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what do you personaly think?


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well no one want to say any thing here .

so perhaps i should..


what do you as the iobit member think of the project.crispo?


yes as one would expect the answer from me its wonderful

this will be of great benefit to a user..

to keep him/her private..

if it is going to be 3/4 as good as the one i use now or perhaps better

i think its going to be a smashing hit..


and jelrikj programing this?


this is amazing to think we have this talent among us..

i think there are a few..fredvries comes to mind..as i post .

and we have people that specialize in cp technology of different fields.

from programmers all the way .to testers.


any how that is my 2 cents worth


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Hi itsmejjj,


It is great that we have programmers in our IObit Forum community.


For anybody to make a comment for crispo, they have to understand what exactly the program is going to do. OK, it is program to surf anonimously in the internet, but that's all for the summary!


You have something in your mind, and jelrikj is preparing the program, but there must be somebody to explain it in plain English, so comments can be made by the users.


Also it is hard to make a comment before trying the software.


Will there be any connection to IObit products? Will it concern any IObit product? Is the author willing IObit to use any of the idea or the part of it?


There may be so many questions like above.



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PLEAS take NOTE:its not for me to say..but ,jelkrj. and what he decides..





Will there be any connection to IObit products?


i can see in the future it may. and has supportability's that could be incorporated.with iobit 360!!yes it can...

think how powerful this would make to program 360!!!

yes is my answer it certainly can..and could..



.i cannot answer this.this if this may happen, and would be up to jelkrj.


Will it concern any IObit product?


(i can see a future it may. and has supportability's ..)


Is the author willing IObit to use any of the idea or the part of it?

the crispo program i cant speak for,,jelkrj..


thy could use or adapt that themselves.with similar ideas.or perhaps approach,jelkrj... what i would suggest thy do..before someone else beats them to it


a possible thing is contact jelkrj


iobit may want to back up our young man..?with cash.and help..

again not for me to say .but who knows..?



this also could be a probability!


now let me add i think in my hart that this will be successful!

and over aq bit of time, once its lanced.take of in a beta form.

then this is where I.

and you .come in.as members and help

i know what i want the program to do..or rather like it to do..and certainly advice ..






what is and should be -and i think will be added into the program..--???


* Stop windows that pop-up, pop-under, or pop-over

* Stop those un-closable endless banner chains

* Stop pop-up JavaScript message boxes

* Remove web-branding and other scripts tacked on by "free" web providers.

* Convert most ads and banner pictures into simple text links

* Freeze all animated gifs

* Make blinking text appear as bold instead

* Remove slow web counters

* Stop web pages from "auto-refreshing"

* Prevent pages from changing fonts

* Get rid of or replace web page background images

* Protect against getting "trapped" inside someone else's frames!

* Make all frames resizable

* Close top or bottom frame banner windows

* Make background MIDI songs play only when you choose.

* Remove status bar scroll-texts

* Remove "dynamic" HTML from pages

* Disguise your browser's identity and version from JavaScripts

* Remove style sheets

* Un-hide URLs when the mouse is over a link

* Disable frames or tables altogether

* Change or delete cookies

* Change your browser's user-agent and other identifying fields

* Hide where you've been previously from inquisitive web servers

and lots more

over time..

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ok here again are filters made .free public use with my program i use..and any one that downloads it.



so it can be studied.and give ideas as to filter workings..

please note its only for use with proxomitionn..and useless for any thing else!!



no other program may use it..or in part .added to any other app bar the fore mentioned!!


also i scanned it and its clean.you the downloader please,scan it as well before you open it!!


i dont need any lash back..

i have taken every precaution that it is virus clean!!






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will not interfere with it!


its a web filter..this stops information in your"headers" in and out..

the WEB PAGE .can be configured as you like..and would be set defaulted .


look at the capture..

mind you this will all come together..in time..you be given the option to bypass all the filters.

1 web page



4freeze gifts.

5 use a remote proxcy


this is the program i now use..and this will behave differently in crispo..

but the same it will not interfere with the working of a browser..

bar intersect in and out ..data..

a simple explanation is this

the browser sends out data.1+1 =2 that flows out.

the crispo app intercepts the data .checks the see if its allowed.if not sends out 1+1=0 if blocked..





as its a brand new form that the author is building..




