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The Security Setup Thread


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of awesomeness. lol


Alright guys, this is what i believe to be one of the best security setups, and if you disagree, well, your entitled to your opinion, as i am.


This setup is more based around the idea of NOT letting anything infect you, instead of having something there to clean up the rest.


*You do NOT have to have an antivirus running with this setup*


I would even encourage you to remove your antivirus, and have a firewall.


The way this setup works, is it prevents anything out of the ordinary from ever executing. While this setup is VERY effective, in the beginning, it can become VERY annoying. Bare in mind, the setup is more for advance users, but, if you follow the general idea of things, you will go far.




While the setup is very powerful, I would advise you to be careful with it. You CAN potentially lock yourself out of your pc. Programs might stop working, but remember, you can always configure it the way YOU like it.





I always use this security setup, mostly on my pc, because thats the way i like it to be configured. I have yet to be infected by it, and, well, i dont have a heavy a/v running in the background, nor, do i have problems running my regular apps. It takes time. Be patient. The reward is great.


Remember, if it can never execute, you can never can infected. Thats the idea behind this setup, and, it works very, very well.




To begin with, you have the option of removing your antivirus. You can go either way, because ultimately, you will have a bunch of scanners (later on in this tut), but, if in case you feel naked it without one, you may run it along side.


First off, we should clean the pc. Make sure we’re installing this setup from a clean state. You may run your antivirus, or what ever software you use. But, to make life easier, there is a nifty little tool i’ve found, that does the scanning, and checking for you. So you can run this, instead.





After you’ve scanned and cleaned everything off, we shall begin the setup.


First thing you’ll need is MalwareDefender. Not to be confused with the once rouge malware.

Download: http://dl.360safe.com/md_setup_en.exe


Now, run your computer for a few days (with caution if you’ve removed your a/v) so malware defender can learn your programs. You can also bum rush computer, and load all the programs you use.


The Setup:



Following this thread, setup malware accordingly, and basically follow its setups. I cannot explain it any better, as the user does it as well as I can.


Now that you have your back bone of your security setup all...well...setup, we can move on to the next step. A firewall.


Now, for this, you can chose what your comfortable with, as long as its a decent firewall, you should be okay.


Here are some links to some:


Comodo: http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/free-download.html

Online Armor: http://www.online-armor.com/

Private Firewall: http://www.privacyware.com/personal_firewall.html



Dont forget to run firewall as a trusted program in malware defender, and the same for malware defender for your firewall.


Now that you’ve got your main security setup, its all easy sailings from here.


You can probably scrape a few more security tips from this thread:



Some may not work, but, I’m very busy at the moment with work, so I dont have as much time as i would like to go through everything. I apologize, but, this is also why this thread took so long to make.






I never leave home without it. I have even purchased the program because I love it so much. Since I’ve bought it, I have configured the app to sandbox the following:

All browsers

All temp files

All history/cookie files

Dropped rights



Now, your probably saying, but, vman, you i’d be protected, why do I need scanners? Well, the software wont execute, and it wont infect you, but the malicious file is still there. Kinda like a carpet stain, its not going to kill you, it just annoys you being there.


You can use the Avert app that i’ve posted, along with your other scanners.


Here is a few:



SAS portable:http://www.superantispyware.com/portablescanner.html


This thread will be updated a few times, I just wanted to get the main part up. Mods/Admins, feel free to contribute.


Also, credits go to the software developers, and arran for his contribution.


Check back for the updates :0) stay safe.

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;53800']Thank you very much!!



Just a quick question.


For Firewall, Comodo seems to have combined Antivirus into it.

Is there still a Standalone firewall for Comodo? or Which Comodo software do you recommend downloading?

They even have Internet Security 2011 now





During the installation, you can chose which add ons (ie antivirus, defense+) you want, so, during this time, you may disable the antivirus, and use just the firewall.

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Comodo Firewall


Comodo Firewall Download

There are 3 downloads Firewall or Antivirus or Comodo Internet Security (complete suite) Click the Firewall download.


• During the installation you will be asked if you want to install Geek Buddy Note: It is a paid service so it's up to you.

"So what's the solution? Today, every PC user should subscribe to an easy to use, reliable and inexpensive 24/7/365 Online Troubleshooting Service."

Comodo GeekBuddy. It gives you immediate, 24/7/365 remote expert support for your PC problems. You instantly connect to a well trained, Comodo PC expert with our easy to access, Click'n Chat desktop application. We fix hundreds of computer problems, help you configure and set up software and equipment, and even perform a full PC maintenance service. GeekBuddy gives you:


• You will also be asked if you want to use the Comodo servers, I think it was to do with Trust Connect which is another paid service, so up to you.


• You will also have to choose the 'level' of security you want to install.


1) Just Firewall: This is all you need if you are going to follow this setup by vman


2) Firewall and Defense+ (HIPS): This is selected by default but (again) if you are following this setup from vman you only want the Firewall because MalwareDefender is your HIPS


3) Firewall and Defense+ and Sandbox (if I remember correctly)


I am loving Comodo Firewall version 5 very lite on resources and not intrusive but still powerful :smile:


Edit: I see the flying fingers of vman have beat me to it :grin:


All the best, woz of oz

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Hehe Thank you guys,

Time to test it out.


I never use these types of things before... not really familiar with them

All I did have for the pass w/e year, I just install an antivirus and i'm done.


Hope this goes well, and makes my computer run faster without the antivirus~




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How long in learning mode?

Mr Bean


If you follow the link that i've posted, you will see that malware defender will never leave learning mode. This way, you wont get a ton of pop ups like typical HIPS applications do.


However, the rules are still set. So, once something is set to denied, even if its in learning mode, it will be denied.


Best of both worlds.

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YES, I am :Just checking


This is what I believe to be one of the best security setups I have seen suggested and not that hard to do .

Mr Bean


Thanks. I hope you find great success with it. Please continue to follow the thread, as more security settings will be played with, in order to further tune the security of computers.





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