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BE Sure YOU bacKed up your sys...

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Warning before you Install the beta (any)

I recommend not to use it on a normal day to day system..

sit back, till the finished program is available.out of beta stage..


play with it sure.FIRST.

do a full back up to a ISO file. or use a program such as Malcuim reflect..


make sure its on a other drive..not a split one.or a dvd.

then In joy the program..far to many that I am reading are using it.

and not fully covered..

my bet is not fully backed up to a outer file drive or Dvd..independent of the Pc drives..

you are using..

a beta is as its says a testing application for bugs! its not a fully guaranteed working 100% program!


testing playing around is fun..Just to let every one Know 2 drives completely lost..

testing the program. enjoy testing but be aware ..there is a risk involved!


this is experience posting! it may save you a lot of frustration..

leave it to the ones with the facilities...and spare systems.you

the readers with one only be carefuller .think hard..the program is still

updated and worked on.to fix bugs..


do not installl it and forget it! thinking its a wonder.

it will be a top application when done testing!

till then hang around..watch read.




Mr Bean

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So now we have that out of the way


Lets install and test it..

my 3rd testing (play) with the program

every thing went as expected

installed like before and updated the necessary data.(no problem)

next scan the drive .

every thing in place ..

Mr Bean

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Lets get a few More things Out of the way -The first being its Mainly aimed at windows 7.. I am sure of it


the old Os XP it may give problems? tho should be fine, (time to ditch it)

but wonder why its still used.


the new OS windows 8 this runs like a Bird perfect.no problems on the beta version..again beta on a beta you may experience problems ,So far fine,

and only uses 0.01% base memory excellent for a virus program working in the background. watching in and outs.on 7 the same you will notice no slow down what so ever if any thing things run faster.using the build in booster..


how good is it So far? well found over 1,500+ viruses for me So far on a infested system. (I installed a lot of virus and malaware to test it) from a DVD where I keep them Just for this sort of program.also the deadly vi-rut virus.and its side kicks ..

now a quick scan is OK but now do a deep scan?

see how you go!


You be suprized what it finds...I was skeptical to the big step forwards

adding a virus program inbuilt to the famed iobit software.

but now testing it this going to be a super program...

Mr Bean

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Ok I do not understand some of the stupid comments.that are made regarding scanning with a BETA non proven ,program


this is and could destroy a drive,Files.Not saying it will but can.ITS A BETA..

please be careful what you scan besides the drive its on..Do not scan any other drive with it YET!

and certainly external drives where you keep backup and programs!

DO not yet stick in PEN drives ,or potable drives.hold back till and for it to be fully working,and all know bug fixed first. its not yet completed..ITS put out free to test and have a play with it...


ANY DRIVE OR INSERTED TYPE, can .could,perhaps,and a possibility be destroyed!

I am Talking files..


let me tell you this .I fed in a few virus files and the fun started..it took only 10 mints to make windows wobble.then the scanner got excited and took with it 20 or so exe files ,Winn then slowed more,and started to close a lot of apps, till finally it was UN boot able


OK the virus program did its job Nice but no attempt was made to clean them first.


to unstuck the virus.from a file..this is not good if you are trying to clean a drive. and Try to Keep the OS..


if its just going to kill of virus attached files then may as well format and reinstall.

then install it again hope you are clean to start with..


its needs a option to clean disinfect a bad file.not just rid it..or dilute it or lock it up..

to late to reboot and keep a Os booting? if its a booting file..to bad..and you cannot fix it.

if you cannot see it.


Mr Bean

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I should of stated Much earlier thank you to IOBIT for the release of the program(sorry)

in my eagerness forgot.


well now letting it run normal with out injecting bad stuff its running beautifully.now and then a pop up asking about a file,*(download or run) this is like butter smooth .the system working

with out a problem So far as I can tell.


one thing giving it hell to play with , certainly did its Job...


Now I am asking can the program clean a File with a virus attached,(or attempt it first before it's moved to the Quarter , house? or made to white list it.) will the program have this option?

or am I not seeing it? and its there already.

if so please can some one tell me where and how.


Mr Bean

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