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malware name - txtnews.online



hurriedly and stupidly hit ok on a "notification" but Malware Fighter did not warn this was malware.


I own several professional versions of the software here, and have recommended it for the last several years; most recommends have gone on to buy the software for Malware and Syscare Ult.


I am due to update the most important software in July, but I'm concerned that neither the Malware Fighter nor the Virus checker in Syscare Ult did not detect this type of malware. Is this beyond capabilities? Do I need to add or install a different/additional malware fighter to fight these type of push ad notifications?


I'm going to need to do a lot of emailing to those I remember who bought this software on my recommend to alert them. Very embarrassing in my business.


I'm using Malware Fighter 6.6.1, due to be renewed in July 2019.



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Hi slightkc.

Welcome to the Forum.


Firtly, I think you are panicking unnecessarily. This is a browser hyjacker, and while it is annoying it is not a virus as such.

That said, it is possible to obtain a Virus from some of the adds/sites which will be pushed by txtnews. But this can only happen if you click on these adds/sites.

It is very easy to get rid of txtnews as it is held in your browser and not in your system files.

I cannot find any AV or Antimalware which states that it will detect this hyjacker. It is relatively new so maybe the browser protection has bot caught up yet.


It is unlikely that all those people who you recommended MF to, will make the same mistake of accidently clicking allow.

I use Firefox, with ghostery and Ublock Origin, and I never get targeted. Might be worth looking at.

You must always accept that human error plays a part in these scenarios and that is why the recommended practice is not to click allow on any site you do not know.



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Thanks for the welcome! Believe me, I'm not in a panic... and I know exactly what this is (and how it happened). And yes, I'm as old as the hills -- I was on the 'Net before it was GUI.


My "issue" is I have my system locked down pretty darn hard - harder than we had on systems in the government. I've been in the "business" for 40 years; not much gets by me, and because of my reputation in this area, my word is pretty much taken as truth. Security, however, is not my main balliwick - which is why I've depended on IOBIT for so many years (10+). Oh.. I also use the Iobit extension for safe browsing...


This hijack is malware. I've just never seen IOBIT miss on something. If I need to add on something that's reputable, I'd like to know for myself, and for those clients with whom I'm still in contact. If not... I'd like to know if there's anything IOBIT can do now.. or is working on... to outwit these miscreants. It's not beyond me there's a toggle I've missed or an option in settings I need to change at this point.


You're right, in that it's not ransomware or a virus. But I think you'll agree, Malware is insidious enough by itself... especially these damnable popup push ads on the desktop. Not everyone can afford to max out their memory or run the latest and greatest quad like us. Those are the people and institutions I help. Until this, IOBIT was the answer to everything they needed to have for safety, security, and operability. Now I have to add a "but..." onto a recommendation. I just have more belief and a better opinion of this company than that. They've always proved it to me.



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I understand completely and it is very refreshing to hear from someone who cares about reputation and other users wellbeing.

I am presuming that in MF Settings that you have selected Surfing Protection & Ads Removal - It protects you against various online threats t, and keeps you undisturbed from annoying ads on webpages. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.


Also, Homepage Advisor - It monitors any change to your browser homepage and search engine, and notifies you to undo the change to prevent malicious modification. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can click Details text link to check the protection status and history, or adjust the settings to serve you better.


Additionally, within your Browser Privacy and Securiy settings, you can prevent redirects and pop-ups.

I do not know which browser you use, but as I said previously I use Firefox with Ghostery and Ublock Origin, and I never have these issues as Ghostery and Ublock are very quick in updating their Database for new threats.


Maybe, Iobit will add this textnews to their Database now that you have highlighted it, but as it is the weekend you may not see aresponse from Iobit until Monday or Tuesday.


I apologise if I sound like I am advising you on how to secure your system, as that is not my intent, as it is obvious that you have been doing this for a long time, but I have found that even the best of us may sometimes miss a small step so if this is the case, then hopefully something I have said here may jog a memory.

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thanks... I'm using Chrome (now exclusively with the latest update of Firefox). And yes... I've already done what you've suggested, which is why it was a surprise when this one got thru.


For anyone who gets it, so far it looks like all you need to do (in Chrome) is to go to Advanced Settings -> Notifications and delete it. Make sure you have Notifications blocked and do NOT click "allow" on ANY notifications, even those you may want. Email Notifys are one thing... but these Push Ads are bad! Of course, redirects should be blocked, as well.


I've not found anything written to the Registry or Start Preloads. And this is all on Win10, of course.


Friday... you're right about my great timing. Hea, that's the ONE thing about retirement I haven't gotten used to yet! (LOL) Have a great one, Scannan!

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