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It all sounds good but what about the private browsing that comes with the browser itself.


using a filter like i do at the moment no need for private what ever..

and makes no difference ether way..

please read the captured live screen shots made carefully..


hope this ex planes your ask..this is a feature that (i think and hope) will added to Crispo ....


but even if its not CRISPO will not inter fear with it..(private Browsing)

that i have tested and found wanting badly..to put it mildly...very poor..

and i assume its IE we are talking about?


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hallow all well to refresh my memory i just ran IE with the privacy browsing turned ON ,and by pass all my filters..in other word turned them all of..

using my older pc..



got a shock.. been a long time i have done this..the adds .Music flashing stuff

all repeated its ugliness.loading slowed down.of the page depending on the site..

filling in the screen with banners adds and all sort of junk..


java scripts.and all the unnecessary stuff appearing ....

look if one wants it good..but do not think you are privately browsing.by turning this on and think




HY i am now private..


the browser is spilling your personal data out.and that is .fire fox as well as commit bird.


and do not bother to post me other wise.thy spill out every thing a site wants. predators look for..hackers look for..


or is designed to retrieve ,then LOG it to there data base..

even to the screen size you use.and system operating.Os and so on.

your IP. masked or not .and where your provider is at..plus dns transferring, date .time ,and when ,where,from and to,

check this out fore your self..

so long as you out there understand this.then this is ok DO not be fooled thinking you ARE PRIVATE.


and please no posting IF YOU ARE WORRIED ..this has nothing to do with privacy

its personal.and a right..


ok some sit back and read this as necrotic ,over done,

fine .i lose no sleep over this.

but have you ever watched the TV cops show?

about one female police woman setting up a account as a 14 year old girl

and was hit 53 times by predators inside of 10 Minn on the chat room.made for the younger kids.

think about it then tell me its not a right or even your duty to make every

possible effort to make the system SO this could not happen!


understand the meaning predator..he/she is patient,has time,and use any means to achieve the end result he/she craves for! homing in on its target.


So CRISPO will help you achieve this .and enhance you safety.as well as your loved ones..that is the aim of the now programed application..

PLUS iobit 360.a nice combination..


i am in the hope that IOBIT company is going to look hard at this.and in the hope that with the programmer perhaps may work something out?






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I'm not sure if a personal project should be hosted by a non-related company.


I could be pursuaded to another view if IObit would adopt the program/project but at this moment I think Crispo's project is just cannibalizing on Iobit's fame and visitors. It would be better if the project had its own site.

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I'm not sure if a personal project should be hosted by a non-related company.


I could be persuaded to another view if IObit would adopt the program/project


but at this moment I think Crispo's project is just cannibalizing on Iobit's fame and visitors. It would be better if the project had its own site.




that a fair comment ,and its in my hope its not the case.as it sprung up here among friends http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=6585


.and certainly was not in my mind and i am sure jelrikj mind..that we are using this forum for fame.i can tell you this ,it will not give me any thing

bar i am perhaps , over enjoying the idea?


but i can understand this thinking..and thank you for pointing this out.




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  • 2 months later...

Be carefull itsmejjj.


hy we are on the forum my friend ! seems my ad is working.problem is cant yet send .but at least receive,thats a start any how!



And just how long to you think this thread is going to last itsmejjj?. Just until woxofoz sees it, and then it's history. The forum has changed itsmejjj . There are no longer friends on the forum. If you keep this up ,you will be banned. Proxy IP's are four letter words

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yep i know and am not talking about them ---and i understand why?


i was just saying i am now a member

on jelrikj forum and letting him know and my friends and membership i finally made it.

my first real registered as a user.



(as i was house bound for weeks.).and registered as i have a new ip.and provider at last..

not wanting to new start a tread just on this ,as that not allowed.

and has nothing to do with any thing bar this

follow the posts and you find the forum..join in .we did stop posting and have.

but sometimes i forget as its so normal for me to talk about it.





yes and probably stupid to post on the subject it.just realized this when pointed out..this is just a happy post i finally did it...its not meant to be anything else.



is this ok to post? as we are very good members here and this is not spamming..

if not woz just edit this.



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