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New to IObit and Forum

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Good Morning All,

I am brand new to IObit and this forum so if I made a mistake, inform me of it so I don't do it again. Thank You

Aside from the IObit software one of the things that attracted me to IObit was the commitment to respond to issues within 24hours via the "Contact Us" IObit home page link.

As a new user I made a mistake and need help from the support team so I sent a message.  After 24+ hours I called IObit and talked with a support person.  He told me that technical issues need to be sent to a specific e-mail address.  There is nothing on the web site about this E-Mail address.  I then sent my issue to that address.  It has been 3+ days and have not heard a word.  

Can anyone tell me what my expectations for technical support should be?  Also, if the actual technical support contact information is different than the tickets@iobit.com address would you please tell me the correct contact information?

Thank You

Al Vitale

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Hello Scannan,

I tried to respond to you earlier but I'm not sure I did it correctly.  I'm still not sure this is the correct method of responding.  But here goes.

The subject matter of my issue is not covered in the site(s) that come up when I clicked on the "Get Help' buttons.





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It is unusual that a User's issue would not be covered in the Topic I provided.

All other issues can normally be dealt with here in the Forum, but as we do not have any details of your issues, then

it is difficult to assist. However, if your issue(s) contain personal/confidential matter, that you do not wish to post here,

then, you should Send a message to Cicely and explain your issue also include a link to your post in the Forum.

She will sort it for you. Cicely is the Iobit Team Member liaison for the forum. When you click on the Cicely link I have provided,

at the top of the page you will see the Message option. Click on that and you can send the message to Cicely privately.


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Good Morning Scannan,

OK.  Here is my issue.

While I was installing the IObit software the system asked if I wanted to protect any files/folders.  So I identified a few and set up a password.  Not knowing how IObit was going to "protect" the files/folders I stored the password in a file along with my other hundreds of passwords.  The file in which I save my passwords is in one of the folders I protected.  I now know how IObit "protects" files/folders.  So I can not get to the protected stuff without the password.  Needless to say I can't get to that file since I didn't memorize the password.

That is the story.

So, I would really appreciate it if you would use your SuperSuper powers and unlock my files/folders.

Please let me know if/when this can be done.

Thank You



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Well I think I got it.  However I found a few things that I am a bit concerned about.  Maybe you can tell me if they are normal for the procedure you provided.

1. The first thing PFTool.exe did was generate a selection box asking if I wanted to open the "Password Folder or Protected Folder.  Since I did not know anything about either I tried both until one of them allowed me to proceed.  A bit more on screen instruction would be beneficial.

2. When I ran the PFTool.exe it generated the message "Password Already Reset".  It never asked me to create a new password.  So I looked at the Windows File Explorer and saw my original folder that I protected.  Then I rebooted because in Safe Mode my computer was in tiny weenie font mode.  When I was rebooted my folder did not appear in File Explorer. So I went back into Safe Mode and looked at File Explorer again and the folder displayed.   I have no clue why it shows up in Safe Mode only.

3. While I was in Safe Mode I tried to execute IObit Protector so I could "unprotect" all of my stuff and start over.  IObit Protector will not execute in Safe Mode.

4. As I said PFTool.exe never asked for a new password, therefore I could not change it.  Since I could only see the folder in Safe Mode I created a new folder and copied everything from the original folder.  That process is still running and according to Windows it is going to run for 4+ hours. (Lots of stuff in that folder.)

5. While I was in Safe Mode I tried to open my "Password" file which is an Excel spreadsheet.  It generated a message saying it was checking the Excel License and tried to repair it but that failed.  Therefore Excel would not open the file.  I then tried to open a Word document and received the same message and result.

Hopefully when the "copy" process ends I will be able to open the files.

Let me know what you think/know about my experiences with the "Protection Workaround".

Thanks for all of your help.  Hopefully I will not have to bother you again.



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Good Morning Scannan,

The Excel and Word files open correctly when I am not in Safe Mode.

Thank You for the Protection Manual.  I will read it and if I have questions, I will post them.

Is the an IObit website I can go search for all manuals?  If not please provide the manuals for Uninstaller and Advanced Care.

I have a third party "System Care" product I have been using for years and don't need (I think) the IObit version.  However if there is a published document comparing the IObit version to others (not free versions) I would like to see it.

This morning IObit Advanced Care told me my 5 day free installation expired.  Since I don't need it I tried to uninstall it.  Please see the attached.  This screen displayed and wanted me to select what to uninstall.  The last choice is "Not Recommended".  Can you tell me WHY?

Thanks again



IObit-Uninstall-AdvancedCare-Uninstall Choices 2-16-22.jpg

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I asked Iobit many, many, times to put a link to the Manuals at the top of the Forum page, but I gave up asking.

All the Manuals are here....https://www.iobit.com/en/product-manuals.php

I have no idea what the 5 day free installation expired thing is about....maybe it was a ASC Pro trial.

You do not have to uninstall it, as it will work away as the Free version. Unless you want to free up disc space.

The Extension Files used by system are probably DLL's.....so probably safer not to delete them.

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Good Morning Scannan,

Just to let you know I finally resolved the issue I was having with the Protected Folder password.  Thank You for your help.

The next question I have is as follows:

Since I installed the IObit software I have been inundated with ads.  I went online to read reviews of IObit software.  There are several reviews stating the same issue.  Is there anything you can tell me about this issue?  If it is true does IObit have ways to block the ads?

Thanks again,

Al Vitale.

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