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Help your self from hijacking ??

Mr Bean

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Stop you browser from hijacking ??

This may help?

Please NOTE NOT a TOTAL Solution But MAY help a bit


think about the possibilities , add what I recommend

one thing you need to look at your starting page,and if you link to a search en-gen or want to if at all.

in my case I use :http://ixquick.com/ not to say you should .

look at the screen capture and where to change this (if Desired) now this set ,plus should never be changed. by you nor any thing else.(unless you want to)

Turn of The browser Updates (Do this When desired By you only!) if you do one recheck it" the start page ".as it May add there home page and remove your Starting page.

simple so far no big drama

next go to the add on section .and add the recommended add on Apps,that I use, the ones with the green arrows are I feel the Important ones..

so no drama nor should it be ,my home page has So far never been hijacked by any thing or application.

only I myself have.

Hope this is useful to prevent your start page from changing,as there are some nasty ways the net locks the page or reinstall there hijacked page.

normally its a little attention to what you allow .As in updating Or installing,Mostly linking in the background

here is a other tip (peer block) download this as well and disallow browser page Http....

stops a lot of rogue links.but its a option you decide on ,add there ip add ins to block the rouge links

and even if you do not use Utorrent that I do on occasions to download a Movie,I still recommend it ,this will help a long way to stop rouge links.


any comments please add your opinion and recommendations.


Mr Bean

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ok Yes you read this all the time ?


now fire wall,pick the one you think works for you.


what do I use a tiny one less then 3 mg!!


why ? works for me and nothing as in launching any (exe) gets past it.


blocks any thing I want.

So I feel no need for 80mg or more sized fire wall or the like.


but that's up to you..


now installing


the basic mistake is ,and many do this ,thy have there modem on...

wrong very wrong...

takes 2 seconds for a hijack or rouge to plant itself on the hard drive

first, this on a clean system, " have it installed first.."


then your browser,and the add on apps, that you are interested in.

all done reboot after you turned on the modem


Now here is where you Should Think carefully ,And be very Watchful

What you say yes To,Don't just say YES to every thing

think on it There is No hurry Or should Be no hurry.get it running properly first..




Next step install the browser add in Recommended 1st No script

@nd redirects next ghostly.then the others if desired.

again take your time .disallow Google home page (that you would of changed or the moziila home page) but your option and what you want its your Pc not my one

we are all different as to why we are here.


Trust this a few Good blocking Apps added beside the fire wall And you should never be hijacked ,always pay attention when installing something,


I recommend Download what ever.then turn of that modem,

install and be very watchful.if the install wanting to link it cant (tho it probably will Com-plane) and or do any damage.. this allows you to get it of

if you do not suddenly want it ,use something Like PU to clean and added install 100%

Mr Bean

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Ok lets go of the track a little


This is more for the new user...when installed and running fine ,you need to be Able,to reinstall a backup -Now not talking a restore.there is a big difference.

what I am saying is if something made a mess (new program) or you lost some of your setting by a install ,that degraded the Pc,(system) Even when uninstalling the offending Application,and left you with a Mess or worse loss of The system as you had it.

or interfered with your processes normal running.


So get malcuim reflect ,Why?


its free and work perfectly,By now you only need to download this ,then turn of the modem and install it make a back up and Boot disk.use the Linux booting disk (system) from the menu ,that will burn for you to a DVD..a booting rescue disk.to reinstall a fullback up.


now I do recommend it ,this will save you a lot of problems and or loss of win dd-ls,and so on.or Trying to reinstall a program that in most cases fail to fix the problem

leaving you angry and frustrated,


please consider a old mans advice here..

Mr Bean





Here is a detailed Explanation on the program..

Your back up program (How to use Macrium Reflect)

please take a peek at the thread

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Next tip : and do not be offended.


Do not be in a mad rush to get it on your PC..READ what a program is or can or cannot DO.Works for me a disaster for You OR the reverse.

And its Your own Doing.99% of the time its Pure She Be right! And lazyness

Or simple Ignorance.and get on as fast as the pc will install it.


Whats the Hurry: ! So please :



Lets say you decided on A Iobit app ~~~~


first thing you download it in a safe place,copy the file to a read and write CD

Yes thy are not that expensive! so you have the files and preparing to install


right,Look at the Modem ,Still On,Well turn it oF! next make a backup .Image.with your back up application, ok done

now go ahead and install the files..

yes but it cant link Mr Bean,Sure that's the whole Idea.next look at your starting page ,and default browser en gen,still the same?

good so reboot run the program.when done and every thing is working

reboot again and your Modem IS on.


follow the instructions as you desire..by the way your fire wall would of alerted you as to the new program, and if you allow it to link in the background

This is up to You to decide Yes Or No.(best thing at first Answer) NO.

if you are happy then tell the fire wall OK allow this linking to the site OR redirect you to there default sites.

if all is running as You want it.


right,all is good and 99% should be.But you cover your self Just in case,

the next 8 or 9 days will tell you if all is the way you like it.if not

ok reinstall the image you made

I read Page after page help i have been skyjack,Hijacked, lost this driver or that driver


and spend useless time trying to fix it.

most cases never fix it, or have it the way it was..

again your own doing,learn from your own mistakes and take time out,prepare that image.....


look some times it happens ,when some program messes up a system.


fast fix ,easy re-image and we are back to a 100% working system..now go and ask around why or what is the problem,or just forget it try a other similar type.

but you at least are now ,more wiser and learning.

the other thing UPDATES .TAKE special care here! works perfect now and after a update could, and I say could Flux it up bad..

this has happened to me plenty times,that's why I am very reluctant to rush in and do a update...of any kind.

