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Super Browsers..


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i want to talk to you the readers.about fire fox browser


there seems at the moment its heading to a defending type browser.good thing perhaps..


and yet defaulting to Google,as its search en gen..bit contradictory? i think

Google ? the super snooper and data recorder..?


any how my advice is this..keep the version.3.5,5 and 6 in its pure down load..

why .i have this feeling it keying to the over cooked. we are told by many use it its safer than IE ..well i tell you this not for long.its now targeted by many.

as it is slowly increasing in use age..

i have found many flaws in this browser, not there in older versions..and are on the increase..some times it feels as if using IE..its becoming vulnerable.more and more every day..in fact

bird comit made by the same en gen gecko is safer than fire fox..Less vulnerable..and to exploits.by sites..

BY the way fire fox will not stop them..nor will IE or safari,Google chrome,and most i know of..to be fair to the browsers.

so who is the best ..

for my pick NONE thy are all the same now or near to it..MS is now Far better Than ever Before..and are working on it now..On there version 9..

will it be a super browser ,No but probably Equally as good as any..


..yes i get a avarige of 20 30 pop ups per sitting now (fire Fox)

and only 10 or so with birdcomit..IE is less then fire fox ...only 15 or so per sitting..

fire fox is now pushing hard and updating like crazy..

perhaps one should try safari..i have yet to test it harder,but so far hardly A pop up warning..


any how its just a point to consider .If one is concerned, many are not..

or do not even know..

so whats my point here? don't be to eager to covert the one that you are using now..ad a few ad on ,like no script,super cookie killer,and so on..

if not done already..and keep the one you have and are happy with.

remember a update changes the one you have ,and you may lose what you now love..

sure download and test it.back up the system ,and then install a update.

just in case.Do a full Image..first as with any major add on.


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thanks for the interest ...


yes i have and i cant get it to run..?

unfortunately,so i cant test it..2 times i downloaded this and the same result..


in my case fire fox 3.6 is the fast,running and safari faster but i need to tweak it more .filtered to the maxim ,thy are good browsers..i have striped out a lot of useless links and killed of Google.yahoo.and Bing, MS links.and set a lot of blocking,adds and so on..

and improving,other tweaks to make it fly..i will not go into this as its not for the normal user.. and barring all of this


thy are very good..



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i actually like chrome and opera myself (opera just cause its the fastest lol)

and on chrome i have the adblock extention

and on both browsers i have them set to block pop ups... though they seem more affective now than they were 6 months ago for whatever reason...

dont get me wrong, firefox is good to

but i guess to each his/her own, we all have our preferences i guess lol

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k melon..no not a drink but a browser..this is very good..and wonder have you tried it yet.


this is my first time and has this got some add in filters! woof Woof...

fast yes very acceptable.. but want some privacy try it..

and how about this!

this is so cool as the young say..



le melon. .no de k pas une boisson mais un navigateur. .this est. merveille très bonne de .and vous ont jugé lui encore. c'est ma première fois et fait s'ajouter ceci en obtenu dans des filtres ! ouaf ouaf… jeûnez oui très acceptable. mais voulez un certain essai d'intimité il. et que diriez-vous de ceci ! c'est si frais comme jeune parole.


i don't know for sure but should be the same in french? (ouaf ouaf) haaa


nice uh.very nice,,..and it has much more .try it..


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Hi guys,


I have been trying Lunascape6 lately, and find it really interesting. You can choose amongst three engines {Trident (IE), Gecko (FF) and Web Kit}, or have them side by side.


You can import your settings from Firefox and Internet Explorer including all the add-ons.



You must try it, there are tremendous number of options. Don't get lost!:-P

No any other browser is that much versatile.

I am sure yo are going to strip it down to your liking.:lol:



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this is so good to get the different ideas for use of browsers.

speed privacy,what is liked ,why...

and thanks to all for the input...



this browser i am testing K lemon


to me is extra fast.i go as far to say this Is the fastest

i have used..with out to much interfering..

just setting the tweaks i want from it. its worth a download .and a try out..

you need to spend a bit of time with it ,you will find this is by far the most private minded browser i have come across,go to there forums read a little,install no script


and nothing more till you get the handle on this browser.


Go here and get add ons..http://extensions.geckozone.org/K-MeleonEn

mostly in french-and English--- you need to use them if you want add ins...



just look around at the add ins..text wise this is super fast..i shall start browsing heavy image links later i am guessing probably a slower loading of pages.


look the name of this browser is not that hot that one would say ohhh this could be good..


any how its very very good --http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/

if you want to try it..


enoskype yep got it..next on my list to try...



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well this is the fastest browser out there speed on loading --and surfing your normal sites..i belted this 12 hours yesterday side by side fire fox,Safari,and IE,

and K-lemon won easy..not that this is important,

draw backs are .add ons as with fire fox,its just not the same..but then one would not need most of them as this is filtered based ,i think if just surfing as in looking around this is the one to use..fast downloading(according to your ISP)


but i still think using fire fox for heavy browsing is the go ..graphic type ,movies,

fly files.Safari is also very good for this...opera as well .but then how many would one want ?

3 are plenty set up for different browsing..in my case any how..

K-lemon is by far the unknown browser and less vulnerable,with its protection inbuilt ,you can tweak as you please..

1st K-lemon , fire fox i think are the go at this stage..version.3.6.3/ff

1.5.4 k-lemon..


safari,opera,IE and the rest...


comet bird 3.6.3 this is still my no:1 browser .



now as for chrome ,sorry but i cant for the life of me get them to run...

comodo dragon and Google browser.


any how its been a lot of fun testing them out..its just my own findings and not to be taken as 100% as so..as my soft ware is different to others .my windows is not like any out there i use BETA win 7 as my foundation

never Allowed to update.

its been reprogrammed to our way we like it..and striped down to a tiny version..of MS operating system..


....and there fore the results are not as you may get..

but please try out different browsers.it rather fun..

remember to back up to a image....


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Re: Super Browsers..


i tried out that K-Meleon browser

its not bad, though i dont really plan on keeping it...

one thing though that stood out when compared to other browsers, startup time

i was impressed how it initially started up way faster than chrome, opera, firefox, etc..... pretty much beat every other browser ive tried as far as that aspect...


otherwise it seemed a lot like firefox and well ill just keep it at that, what works for one person may not work for another lol

i mean im dual booting windows xp and windows 7 on my computer and thats enough to see that browsers react differently depending on their environment...

and its probably even more noticable if i was to use a different computer


but yeah its always good to test out stuff :)

its too bad you cant get the google chrome browser to install though :(

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Re: Super Browsers..


About Your Rights



CometBird is free and open source software, built by a community of thousands from all over the world. There are a few things you should know:




* CometBird is made available to you under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. This means you may use, copy and distribute CometBird to others. You are also welcome to modify the source code of CometBird as you want to meet your needs. The Mozilla Public License also gives you the right to distribute your modified versions.



you find this with all of them. so long as one ask no money from them or try to sell any ...as thy are free...


but yes most use its base Mozilla en gen..



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Re: Super Browsers..


yes very good site, THANKS

still depends on the user and what thy want from there browser..


i always think its best to try out as many as one can.then what ever is the one and he/she,has decided on,has to be the best for the user..but there are a few now i did not know about.and that is why i started this post on super browsers.

get different opinions,from our members,


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