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Free Space Needed to Defrag Drive?

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  • Free Space Needed to Defrag Drive?

    I remember with Windows XP, one needed to have at least 15% of the drive left empty so that Windows Defrag could function properly... How about Smart Defrag V6.4.5 free? Is there a certain amount of space I need to leave empty for it to work properly? Does it depend on the size of files?... For instance, I have around 10 mrimg files from Macrium Reflect (mirror image files), each around 80GB. Would the paid version of Smart Defrag be any different in this regard I'm looking to understand? I have a 3TB external USB drive, which I think is actually 2.72TB. Running Windows 10 64bit. Thank you all so much for the help.

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    It will defrag in logical sectors which are quite small, so I do not see an issue unless your Drive is completely full, and in that case Windows would tell you that your drive is full.
    Also, windows automatically reserves free space for installing updates, so I cannot see that you would ever have a problem with SD being able to perform.
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      Hi there,

      Sometimes, free space is needed to defrag the drives or it may fail to defrag.
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        Yes, you need to keep at least 15% space for the defrag to work properly.
        It has not changed in all these years.
        I believe that the smart defrag from the free version would be as effective as the paid version.
        So there is no need to upgrade to the paid version.