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  • Malware won't scan

    I just purchased Advanced System Care Pro, and also Malware Fighter Pro, downloaded, installed and rebooted.
    When I attempt to scan on Malware Fighter, the program shuts down.
    It won’t load automatically load at boot up although set for that, and the icon will not stay in the taskbar.
    The programs shuts down.
    I uninstalled it, and re-downloaded the program again with anti virus Zone Alarm turned off.
    Still same problem.

    I use a Lenova PC, Intel Core I7, 16GB memory, 1TB +128 GB HD with NVidia GeForce GTX 960M 4GB.

    This has already taken far too much of my time, and I"m disgusted, and would like my money back but I can find anywhere to request this.

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    Hi johnd
    Welcome to the Forum.

    Firstly regarding your issue....
    There are many reasons why this situation can arise. The most common being due to having more than one Anti-virus program running and especially if Realtime Protection is active on both. In fact Windows Defender Automatically switches off Realtime Protection when it detects another AV program running.
    So, I suggest that not only should you disable Zone Alarm while installing Malware Fighter, but it should remain disabled when you first launch Malware Fighter.
    See if this resolves the issue.

    Secondly....your statement..."I"m disgusted, and would like my money back but I can find anywhere to request this."

    I commiserate with you in this regard as the Support Feature is extremely difficult to find because it is part of the "Download Iobit Products" link at the top of the Forum page.
    Here is the link for the Refund Request page........

    Finally......regarding your use of Bold script in order to highlight your annoyance......this is not allowed as it is unnecessary and disrespectful and if used again will incur a sanction.

    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Thank you for your very prompt reply. I never realized that bold is "unnecessary and disrespectful" in computer political correctness, as I copied and pasted this from WORD into this forum and didn't even think about it. But I do know about CAPITALS.
      I reloaded the software before with Zone Alarm and Windows Defender off and it did not work, but didn't realize it should remain disabled until AFTER first launch.
      If this is an issue with Windows 10 users, it would be helpful to make this note in installation instructions which was not done or I did not see. It would have saved me about 3 hours of my time also trying to figure out this installation.
      So now it works fine.... as I've been a patron of Advanced System Care for many years. and pleased there is no more difficulty. In my previous frustration, I asked for a refund. Is there anyway to cancel this now? Thanks, John.


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        Glad to have helped.
        There is not an issue as such with Windows 10 users. In fact in this case Microsoft have actually assisted users by getting Defender to automatically disable it's Realtime Protection when it detects another AV program running with Realtime Protection activated. This is to prevent just the sort of conflict which you have experienced. I would be inclined to believe that it is Zone Alarms Realtime Protection which is the culprit in your case.
        That said, sadly it is expected that pc users would know that they should only have one AV program running with Realtime Protection activated at any one time. It is up to the User to decide which Program he wishes to be his main AV. Any secondary AV should be used as a supporting AV and this should be run manually as an extra check, but with the Realtime Protection deactivated.
        I personally, opt to use Windows Defender as my Primary AV, as I feel Microsoft are better positioned to protect their own OS. I also use a dedicated Anti-Malware program.

        Withregard to your cancelling your Licence, you could simply wait for the refund to be completed and then Purchase it again ( check This link for a possible discount).
        Or you could PM (Private Message) Cicely from Iobit and explain the licence situation to her.
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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          Hi Johnd,

          Sorry for my late reply.

          Is everything fine now? If you meet any other issue, please feel free to tell me. For cancelling the refund, have you cancelled? If it is late to cancel, you can purchase again as Scannan said from the promotional link:

          Scannan, sincerely thanks for your timely and helpful reply.

          IObit Support Team --
          If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!