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  1. You are obviously a troubled person, with a necessity to be always right.

    Cicely, was simply saying that she would ask the development department to make it less intrusive/difficult for people who do not want it, but at the same time

    make it obvious for people who do.

    Obviously it was not simple enough for you. So have your pointless rant if it makes you feel better. I am sure it will be ignored by most sensible people.

  2. 8 minutes ago, WhiteFang said:

    You wrote: At the same time, do not disturb those who are not interested in.

    How stupid do you think we are? you are chastising us for bringing up problems? You should WELCOME problem postings so you can satisfy customers. with your policies, you won't be in business for very long. 



    There is no "chastising" in that statement. You need to read the post again, and understand the context.

  3. I have moved your Topic to the correct section of the Forum. When you require assistance, it is important to follow the rules of the Forum and

    post in the relevant section.

    I have also removed personal details and an image containing same, as this is a public forum, and as such it is against the rules to post personal details.

    It is also very risky behaviour on your part, as such information could be used by others for nefarious reasons.

    As to your issue..... You have bought Iobit Malware Fighter, from a third party ( not from Iobit) and as such your issue should be dealt with through the

    same party...pcgameboost.com.....

    If you are unsucessful dealing with them, and you also received unusable product from them, then I suggest you contact your bank/credit card supplier and

    have the payment either stopped or recovered.

    You also state that you were using the free version of Iobit Malware Fighter. Why did you not simply go directly to the Iobit site and purchase a licence.

  4. When you intially installed ASC Ultimate, Windows Defender automatically disabled it's own anti-virus in order to avoid conflicts

    between the two programs.

    Now your ASC Ultimate has expired and no longer provides anti-virus protection, so Windows Defender is now telling you that you

    have no anti-virus protection and is advising you to switch on it's ( defenders) anti-virus protection. Which you should do immediately.

    There is no mention of Advanced Systemcare because it is not an antivirus program.

  5. @Cicely

    In my responce to the OP (Sora), I have already given this exact advice, but there was no response from the OP, as to whether the problem still

    exists. So, 4months later, Saksham, posts the same advice and get's an acknowledgement from Iobit.

    Seems, you are still not reading all the post's or following the normal rules of the Forum.

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