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Testing Comodo


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well i wondered why? this thing has given me personally nothing but grief---

yet again..




well its done it again..using this with default setting went fine -not a problem..

until i started to tweak it----and guess what -yes the black screen of death .followed with the -win shut down your system..

so what did i tweak ?

1 Application gate layer gate way.(system32.alg.exe

2 generic host process--system32\SVHOST.EXE

3 LSA SHELL (export version for win.-system32\SVHOST.EXE

4 LOG on --this is a windows service ,not as far as i am concerned a net service! i do not need to log on any ware bar my system! and not out side it..

very simple stuff.


thy have no business on the net.out side ones cp..No rights.being there .or attempt using the services i do not want to use.


ok the mi'nit i set this about .rebooted boom .it pops up a window .Oops

you found a bug.comodo must shut down...or closed it .now left with out a fire wall .hit the modem switch .off reboot .yep that was that.

the other thing was its listing on port 135! thats is a no no..notion..blocking UDP

All--did not like me adding this..so now what .a brand new install,on the pc,

never got time to back it up ..reinstall after a format..


ok i put back my XP programs ,ok no need as its shown 3 fire walls .

but yet work all together like one!


and the smaller tweaks added .

its all one needs ,i know people do no even bother with more than

Winn fire wall ,or any --at all ,hey thats ok ..


still we like to keep it safe as we can allow nothing bar 2 apps to reatch the nett ..i mean one has to use a browser..


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MEMBERS please -take time out ,think.why do thy make fire walls ,so blasted big? and fall in a heap ,when tweaking? what the heck would one install a over bloated pie of nothing ,if ya cant ,make it do as one wants..

yes its extreme -but that's has nothing ta do with it! thy should ,work


ok why do thy fall over? thy the programmers want it to do every thing

just not practical is it...the total in size of my 3 is under 13 meg!

that is with the IP stopper!



I should of added do not let this turn you of the comodo fire wall

better than nothing.but ask me to pay for it .? yeah right!


than you get the camp tell one use sand box? ok i have nothing agaist it..

use it if you feel ok by it .

not for me thank you..i do not need it ..why?

well i prom est not to speak of it again!

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now unfortunately over the last 8 years ,it seems that thy have grow to stupit

megs,over a average of 30+ in size ? your zone labs was on of the culprits.

that started to blow out , this funny thing i use the 3.7-4.5 -6 meg

and work the same.ok thy test this and that .lets face it .no fire wall will stop a cracker from busting in..we all understand this?


yet we can enhance this in other ways .still keep it well under the size of round 20 megs or so..


lookNstop -just 1.2 meg! and very good..dont forget MOST routers are already fire walled .!only not much better than the widows fire walls..so if you use this alone.OK not that terrible is it..yet not good ether..

thy do not stop ,any ,scanners,snoopers,virus,malaware,ICMPs ,ok the hacker..

from mostly the kids..(kiddy hackers thy are know as)

that get a kick thy could! so what now...

well depending on how you feel about this .from mild ---to extreme..

you need to understand,what the dangers are,

and not kid yourself...any time any secon you or i could be hit..

so ok what happens..


any thing from .virus,to trying to get info..or one better kill your drive!

and it has happen to myself..sure you get away with a poor defended system perhaps never to be harmed .

but it can ..and do not think other wize...at the same time lets not get sillyl ether..you need to plan ..think it out for your needs...



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Comodo is a pain in the ass. Too many pop-ups, questions and you are not more secured. I don't like apps with too many questions and pop-ups, do their jobs in the background and leave me work, play on my computer.


i am inclined to agree,yes if its a genuine ask.sure that's the idea..but not at every task run..now s for the hips and what ever .over cooked..all extra strain

and added ,fore what.protection? well if one feels the need ,fine.

but that's nonsense ..i would not mind it,if ya can tweak the blasted thing!

yes its a good fire wall If one can get it ta work,

why did i try it yet again,test it? one can hope...

but as i have always pointed this out ,its a over cooked app..over done ,

far to big,the MAIN thing is a fire Do as its supposed to and that is what the user asked from it..No more or less


Like i state if one think,and uses it ok go ahead.I am sick of it.

this is the Optie time its crashed ,my system reduced it useless.

cant recover,and even lost the ability to restore..!

Not even from MY CD..it fluxed the drives..DEAD!

i mean the pc .could not find it..recognize the 3 drives..so a reinstall was needed --very handy ..indeed..so stiff all your sata is gone....to space,!


TAKE note here not even marcuim reflect could..why .no hard drive -C:\

the system saying its no there! so a reparation was needed than a long format to fix the drive.a long sitting there..

so one may want to think about it .UNINSTALL it????

or just do not tutti its defaults running.. (TWEAK)


think i am typing this for fun? read there forums on the ones that a not happy..and what thy ended with..but that not to say .this can not happen

on just with this app .to me its dangerous to use..in that it kills the the drive if going wrong.....

NOW uninstall it .better make sure you use a uninstall ,as its still try's to link

leaving hidden files on your drive's



WHY do thy leave files on after a uninstall? no thanks .. spy ware..?

if i uninstall than if must be gone total not partly...!! or have part file on a drive..


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Aye Narxis.


As JJJ put it... different ships, different courses! Comodo also was a barf for me as I had a different course. Maybe one day my course will align with that path, but not today. JJJ is a blessing here with a wealth of knowledge, but he has his own course! ((Maybe he said different horses))


Different paths,

Different horses...

The path we choose,

May be different courses!

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well nicely put -sure all the pipe made by testing sites,ok if you want to accept it,it all a nice gimmick,and helps sales.and if this work good.if this assures one

good,i myself have used this combination ,on Xp for a long time---

like you say you are happy to use your routers,and i assume win fire wall ..


this would be a instance disaster the way we use our systems.now i have tested the big names -zone,outpost comodo ,pctools,all ok .if you do not tweak them. thy run almost good without interference.

and i go to say 100%.....

now we start to block .lock parts ,this is when thy fall over..

now a simple configuration, like not allow services to run out side the system.why do thy fall?

yet the smaller ones .that i call PURE fire walls do not.like lookNstop..


plus use something like xp tools..SAFE XP..will enhance things...and its free

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so this is the gem..set you rules Easy as pie,ok and than add what ever you want to block!


i posted this one time before .try it ?

ok no need for over cooked Apps this is the one i would not be with out..

and yet so simple to use.

and then run its Mate bee think SPY DETECTOR...

now again use your Grey matter .understand what you block..and do ..

very simple stuff to enhance your privacy..


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