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A test site


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Hi Blacksea ;


I don't use those, to be honest, but I have looked around my usual trusted spots and I can tell you the "PC Flank" tests are legitimate and well regarded within the security community.


Just remember that if you test a firewall and it doesn't return a full stealth stauts, well, that doesn't mean the firewall is no good. You'll have to research this because it is complex...


Have fun !



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now let me come in here and stop the illusions..


PCFLANK is now a backwards site that has not changed since this version of outpost thy regarded highly,at one time yes .thy were at the fore front.

who ever owed it ,has never ever made it known to us (in the forum.)

and the admins left like flies.showed no interest.then one day just .thy closed

no nothing was said to us.no thanks.nothing 2 of us left standing holding the fort

MASTER ROBERT he was from the UK..a retired school teacher.

and my self were the only ones left(itsmejjj)

we lived there day to day..

like you members do here..

now how did i get the power to be a admin?

i was given a part of it.a sub section..to be able to dilte any thing bad

then a other section was-

given to me by one i made friends with he gave me his pass word and log in ids and info..he said to me he had it..

he was the last one..of the long time admins..

that is how we hung on to it ,try to keep it clean..

2 years .

i begged all over the place when it was hit with porno ,scams ,day after day.

to a point we could only keep it controllable to half the site.

as we had no extra way of cleaning.

it broke my hairt and was distressing.but we tried so hard.

then one day poof .it closed ..




now any one here go there and piont out any thing stated about VISTA,OR WIN 7 .,



still you and other go ahead and use them .cant harm .but certainly

not a top yard stick!


MASTER ROBERT.the sad thing was i never got his mail id .

i could not contact him to say thanks..and i missed him very much.

a wonderful Pearson..

and if by any fluke you read this .do let me know!!


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August 7, 2003<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!!


Best performers


All 24 firewalls were tested with these leak tests. The detailed results can be seen on the next page. Here are our comments on the winners, the firewalls having the best results using their default configurations.


Outpost Firewall Pro 2.0.226


Version 1.0 of Outpost Pro was not a great contender in our previous tests last year. However, version 2.0 is rock-solid, not only in comparison to Outpost Pro 1.0 but to the other firewalls as well!


Its new Component Control feature enables Outpost Pro to pass most of the leak tests without extra configuring. All you need to do is block suspicious DLLs when Outpost 2.0 reports them.


now you take a look here and tell me if thy realy mean what thy do..

sower grapes? on my part?


no disappointing ?




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any one interested here are my very first attempts at explaining privacy

on this forum...


thy locked the forum now as well,and i am still alive as a member..

and just loged in..i stopped when pcflank went down..but was thinking i see

if its still alive .(wilders) and yes we are ..but cant post..only log in..


perhaps thy became to big .1 and a half mill members..thy decided to lock it..


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http://pcflank.com/ claims to be a test site to see if you are vulnerable for some things. I don't know if the site is reliable and I want some opinion because I do want to make these test actually. So before I do, can some experts please give me advice?




well yes you can use this but i would not rely on this 100%

i forgot to say this to you as you asked.and i should answer you with no (against) the site..


Gibson, probably be better as he the site , is i think more up to date..

but sure go ahead use it ..pcflank




bit of reading for you if interested..yes old pots but very wize..*(3cakes)*



very good info..

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Hi friends!! Out of the read mode for a minute!!!


Hi!! I have to come out of the read mode. I tried all those tests and passed them all. I don't know if that's good or not. I'll bet you 10 to 1, IObit still can't get my IP address right. I don't know what that's worth, but makes me feel pretty safe.:-D What do you think jjj??? Am I stealth??? IObit don't know where I am!! That's a pretty good test;don't you think jjj?? I use MSE AV and windows firewall. That's all I use!!! Neither one of them give me a hassle. I don't even know they are around. I pass all the stealth tests that Gibson has also. I've never had a virus or malware. Got spammed from someone on our forum , but I got that fixed. I'm going back in the read mode only now. I just had to add my 2cents to this thread. The more stealth you try to make your PC, the more attention you will draw from hackers that like a good challenge. You might as well except the fact. If your on the internet, someone knows what your doing there. Just say some thing to do with bxxxx or security and wait for your door bell to ring, and your PC to be confiscated .

