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  1. Hi.

    We would like to assist you, but you must tell us exactly what you are trying to do.

    Also, give us details, such as does your system have a hard drive (hdd) or an SSD.

    How much RAM does your system have

    When you installed ASC, what speed up options did you select.

    Did you see any performance improvement.

    Here is a link to the ASC Product Manual which may help you to understand the different functions....


  2. My apology for my error regarding the reboot.

    And I now fully understand your issue(s).

    With regard to the four Dynamic Platform items downloading the same file. that is not unusual. I have seen this many times,

    where a driver file(s) is actually a package of various driver components that perform different functions. Realtek audio drivers and display

    drivers are a good example.

    With regard to the differences between ASC and DB and the other discrepancies, I am afraid that Iobit products do not support Windows 11

    yet, and this has been stated in various posts by Iobit.

  3. First, I must say that your post is difficult to interpret, as you talk about 6..then 4...then 3....without clear detail linking same......

    but as best as I can figure out, it seems that after you ran ASC and manually updated the drivers, that you did not reboot your pc.

    This is a normal requirement of updating drivers in order for the new driver to be properly installed and take over the functions from the old drivers.

    By then running ASC again, without first rebooting, it did not see the changes because the system was not rebooted.

    Then you ran driver booster, which is a dedicated driver utility, and it's algorithm reads the system differently and more comprehensively.

    So it would be expected that would get a different result. Otherwise there would be no point in having created Driver Booster as a dedicated

    driver utility. The ASC driver utility is only a basic version.

    Once again, as I have done many,many, times in the forum, I must advise that drivers should only be updated when there is a driver issue, or

    when the pc manufacturer recommends an update.

    Just because it is possible to do something, does not mean that it is always wise to do so.

    If it is not broken....do not fix it...

  4. This is the Iobit Forum...not a Mind Reading forum.

    How are we supposed to help you when you give absolutely no information as to what you did.

    Most likely, you ran the Internet Booster in ASC and some setting got changed. If this is the case

    then you can undo any changes which were made, by going into the Rescue Centre and use the  Rescue Internet Boost option.

  5. You stated clearly in your first post that Eco was completely removed.

    For some reason you have decided that your Battery charging issue is because of the uninstaller.

    It is your right to go on social media and say anything, however, people will read this topic and see very

    clearly, that the issue is not with uninstaller.

  6. The un-installer worked fine. It removed everything...according to you.

    The issue is a Toshiba issue. If you looked at the links I gave you, you can see that, and the solution is

    probably to do with the ECO CHARGE MODE.

    But all that said, it seems you have decided to blame Iobit, regardless of the facts, so I do not know how we can help you further.

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