So back it up first then Go ahead..




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Spyware-Malware Virus.


Now this is a different thing,and you need to learn how to protect your self here

I do not want to get into this Nor advice as to how or what I use to halt any.

But if you did get infected ,one of 2 things ,seek help here,or somewhere else.

lets make out you did get infected ,by something.

1) ask here At the main page of the forum,there are people who will help you fix or try there best.


2)if you do not want it(help) well formatting the drive will fix it (last resort)


3) re image the better solution.and will fix the problem that occurred.


Yes you need to install or add on anything you did after the back up,but its easier clean,and fixes the problem instantly.

Plus at least you know what did it,and avoid the problem.that a program may of installed.or at least know when it happened ,by a link or download or install

over the net.perhaps even a update,and you learned from it?

but the porpoise, of the thread is help you stop the hijacking of your browser.

and redirecting.

malaware spyware is a other story

Mr Bean

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ok to sum up so far

learn from your mistakes,and others who had misfortune,try not to be a member of that group

Installing Is fun and can make your system a enjoyable thing,

If you per chance read or read the malware fighters treads you learn a lot,as to how thy go about helping some one.and recommendations as to and what to use to prevent further mishaps.

get a decent fire wall ,a software type ,do not really just on the routers one . Nor windows one tho some only use that and are satisfied.and to be fiar Ms have improved it In win7 versions

but I personally have it of.and do not allow MS links of any kind.Nor any updates.Blocked permanently. (Option)for any software .

Unless I want it to ,say for a update I may decide on.Then unblock it ,and re block it when done after a backup First...

Set your browser

Your home page You do not want not some link or install that plant one..~~~~ lock it

download install (Super-antie Spy ware) As this will do this, or some thing you decide on.there are free version apps that lock your home page.as well goole for them.


add on the small ad ins. to the browser.Fire Fox Or comet- bird

IE or other Sorry Cant tell you if thy Do.do not have them installed,(cut out of the system) as with JAVA ITS of MY systems Never use it Nor would I know what to do with it.So its useless .and cant hurt me in any way.

redirecting ,lock it down from happening.fire fox or comet- bird.add on

do a little home work and carefully install Useful Apps.no need for huge programs.

Iobit Free versions Of there 2 programs .Malware fhighter and ASC...Very handy to have..

if per chance you start to like it you may consider the registering of the apps .and get a few extras.


thank you for taking time and reading If you got to here and help you in some way


Next Tweaking the Browser internally.

Mr Bean

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so you read up to here bless you!

and thank you .


tweaking the Browser??

warning...Do this at your own risk and be aware this changes the defalt setting away from. Google and yahoo,search en gens. ~~~~~~~plus your mailing and referring .

if you use yahoo or Google as in there mail service then skip all of this .!

if you are sick of there snooping ,logging,and following you about,there are other search en gens ,that are not interested in logging your IP ,nor what you do ,where you search ,or log

building a data base on your ip activations. Why Google do this I will never Grasp fully ,and wonder why thy do it. So long as you clearly understand what I am posting then play with the setting

you will still have access to Google or yahoo but not there search en gen.you will be using the one you want to use.and the browser default to that search en gen.


now in this scenario it will be (http://ixquick.com/) every thing is threw them only,and redirected by them.


first thing you need to do is take a look see at there site and what thy claim ..satisfy your self if its true and you are going to trust there site! as every thing hangs on this.

let me say this I do know thy do not care what ip logs in proxified or not,and are not as big as Google you get on average 4,5 pages on what you are seeking.Google has 50 od pages that's the difference .also porno is cut back to almost nill ,as in seeking links,Google for instance has pages full .just mention this as I get fed up with redirected porn sites .when seeking info.or typing in a word mostly you get fed pages of links that open porn.

Ixquick Seem to av ode near 99.90% .


so next the insides of the browser where we are going To change the default

setting to IXquick en-gen

Mr Bean

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for locking the IE browser add the following to you Registry.

this will lock your current page,





[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]




I have added a zip file that you can use if ,you are not sure how to do it your self...


Unzip and click on the desired one .Lock Or Unlock


if you do not trust me don't ! but you can trust the files.no harm will come to your PC.


Mr Bean


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ok the first thing a very simple task this turn of The GEO mapping service.


In the top bar of the browser.TYPE this About:config

Hit Enter

next under about:config~~~~~now look for the filter bar.

type in geo

find the Line that looks like this (geo.enabled;false)



your one, probably see (geo.enabled;true).change it by 2 fast clicks

Mr Bean

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cheap and good fire fox browser protector


add this to your browser? BrowserProtect 1.1.3


My settings As shown in the Captured Attachments.You my want to Do the same (option) to try this.


Mr Bean



Please remember We are dealing with the Browser you May Be using,this is not and will not protect you from malaware or virus.only hijacking your browser!

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Hi Mr Bean


Just dropped by to say thank you for providing some excellent information. Having followed your posts over the years, and knowing how security concious your are, your taking the time to share your insights is much appreciated.



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first of thanks for the nice responses , So far and in advance as well....


that was very kind of you,


and having a look at the captured attachment ,you are very wise indeed,


ok now as for the tweaking if there is a lot of interest in this as its a lot of work and very time consuming to put up.so there be no harm done.I shall but so far looking at the attachments there seems very little,

oh by the way I just completed the one on Linux ,and it runs absolutely perfect,not linking bar what I set it to,the speed is very very fast as well .

I just installed The bird using the Q wine, add on,And it also run perfect!


Mr Bean

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