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  1. https://forums.iobit.com/topic/19335-solutions-to-license-purchasingpayment-renewal-issues/#comment-118728
  2. How do you cancel this auto renewal , so many people have asked this question, why is subscription option not avalible ?


  3. Cicely. You should be able to see the email address by hovering over the Taylor3216 Icon. It is only visible to Admin and Mods.
  4. This is not a General Forum Item. In order to obtain assistance, you must abide by forum rules. You should re-post now in the correct/relevant area. This post will be removed from here shortly. Also, please note, that your issue has been dealt with many, many, times in the forum. A simple search will show you the correct/relevant area and the posts containing the solution(s) to your issue.
  5. https://forums.iobit.com/topic/17660-where-do-i-cancel-the-automatic-renewal/page/2/#comment-132238
  6. If you actually read the other posts in this Topic, you would not have to ask this question.
  7. I do not care if you get free keys for every software on earth. You still have to follow the rules of this forum. Yes...people want a lot of things they are not entitled to or cannot have. They are still expected to follow the rules. So, for now rather than Ban you, I will just continue to delete your posts, because you are sad and amusing and you think you are more entitled than other Users on this forum.
  8. You obviously have no understanding of what a "Help Forum" means. It is where people come with issues and we try to help them resolve the issues. Then, these solutions are here on the forum for other users with the same or similar issues to view the topics and get the answers, without even having to post. Lazy people, who want every thing handed to them on a plate, are in the wrong place. This is all clearly explained in the rules of the forum. If you have difficulty understanding this concept(s), then you should not be posting on help forums. I really am tired of explaining such things to you and asking you to obey the rules of the forum. This is my last effort at trying to get you to comply. If you continue to abuse the forum...you will be banned.
  9. Because I had already answered the OP and as you could clearly see, I had advised that this issue had already been answered in the Forum. So, all they need to do is search, which you are supposed to do before posting. However, you decided that you would shortcut the system instead. I have spoken to you before about this behaviour. I strongly recommend that you refrain from same in future.
  10. I appreciate your reply. However, are you not a bit surprised that having read the Manual, that you did not see that information?
  11. This is directly from the Scan section of the Manual..... By clicking the dropdown button of each threat, you will see the following four operation options. Remove - Click it to remove the corresponding threat. Ignore - Click it to ignore the corresponding threat just for this time. Add to White List - Add this threat to White List and it won't be scanned anymore unless it is removed from White List. Open file location - Click it to open the file location of the detected item. View Report - Click it to see the details about the scan. Report False Positive - In case of a false positive, please click the Report False Positive link at the bottom left corner to open the feedback window and submit false positive to IObit. IObit Support Team will analyze the false positive and perform actions accordingly. NOTE: Please refer to the Report False Positive section of this manual to get detailed information about how to report a false positive. Click the Remove button at the right corner to remove all selected threats found on your PC or click Cancel to not deal with the threats found. However, it is highly recommended that you remove all the threats found to ensure your PC security.
  12. I do not understand that. I read the User Manual before I answered your post, and it clearly explained what each option does.
  13. Did you read the User manual, which gives explanations for the various functions. http://www.iobit.com/product-manuals/imf-help/#Main Screen
  14. This issue has been dealt with many times in the Forum. You should search for and read those posts. Also, you should read the User Manual.
  15. This issue and similar issues has been dealt with many, many times in the forum. You should search the forums for these posts and solution(s).
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