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windows 8 backup problem

sunny staines

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not an iobit problem, but hoping someone with w8 can point to where i am going wrong.


n w7 I made a "d" partion and used w7 save image to it every month worked just fine.

now the problem with w8 the "c" drive was 902gb just sort of 1tb so went to disk mnagement but it would only let me shrink the "c" to 457gb still very large would not let me shrink it anymore no idea why? so did that and set up a "d" partition with the remaining 449gb [healthy primary]. then a defrag and to the w7 image tool which auto selects the "D" for the backup and lists [EFI partition, [C][system], windows RE tools [system] to be backed up. all fine so far, but when i click start backup i get the following error warning "there is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location. make sure that, for all volumes to be backed up, the minimum required disk space for shadow copy creation is available. This applies to both the backup storage destination and volume included in the backup. minimum requirement for volumes less that 500mg the minimum is 50mg of free space. recommended at least 1gb of free space on each volume if the volume size is more than 1gb [0x80780119]" my "C" drive is still 86% free space i can not shrink it anymore for unknown reason and totaly lost on how to sort this saga out, never had this in w7.

anyone got the patience to grasp all this anh help out pleas

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I don't think I've tried doing a backup on the same physical drive that is being backed up, (C: & D: partitions)

so I'm not sure why that does not work. :shock::-(

I have encountered the 500.GB Limit though, in W-7. (about 460 after Format)

I think that is a limitation of the 'Basic' type partition, which the C: partition Needs to be.


But my first suggestion is to do backups on an external-drive,

if possible.

With everything on one physical-drive, you will loose everything, if the drive fails.

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yes i will have togo to an old sata drive and usb pod i think, i have read w8 puts mft at opposite end of the partition to the other files therefore preventimg disk management from shrinking the partition.


i was wondering if smartdefrag is able to move the mft to the srtart of the partion instead of the end where it is now. anyone know? if not one for a future version of SD


not installed SD on my w8 yet w8 own defrag i run once but was very slow.

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Yes, the single-drive USB-external Enclosure is not very expensive.

So, if you already have a good hard-drive, to go in it, that is a good way to do backups. 8:)

The Enclosures that hold more than one drive get very expensive though, compared to single-drive boxes.


I don't think there is any way to control where the MFT is located. :-?

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I got to thinking about where the Best location for the MFT Should Be, :roll:

and it seems that somewhere in the Middle of the platter, of Each platter, would be best,:idea:

since the read/write-head would have the shortest distance to travel,

from any other location.

But since not all drives have the same number of platters,

I don't know how that would relate to the way Defrag programs display where the MFT is located.


I do know that 'Dynamic' type format puts the MFT somewhere different than 'Basic' type format does.

With Basic format Smart-defrag displays it at or close to the Start of the graphic-display

and it's displayed in the Middle with Dynamic format.

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WoW! No wonder so many people lose everything there!!:shock: So the the street beggars are asking for 10 grand?







Live long and prosper!


The Beggers expect at least a Dollar. :roll:

if you gave them a Real dime they would throw it back at you. :shock: :lol:


'Inflation' :!:

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