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Should i buy it ?

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  • Should i buy it ?


    I'm currently using System Mechanic 10.5.4 , but my license will expire at the end of this month . I'm thinking about to buy ASC PRO but is it worth the money ?

    Thank you .

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    I've not used System-mechanic but I have read about it,
    and it's seems that both do similar things to improve performance.
    It appears that ASC has a few additional utilities that SM does not have though.

    I like ASC's GU-interface much better than that used by SM.
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      Originally posted by Toppack View Post
      It appears that ASC has a few additional utilities that SM does not have though.
      For example ?

      edit :

      Looks like i don't need to buy it after all . :mrgreen: I will get it for free with my monthly PC World magazine .


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        I had System Mechanic once before. When they moved to version 10 all my problems began. System Mechanic use to be good, but imo there are better out there. If you are going to ruin your computer do it for free. System Mechanic has no free utilities. Iobit does and the only thing they do not offer you for free is the registry cleaner and the registry defrag.


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          Yes, I highly recommend buying Advanced SystemCare 4. I'm quite positive the same key will work for ASC5 as well when it's released as a full program. Anyway, the PRO version picked up many more registry problems and junk files for me when I tried PRO. ASC is one of the best PC Cleaners out there currently, and you don't want to be left out! Plus it's on for an extremely good price.


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            I use the Pro Version of ASC and right now 5 Beta 2.1

            I think it is a great program and worth every penny and dollar:lol:
            "640K ought to be enough for anybody."
            Bill Gates


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              I'm only worried about ASC PRO will delete my system files ( OS activation code , registry files )


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                Hi Tethys, ASC PRO is a great tool for speeding up and optimizing your PC performance.

                There are a lot of useful tools included...clenaing temporary files, driver updater, disk defragging, powerful uninstaller etc.

                If you are worried about using Registry cleaner/defragger, I recommend you to make a backup of system first (just in case) and than run registry cleaner...that way you don`t have to worry about any of those problems, and your pc will run like a beast.



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                  It is worth the money. Why don't you buy it?