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*Updated*Your Security!


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just to clarify


Hi Vman-Please,my post was in no way meant to be argumentative with yours.I felt and acknowledged that you had made some excellent recommendations.I only wanted to be clear that not every security utility is suited to everyone's needs,and that is what I wanted to share with the readers.I didn't want someone coming back to the forum with a virus crying "you recommended this"Only trying to watch your back and make people aware that security software is serious business.I'm sorry if you felt offended in any way by my remarks.I think it was a fine and informative post.Thank you again for the contribution.

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Its no biggie, i know you said it with good intentions. Funny though, my computer was just hit with malware. Annoying little booger kept closing my explorer.exe and this is right after i uninstalled avira. Everything is back up now and somewhat stable. By the way, another suggestion i'd give is to have BOOTABLE cd's such as ultimate boot cd, or avira's rescue cd. Helps ALOT.

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Hi again, vman and detailer,


Your comments are very interesting and informative.


Well, I've uninstalled Avast and installed Avira. I've disabled the Splash Screen and the Nag screen and also configured it to a guide I found Online.


However, when booting up I get a balloon-tip warning message saying Avira is switched off, but it disappears almost in the same instant. Is this normal?

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Before i begin, i just want to let you all know this tune up section is going to be junk cleaning and some minor tweaking. Might be hands on, might not not sure, I'm making this up as i go along. By the way, make sure your doing this with a "clean" pc. Its pointless trying to speed up a messed up computer.



Download one or the other to rid of your internet files that you do not need. If you download ccleaner, make sure you get the slim version so there wont be a toolbar.



Please, remove all unneeded toolbars. I never understood why people have so many, keep only the necessary ones. Please.


Start ups:

Every time i go over to a friends for a check up, i notice hoards of stuff on their start up. Removing these increases both the speed of your computer and its start up time. To edit the start up items do the following:


Start-> run-> msconfig->start up tab.



Now the list i am going to give you can/might interfere with your computing. Some of you might be able to disable all, some only just a few but either way, that one thing less. Be careful in disabling these. If you do not know what your doing, your better off putting them on manual ( Just in case)


Edit services: Go to start -> right click my computer -> manage -> services and applications

-> services.


Alerter service

Clipbook service

Computer Browser

DNS Client

Fax Service

Indexing Service

Messenger service

Plug and Play

Remote Registry Service

Security Accounts Manager

Smart Card

Smart Card Helper


Telephony Service



Fragmented files slow down the pc, use IObits smart defrag or JKdefrag.



Cleaning up and removing unneeded registry entries can give you less crashes. Un-removed entries causes lots of problems. One can use AWC for this.



Most people dont even use this, especially desktop users. Keeping it around is pointless. So, remove it. Start-> control panel-> power options -> hibernate tab and uncheck it.


System Restore:

Dont get me wrong, system restore is an essential, but its also a threat. Malware developers now infect system restore as well, so turn down the amount of space it takes.


Start- right click my computer- properties- system restore- bring it down to 1-3%


Recyle Bin:

Having recycle bin set up to high is useless as well. Right click on it, go to properties, and decrease the amount from the 100 to about 10%. One can use a file recovery is the file is deleted accidentally, so no worries.


Removing removed files:

Well, when you remove a file from recycle bin, its still there. It can be recovered which can be a threat. If you use Ncleaner, all you have to do is remove use the option and it'll remove all the removed files for you, saving you extra MB possibly GB.



When you uninstall a program, its remains are still there. Use Revo uninstaller to get rid of everything, a complete, and free uninstaller.


Internet Tune ups:


Use this as a quick and easy way to speed up firefox.

1) Open browser

2) In the address bar type in "about:config" without quotes

3)Promise Firefox you'll be careful (new version)

4) In the filter bar type in pipeline

5) Change these to options to TRUE:



6) Change this "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" into a number like 15

Basically it increases the connections

7) Clear the filter, click on the screen, Select New -> Integer-> nglayout.initialpaint.delay

as the name and 0 for the value.

This puts delays to zero.


These are just off the top of my head, more coming as well as LINKS!

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free ones I use on my pc.


DAP to speed up and manage downloads also includes speedbit to speed up video download/playback


Download Accelerator Plus http://www.speedbit.com/


If you use IE7 then ie7pro is an excellent add on with hordes of advantages added to ie7 too many to list here read their web

ie7pro http://www.ie7pro.com/


for an in depth spec list of your pc

pcwizard 2008 http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php


to have transparent ms office outlook on your desktop [i use calender so i see any appoints when pc boots up]

oulook on the desktop http://www.michaelscrivo.com/projects/outlookdesktop/



to delete important files

Eraser 5.84 http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/download.php


to unlock stubbon files that will not open

unlocker 1.8.5. http://filehippo.com/download_unlocker/


an excellent zip file programme

7 zip http://www.7-zip.org/


these are some of the free extras I use.

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Thanks vman

Excellent head up!!





A quick update...the follow apps should be downloaded and installed for another lay of protection. These apps disable even MORE unwanted stuff, making it harder for malware to get in. Also, download Harden-it for another layer. I couldn't upload it, it was a bit too big.


Keep it clean guys.

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No they will not. Cyberhawk is a HIPS itself, so there is no need for another one. As for paretologic, i suggest ditching it. From my experiences, it doesn't do what it says it can do, though its scans are indeed fast. Just stick with MBAM and SAS, and you'll be good.

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Another neat little app (for recovery, not prevention) is UnHackMe. My son ended up with a rootkit and an assortment of trojans when his friend's girlfriend "clicked something stupid." I tried all the standard anti-virus and anti-malware apps, online scanners, free rootkit scanners, etc., and nothing would touch it. Likely as not the machine would just freeze. I finally stumbled onto UnHackMe, and it found the rootkit, (hacker defender) cleaned it, then cleaned the trojans. I was so impressed that I bought the roaming version. Free trial.



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