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Freedom of speech


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or both. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on "hate speech".


The right to freedom of speech,and associations, with any human, is recognized as a" human right "

under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as "the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression".[1][2] Furthermore freedom of speech is recognized in European, inter-American and African regional human rights law.


now as for who one associates with or are friends with .so long as thy the member is (are)not interfering with the forum thy are members of,

as in any abusiveness of posts,or breaking of the rules,

give a admin no right to ban a member.. for associating,talking to.posting . with a former member ,on a other forum or any forum,

as a example no one can be told by a admin from a other forum,not to talk or post to woz,or any member here.

or els be banned.

a pm sent to me,from a other forum..

asking if this was permanent.

(In principle your ban on IObit is permanent.)


"But you may possibly return if and when we find your behavior appropriate. Which behavior must include breaking contact with ******* as he only wants to cause trouble for everyone. Including yourself."

" we find your behavior appropriate."

what? behavior.there is nothing here in any posts to suggest any misbehavior



irrespective of the behavior of that Pearson.(former member)

one cant be told not to associate with the former member,or els be banned.



freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. It is a very important concept in the western world but nearly all democratic constitutions protect these freedoms.


ok in conclusion.if this is the way it is then so be it.but its a sad thing.

that a member gets told who he can or cant post to..associate with on a other forum.


even if that person is still trying to upset this forum.

that i don't approve of and clearly told that former member,should not be doing.

i think that is where it stops ,as one cant be held responsible for there actions and there behavior.

any how that is my say be it perhaps the last one.but am shocked to see a other banning of the active member.

i have given this a lot of thought and am disseminated that this could happen.

without malice.but this is pure censorship.and rather upsetting to anyone..


any how i am not interested in perusing this forum in any illegal entry.

or by false means,or hacking my way in.by mutable accounts.



if itsmejjj is to be permanently banned then so be it.


and this account as well that is legal,and not spoofed.then nothing i shall do to interfere with it in any manner..i have no beef with any one here.even

the guy who banned me..but its not right..for some one any one to tell a other human who he can and cant talk to.or ELS ?

this is very hurtful,and very unreasonable to ask its blackmailing a member.

yes i understand for what ever reason banned people persist to get in. and

must be stopped. ,but you cant hold other responsible for there actions..

because you disagree on a point or subject posted about.

and the tell some one break of your post to that person.on a other forum..


that's law..



Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak without censorship or limitation

within reason..


let me state again you admins have no fear from me breaking in..ok re-lacks

its not my stile .i don't feel the need to do this ,or want to.even i know i can easily.and have you spinning about ..


the disappointing thing is you go and ban me here and then join the other forum to tell me and tell me or els..and you think it trough if you may allow me back on..??if i comply by your demand .posting to a other human..

right or wrong .no one has the right to tell a other this..







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well i am delighted to report its all been sorted out and a happy out come

a agreement was reached and all concerned and i want to thank every one . thank you.

i think there has been a valuable lesson learn both sides.a few misunderstandings and action taken accordingly.and depending what side of the fence one is sitting on.both parties were right in what thy did.


as you all know or most any how i use a very different approach to surfing.

this i think and understand, did not help at all.to the action taken.


as i now see and note, the repeated attacks the typed by spammers.

and add people,plus false accounts.that makes it very difficult job for the admins to police,as to who to block ,or what ip to block.suspicions are aroused,feeling are hurt,and so on.by these people.who repeatedly do so.




i want to praise the admins in this case ,for there understanding,and there good will here.

i was very impressed,and humble , with there kind PMs, and the level headiness of there postings,not one bad word-by any of them.!on this forum.

even when i became a little flustered,thy were absolutely marvelous

with there calmness and repeated kind pm's.


,i feel a lot or pride and respect for them .this over the last 3 days has grown 159%

thy truly are top people.with gentle harts.i cant find a other way of saying THANK YOU i am truly proud to be a member!and have friends like you !!


my wife as well want to especially pass this on to admins and mods and thank you

she wants you to know you are super beautiful kind humans! her "exact words."

again thank you gentlemen..and not forgetting the lady's.

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Freedom Of Speech


When I first read the post, my first inclination was to jump in with both feet, without checking the depth or other obstructions. Then I decided to sit on my hands and wait and see. I knew in my heart that our Admins and Mods were fair minded people and this could be left in their capable hands, with a resolution that would more than satisfactory to all. I'm happy to see that my heart was right. Once again our forum family comes through with flying colors.



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Hi sunny

No he isn't permanently banned - his posting ability has been suspended for a month.

Case closed



p.s. I do hope that ascot's initial level of respect started out above 50% and by now has grown to above 80% with the increase of 159% :-) :-) :-)

Very, very few bona fide members have been permanently banned on this forum apart from spammers and naggers - the spammers being the largest group by a very, very long shot!



if itsmejjj is to be permanently banned then so be it.


has he been banned?

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Spammers, spambots, naggers, ranters, etc.


Dear members,


I would like to give you some figures to explain the burden of spammers, etc. on Administrators and Moderators.


You may have noticed the spams sometimes, but the numbers that you don't see and dealed by the mods/admins are enormous.


All together the banned spammers, etc. are 2542.

About 2000 of them are since November 2009. (On top of that, the rejected membership applications are around 500.)


Don't forget to multiply it with the # of posts each spammer could post.


Although the high number of spammers is an indication of the popularity of the Forum, which is a positive thing, (you can easily see that in avarage it is around 8 spammer each and every day, and of course you have to consider the # of posts of them) please think about the procedures of the elimination of the posts and the spammers.

Also, it is not distributed normally. So, in some days, they are a lot more than the avarage.

Apart from the Forum itself, you have to keep some statistics to be proactive.

That is one of the reasons that it is very rare for most of the fellow members of our Forum to see most of those.


Therefore I would like to thank to all Administrators and Moderators from here that they make this Forum a nice place to get help, to share the experiences and to get a little bit of enjoyment.


Of course, there will always be conflicts and disagreements, but I belive, overall it is still a beautiful place to be, so strive to be happy here.:grin:


All the best.

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that is very high,



i have spotted a fair few,and even saw the funny side of it from some of the posts,but had no idea the amount was that high..

surfing today for some information


i came across this site..and added the 10 worst offenders to my black ,and its interesting the sorts that hit the system..abs what with.

http://www.ipillion.com/ (hope it ok)

take a look see.

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