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  • Spam

    Just an observation, but it appears from the previous post and others that have been made; THE GENE POOL COULD USE A LITTLE MORE CHLORINE.

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    We are getting a lot of spam at the moment :evil:
    All of us are working long hours to try and keep the forum spam free
    The vBulletin people are looking into it and hopefully a solution will come soon.

    By the way, I changed your thread title because we can't have a spam URL address on the forum

    All the best, woz of oz
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      Hey Woz,

      Thanks for changing the title, when I saw what was going on just had to get the comment in, didn't think about the title. Your efforts and the efforts of everyone involved in keeping the forum free of spammers, is as always greatly appreciated.



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        Hi wozofoz, atailor1 and all your guys,

        Thanks for your active feedback and timely assistance to keep the forum spam free. We have opened the related programs to ban the spambots.

        Just as atailor1 said, we sincerely thanks all the administrators and anyone else who help us keep the forum free of spammers. All your support and assistance is greatly appreciated.:-D
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