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MEMORY chips --


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i was reading in a tread of memory chips and did a bit of surfing on this..

lookie i found this very interesting to the right people..who want ta know all about this..as i did not want ta inter fear in the post i made this one instead.

sort of informal.i have a heap laying about from the first 256 k to 2 meg different pinned ..but this was interesting for me --as i swap a lot around..

and no its not a add ta sell them.haaaaa would never part with them

almost imposable ta get .well some are.


512k seed the most used cheaper at the time 1-2 meg were very costly


any one remember the accelerator cards? 512k meg ta 1 meg in the dx one could add for a mere $ 680 thy were very fast (IN A DX) still have the ,2 ...i do not know what the heck i keep them for .still ya never know? haaaa





ge made me look 1 was a promise P99221-E 2 slot 1991 ----$476 in ta box ...


check this out a hole 512k extra!!!still has the slot full


the other yes Teckram technology co,S=1600 680c 4 slot!

it could handle the 512k microchips but just to dear..later on i did get hold of 2 --512.and could add them.1.5 meg total!


cip 1993 48100a1 483 TRM680C dc-680C green cache this baby 1 meg !! capable of 2 meg!! total.. now that was something in that time...

how that!!

and fast as anything...

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i would like to know if i am allowed to zip up file that would work on a OS?

small apps..or is this not allowed

i have some very Now hard to get safety app For xp users,i would like ta share

thank in advance like the one in the cap..and a few now rare one similar..

like bug off .no share and allow share ----i was thinking on this what a shame thy and some of them are gone..i have reinstalled my xp ser pack 3 --on 2 pc's

and then looking at this as i loaded them .i pop the idea.and was thinking this would be nice..


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Hi itsmejj,


Please attach the applications only after posting the most recent of your files' report from VirusTotal for each of them. (Unzipped format report.ei.,.EXE file)


Also, the information and explanation will be helpful.


It will be appreciated if they are in a single thread though, to make it easy to control by the Administrators.



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hi thanks for you answer

1 i have to check my zip files with the site you posted?so i have to sent them to this site?(Unzipped format)

then what happens .? thy study the file? and give me a report?

how do thy do that ? on the spot.? or i have to wait or something..

the problem is as some are reported as a risk ,false.for instance AV ,is one of the worst here ,it even reports my proxcomon as a virus! and my dos files .disk 1 to 4 .killing as for example Angie ,exe--disk check..so what would you recommend as a virus tester? i am not that excited loading up my asps to this site or any .but if this is the rule i try one see what happens..

thank your for your report .


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VirusTotal - How To


Hi jjj


If you are unsure how to upload and scan a file at VirusTotal, see Post# 4 of the thread Guidelines and Requirements for Reporting a False Positive :smile:


You will not follow the path C: > Program Files etc but instead follow your own path to get to the file.

The file will be scanned by many anti-virus engines and should just take a few minutes for each file to be scanned


All the best, woz of oz

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i think i worked this out thy are clean....

ok i did this ta show and rest all for peace of mind -only thing i want to know

what do thy do with the files sent up?

any one know?

i just feel horrible .sad ,that this has happened..and trying my hardest to fix this..jezus i am no harm to ant one! and the statement ,watch out for this hakker! i after all of you rubbish..must be joking surely..

any how .see what happens .if i get no answer i know where am at

in the dog house!!



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Nice Indeed


I've got a friend-registered beta tester for MS going back to ME.He builds custom rigs,and this one belonged to his son.Seems the boy needed a new rig for gaming,so I got this super cheap.New Giga-byte motherboard,4 Gigs DDR2 Ram(also over-clocked)Only an evaluation copy(build 7100) of Win7-but no expiration.All delivered and set up for $200.Also some nice "freebies" including Windows 7 Manager.

Next move will be the upgrade to his custom version of Win7 Ultimate,with all the crap removed from it.My cost including CD and installation(an in place upgrade-no programs or data lost) will be $80.All totally legal.Nice to know someone with close ties to M$ :wink::wink:

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New Giga-byte motherboard,4 Gigs DDR2 same as i have sounds like it but my not over cooked as making it faster..but i tell ya what thy are fast ! loading .using Xp.and vista is something els..jon did say he can make it go harder with new upgraded ram,and cpu..but 4 core for me is plenty..thy do make a difference..the board we did put in was one up from this one.3.something,.MGHz i think.it went piff when we had it running 4 hours.so we settled for this one.running 3 days non stop .and very nice..

the speed you have is about as fast that's available here at the moment ,unless ya import one special from the US..but i tell ya you got speed !gee no kidding ..i have read there are faster ones but i think one would also pay ,hard for it?




oh yes i assume its a desk top?

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