cannot be even performed, then the user boot his computer with this "Driver Booster Boot Media". C) This bootable media will allow to load Driver Booster. D) Then Driver Booster will show the previous restore points created with information of what was updated/changed and if possible, to indicate what driver update was the culprit for the major issue, so then the user can effectively roll back. IMPORTANT: this needs to be a totally different approach as the windows restore function, since what this “Driver Booster Boot Media” should do is to just apply the device drivers that were known to let Windows work 100% ok. 6) A function that after a driver update, will make Driver Booster to continually monitor (background task) the computer, see and log how it behaves, detect any issue or potential issue, and store all that data at IOBit Cloud (the IOBit user could); then after any given time, Driver Booster can tell if the driver updates are considered safe or if any potential issue was detected, and so advise the user with a report. Maybe after a driver update is performed, to keep monitoring for 5 or 10 computer reboots (I guess that after that number of reboots, this module can determine if the updates were safe or not). In case that this "module" determines that driver updates are ok and behave well, then the user confirms and all this information is sent back to IOBit to "nourish" the Driver Booster database and have this setup flagged as successful with: Specific hardware model/revision AND driver version And user laptop hardware setup (CPU, RAM, HDD, Video Card, WiFi, etc.) B) in case that the module determines or detect issues, then inform the user of the identified issues, and ask user confirmation to send all gathered information back to IOBit. 7) provide a solid reporting tool inside Driver Booster, so that users can not only report a problem, but also provide feedback, for example: if the user updated the intel chipset from version 1 to version 2, and after the monitor period (described in suggestion #6) everything is ok, then Driver Booster can pop up a window asking user's feedback, this feedback should have a free text box so that user enters any comments but also some information that can be checked or selected (like ease of installation, if user has detected some kind of performance improvement, if any minor issue was found, etc.) Further enhance “Performance Monitor” component & ASC Development and implementation difficulty: hard Module or program to implement this: ASC AND Performance Monitor sub-module "Performance Monitor" component is not working as it should, for example, if I run CPU or RAM intensive tasks, sometimes my system gets unresponsive, and Performance Monitor should "sense" it and make the necessary CPU & RAM adjustments to prevent this. Some examples are running applications like dbpoweramp for converting mp3 files, this program uses all the CPU cores, other example is Google Chrome since it is known to be resource hungry and I’ve noticed that ASC sometimes is not able to provide a smooth and stable windows usage experience when Chrome is starting to use more and more RAM. So "Performance Monitor” an ASC should be able to balance the workload so the system is still responsive while running such programs. "Performance Monitor” is also deficient at throttling/optimizing HDD & SSD transfer and usage, There needs to be a tool to balance programs that are HDD intensive, for example, if I’m running a file copy or file move operation using either the Windows explorer default processes or using third party software like “fastcopy”, my system turns unresponsive, “Performance Monitor” & ASC should be able to monitor this and balance the workload so that Windows is responsive even with such intensive tasks or applications (this tool can lower the CPU, RAM & HDD priority as well as the HDD transfer speed on demand and as needed). IMPORTANT: if the user is in front of the computer and doing other tasks, “Performance Monitor” should sense it and make whatever is necessary to have the system at least from 70 to 90% responsive, even that it means lowering the resource assignments for some intensive tasks, but if the user leaves the computer and it’s running intensive tasks, Performance Monitor and ASC should also sense it and give top priority and allocate more resources to such intensive tasks, there is no big science to make Performance Monitor to achieve this. There is a competitor’s program that can be taken as reference: Outertech cacheman Also, you can take other Cacheman optimization parameters and routines to further enhance IOBit products in general. Implement a “Real and true” hardware failure and prediction tool Development and implementation difficulty: hard Module or program to implement this: Advanced System Care Submodule and/or Driver Booster IOBit should have a tool or component that should be capable of detecting hardware failures (or potential hardware failures) and if possible prevent them or provide a workaround or at least notify the user of what steps the user needs to do to fix such hardware problems, for example, if this component is detecting constant optical drive failures or lags, to prevent this or give the user detailed steps of what to do. Make IObit products totally 64-bit Development and implementation difficulty: easy – medium Module or program to implement this: all products IOBit products should be 100% 64 bits for windows 64 bit OSs, will perform better and communicate better with the OS and with the hardware components and also would be faster and more stable Make sure that IOBit products are executed even if no user has logged in or if the computer has been locked Development and implementation difficulty: medium Module or program to implement this: all products Not 100% sure (and there is now way to know) if those modules run as soon as windows has started but no user has logged in, and also when the computer is locked
  19. @car7 I've been using ASC Pro, Driver booster pro, Smart Defrag pro & iobit Malware Fighter pro for several months, and never had an issue, my old Latitude XPS 15 with windows 10 is working very good, never had resource issues, even when heavy using my laptop. Don't know why you faced no improvement at all
  20. Hi, I have to say that I started to use IObit Malware Fighter PRO again, initially was to give it another try but I must confess that I'm impressed that version 6.6 works pretty well, has very good malware protection and is very resource friendly. I've not tested IObit Malware Fighter 7 yet, I'll wait until the final version is released and I really hope that at least this new version has the same small footprint and strong protection than 6.6 Also I'm looking forward for IObit to finally being able to have Malware Fighter submitted to AV tests
  21. I'd like to post about my experience: Before using Driver Booster and have it update my drivers, my laptop were having the following to annoyances: 1) the laptop Fan was constantly running at max speed for brief periods of time and this seems to be a big issue with this laptop and windows 10, see the following pages as an example: https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/D...d/td-p/6056537 https://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/Fan-runs-nearly-fullspeed-ALWAYS-XPS-l502x/td-p/4581047 http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/l502x-fan-constantly-running-with-windows-10.793112/ There are more pages that talk about this issue, but basically I tested nearly all the suggested solutions (Except replacing the fan, because when I was still at windows 7 I replaced by fan because it was wasted and was making weird noises, so for Windows 10 I practically has a new fan) 2) constantly my laptop was reporting several non present external devices, I have 4 EHDD and usually leave them always connected to my laptop via a powered USB Hub, but the non present external devices reported were between 2000 and 4000 (yes, very high indeed), I used the freeware Device Cleanup tool (https://www.uwe-sieber.de/misc_tools_e.html) to get rid of them but again after some time the amount of disconnected or non-present devices were very high So, after using Driver Booster Pro (6.2 at that time) I updated ALL the suggested devices drivers BUT the key here was to have my USB powered Hub powered off and all my EHDD off as well, for the driver updates to actually being able to fully update ALL the drives, for some reason having the powered USB HUB on with my EHDD was preventing the update to complete. After all drivers were updated, I tested by powering my USB hub, ran again Driver Booster, and still reporting all drivers are up to date After updating all my drivers the above reported 2 issues were totally gone!
  22. @Cicely @enoskype The following message was also sent by email, but wanted to also post here hopping this concern is properly addressed for users like me, who are few days for PRO licenses to expire: I've noticed that constantly there are better offers and discounts for new users! OR from a IObit Pro products at the action center OR lucky draw Se attached Word documents for some examples (not able to upload attachment) but adding this information as reference: Also by doing a basic web search for keywords like “Iobit coupon” can give way better discounts than renewal of licenses: https://tickcoupon.com/stores/iobit-coupon-codes ALso Sorry to say this, but is not fair that IObit punishes loyal customers with up to 50% or 57% discount PER license/product, and to offer new users and on the internet 70% or more discounts for new customers and the majority of such discounts consiste of bundles (3 pro programs) or license packs (Pro license for 3 computers) I really hope iobit can fix this and really show appreciation for loyal customers
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