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pretty safe. What do you think jjj??? Am I stealth???

if you passed .sure .you are ok..





i think i posted this before ..stealth....think about this word .what it means


if in a field .in combat..different altogether.


say hunting prey.(deer).different again..


yet the 2 are similar in that one is there..some were in the field..but hidden.


(The more stealth you try to make your PC, the more attention you will draw from hackers ) wrong ..thy would have to be able to pin one .exactly.


ok the net the minit you turn on the modem .you are there in the field (nett)


but now we want to stay hidden.as best as possible..not easy..


there is 1 method .only to fool the net and that is using a other IP but your one(proxcy)and by pass your isp ip .

now this is tricky..as the ip you use , would give out 0 information.

you would have to test this..and then rely if its 100% correct..

and even if its not .it would still be hard .to find you at your door.


why would one do this .? try to keep away from the rat bags..nothing els..


there is a terrible fiddling (testing) to get this right..


but one can be found easy..why.the proxy you use..if

read this again ..if .you need to log in...if one is not longing in to the proxy.

pass worded..

then one is hidden..

yes thy see a user if thy know about it .because something drew there attention..ok so thy could trace your to a ip. your isp man..

still very difficult to see who it is..you.it could be any one .from 60,000 or more.

then if you use a country not friendly with your one.well there is no hope at all..someone getting info

then lets amuse .thy are friendly .haaa go for it..think of the man power and cost..

and you been a bad boy if thy persist..in finding you ,or i...

.but as one is not having to log in .

could be any one .from any were..now we call this stealth..(hidden)

and you need to be a hopper..


yes you use 1 central isp.this is what the net sees..


but pass to .and out of many..

almost every page,you load..and a different country.


yes its slower..but very Very hard to track..as you use the central ip

thy do not have a clue them self's.who or were you are from..

and think on this thy have thousand of links per minit.from all over the world.


look even if say you or i were surfing the dark side of the net

you still be fine,so long as you do it normally..who the hell cares..

what passes in and out.

so long as its normal surfing..


the misunderstanding is this ,even if you know my isp address you still

do not know where i am .sure some were in that town.or city..

.unless the isp provider gave it to you ,then you would need to know my account and password so he could give you the correct users name..

and he would ask you first .why ? or tell you buzz of.

yes you would know my town.but now go there and find the user..me .


now as for gibsons tests.

if you pass the site tells you you are invisible..yeh right.what a lot of bull that is..

think about this.,UDP..icmp.tcp tracing.

use ya gry matter..ya sent packets out and received .ya allow cookies.

perhaps ping,,echoes .dns. open ports ,ya have to get out and in

if thy were all locked as one thinks, or understand -OH i passed we are locked down

bull how ya supposed ta get in and out..the only way ya sure ,pull out the cable

now ya 100% stealthily..







as for GARY ,i pinned you already..we had this out before..

but i cant tell you what street you live in i know your isp man id..

so you are somewhere in among 40.000 + people.

and then need to know who you really are.as true name .for me to knock on your door.and what would that be fore? being on the net?


so you are fine..


do not take this post as personal ,its a generality posting.

for all ,and myself..


its just my way of saying things..

thank you all for reading this and understanding..




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ok try here .you pick one

the page is shown with info.

then you enter address you want to surf..


are now anonymous

i tested half a dozen and thy certainly show different country.ip numbers.

be aware thy would filter content according to the sever used.


also look for the ones used for 4+ or so hours..

nice handy way of keeping the bad guy at bay.


thy are free to use..


why would one use this.now a bad idea to surf unknown sites.

or if you feel a little worried


i think the main point of all of this is .use the Grey matter..

just be carefuller.


remember there is no such thing as complete stealth..

yes partiality ,sure.

its a matter of what one wants..you do not need this..

if you are .surfing with thinking..but if exploring..perhaps not a bad idea..


any how this may interest you ...


interesting thing is this .the last ip cannot see me at all.


as i pass to the 2nd ip.he sees this.one only..


the net cant see me .all thy see is the last ip..

now hop by 4 or 5 ?

as i do often..the net never gets a clue..





i be leave this word is use to loosely.like at Gibson test site.


its not a program.or a application.its the way one has the system protected.

from the net

as in fire walls ,the way you or i block

what we allow out.

what we allow in.

what protocols are allowed.cookies,or scripting,java,ativeX.and what services are allowed. plus a heap of other things..


above all its personal as to what one is .or is not doing.

some i know care less.(easy going)

then ones like me the other end of the scale.(total privacy wanted)



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