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ESET NOD32 Antivirus deleting Advanced System Care [SOLUTION is described by Cicely]

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  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus deleting Advanced System Care [SOLUTION is described by Cicely]

    My antivirus software claims to have detected a threat in Advanced System Care (see screenshot attached) and has responded by deleting ASC. Does anyone know what's going on here? And, shy of disabling my antivirus software entirely, how can I address this?


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    The same problem happened to me this morning,
    I think this is a fault related to ESET'
    Does anyone have any kind musk.


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      Put ASC into ESET's ignore/exceptions/exclusions list
      To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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        no me funciona ponerlo en la lista exclusiones, lo sigue detectando y eliminando

        It does not work to put it in the exclusions list, it keeps detecting it and eliminating it
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          After you update NOD32 virus alert (Deceptor advance system care). I can not reinstall. With you? Viros or System error? Solution have a?


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            I found the problem.
            Version of the setup did not suit.
            now its working magnificent thanks from


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              What is thesolution?


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                So according to Eset the problem is iobit being seen as a deceptive program. To be honest, I've never been happy with with iobit bordering on nagware but put up with it due to speed increases.

                Disregarding this, as iobit is on this list, do you intend on doing anything about it? Without getting into the pros and cons of iobit, after speaking to Eset customer support, their attitude is iobit is at best is an over bloated solution for something that is not required as it can be done by Windows 10 itself and at worse makes registry changes that are not required.

                From personal experience I weighed up the pros and cons and as they say the 'proof is in the eating' and continued using iobit. However, Eset is more important for me and as their attitude is basically iobit is bloatware and they have closed down their query as it isn't a false positive (see all links below) it's down to iobot to comply and do something about this 'deception'.

                If they intend on playing ostrich and leaving their head in the sand, I'd rather know now so I can uninstall it, because this is the impression they are giving when they offer no response to this post or a solution on their own forum but post something on eset's instead.





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                  I have encountered this problem too. I agree completely with mikeb13


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                    I've encountered the same problem and demand a resolution from IObit the soonest. I've paid for it !!!


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                      I been having same issue. ESET Level 3 Tech confirmed to me personally there is nothing wrong on their end and it's on Iobit's end. Of course when I try calling support the phone just rings and is never answered. When I email them I keep getting the company line response its ESET issue. Once they even sent me a long complicated email on how to block ESET from killing it and of course that was worthless waste of time. I now own a useless software I can't use and is past the 60 day refund time. Guess I have another worthless software I got stuck paying for. Would be nice if someone who actually know what they were doing and had a viable solution would respond to this issue instead of ignoring it in hopes we go away. Guess what we are going away and not using their products.


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                        Just got the following response from IOBIt. Hi,
                        So sorry for the inconvenience. Hoever, we have contacted them to resolve this without success.

                        ESET adopts a third party company AppEsteem to certify apps with their own requirements. ESET deletes ASC.exe
                        because AppEsteem clarifies Advanced SystemCare as a deceptor. As our long-term user, you know that ASC is a legit program that helps customers clean and optimize their system.
                        Currently, we are providing them with more infomraiotn to prove ASC is not a deceptor and will try our best to figure out a way to dispute the result.
                        Please wait for a while.
                        Sorry again and thanks a lot for your time.

                        Sounds like once again IOBIT doesn't know how to really fix the issue they created.


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                          Hi everyone,

                          As Jeff3603 said, we are still working on solving the false positive made by ESET .

                          We are providing them with more information to prove ASC is not a deceptor and will try our best to figure out a way to dispute the result.

                          To remove this false positive earlier and avoid more users suffering the issue, can you help us report this false positive to ESET, which may make them do correct decision? Thank you in advance.

                          Here is the link to contact ESET support:

                          Now to solve this false positive, please add our program to the exclusions of your ESET program by following the guides in, and then reinstall the program from

                          Thank you.
                          IObit Support Team --
                          If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!


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                            Yes, but is it a false positive or are you playing the proverbial ostrich I mentioned?

                            In other words are you denying all the problems listed here that were added to as additional evidence yesterday:

                            I've noticed on a few occasions that other iobit software is installed with very little warning if any when updating. You've sailed close to the wind on various occasions regarding this and with how many registry errors are displayed. Many of which I've considered dubious, especially when you do another scan straight afterwards to see yet more errors or 'privacy issues'. I've put up with this because I've looked at the big picture and seen some speed improvements. However this is the final straw. If what is said by Appesteem is true and your mentality is not to 'eat humble pie' and do something about it, but instead just see it as a false positive then it's time for me to uninstall it. Assuming it is true, I ask myself, if you are not prepared to do anything, is it because your software may be perceived as having less value if there are less errors displayed?

                            To put it succinctly, if it is true and these screenshots seem to back this up, the solution of asking us to report it as a false positive to eset is the equivalent of when someone commits an offence hoping if enough people protest otherwise, by default it will no longer be seen as one. I'm sorry, this doesn't wash.


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                              I have tried Iobit's so called work around suggested by Cicely. First, it didn't resolve the issue at all. Second, it seems this is the company line they are now giving out rather then accept responsibility , as most reputable companies do, and fix the issue. Of course they know they got our money and we can't get it back. Just another scam I think to get your money. Iobit has had a reputation in the past of being shady in the past. I thought they had gotten past that practice and improved. They did for a short while and now are sliding right back to their shady practices. Guess they need to pump up their bottom line. I have uninstalled all their products from my machine . I have found little change in speed. I definitely get a lot less so called errors. Exactly how they were when they were operating in their shady days. I hope the rest do the same and don't use their products or buy them until they actually fix the issue. Hitting them in their wallet seems the most effective way of getting them to do something besides the proverbial "lip service."