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Save you from a disaster

Mr Bean

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Hallow fellow Members and guests ,Once again I want to bring to your attention

To the newer users the importance of backing Up your PC.

To save ME a lot of work please read the link above that has been posted .


And carefully read the first few posts. This is Beautifully presented and A excellent, guide As to how You can Back up a system.


Why Well this is going to save you from a disaster that's non fixable and loss of a setup system,Please pay particular attention To the steps show on how its done with the free program Malcuim Reflect ,that I myself personally also recommend.


Mr Bean

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a few tips I recommend

. is

1 be sure it works (backing up) some You may be thinking well got one (win 7)

yes but to be found wanting .and a restore I never rely on

It can and may fail.


2 you will need a external drive To be sure its going to work, and keep the image safe, or *8gig cd read and write cds. probably 2 or 3 should do it .

then very fy thy are burned to correctly.


3 when doing one wipe the c:\drive totally with iobit shredder. making sure its clean.


after that boot up with the boot disk ,YOU should of made, and tested!

do not forget to make one


4 point to the Image and away you go

pull out the cd when the door opens sit back till done .REBOOT

You are now reinstalled as before the desaster minus a few updates or installs?

but you have every thing back ..

Mr Bean

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If you use the Backup/restore that comes with Windows-7,

is there really a need to use 'Reflect' also ?


That's up to You or any one Els ,What the point is Be sure That You Are ,

I do not want to get into the Failings Of win7 Back up or suggest Any one to not use it,or THE reliably of MS .usage


The one here is the best one I found And never would be with out it.


others like there brand ,No mater what one So long as every one is in the know.


I am the type that does not want to Monkey about trying to fix a major problem ,like Virus or Some horribly gone wrong Install, And having to Spend days Fixing. or ask How to fix it

Simply in with the boot Disk and Redo ,after a good clean of the drive.


Mr Bean

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here is a other tip that may work for you


when updating your browser Fire fox, Or the one you have (may not work with IE )


first thing we want to do is back up the directory. c:\program files Firefox


when done ,then do the update


just in case you lose ad on's or the like .yes a restore may or may not work?

tho should most times.


so what I do if I am disseminated at my loss, or just unhappy open the back up and over right the directory with my backed up one.

reboot And we are back with every thing in is place.


works for me and may for you as well

Mr Bean

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Here Is how I do This


Please Follow My attachments very simple.


you will need the backed up Image.lets say You Like I have And do 10 of them

just for win 7 all versions


but we are talking just your version.or the one you are using.

You will Notice That is Is on a other drive and I ran it From There

As it working Flawless ly You Now can Place it on your C:\ drive

Replaced or On its own make a short cut ?



Mr Bean

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whats so interesting about a backed up drive?

why would or should I bother ,you may ask

takes up space on my hard drive ,never had to use one yet

always used restore thank you Mr Bean. (perhaps just lucky?}


Plus windows has one ,good Enoch for me. and don't even bother.

well no one says you must use any other ,or even bother.though the windows one, it and, has limitations,but perhaps silly to at least not use it?

well lets put it a other simple way .why would one want to own more than one car?

perhaps it, the one you own cant do what the other can tho thy are used for transport.mostly.

so long as you the reader are satisfied with what you have I am very happy that at least you know

Now how many , trust this , do not have a clue.read the crying on the forum,{can some one help me I lost my OS or it will not Work like it Did

before I installed .Bella application. and my drivers are lost or wipe out my E male program and all my data is gone forever.


I just updated bola, and it stuffed up my system}

sadly no one can fix that. tho the odd problem can be helped with.by the good folks here .


But Why take that risk

a tiny bit of time !5 mini's make a boot rescue disk and a back up of your pc. the booting drive. its gets compressed and lets say a 7 gig into 1,5 gig Average so 14 gig round about 4 gig and so on.

the full restoring image

takes less then 4 or 6 mini's to make ,or if you want to any drive.but you will need a USB drive no less that 40 gig to handle 38 gig of image files. so it can store them.perhaps 100gig could be better as well .or larger if you can afford it.


please never ever use a split drive to store a image .never.on its second made drive.(that is split).Very risky

Lose the Booting Drive(c:)or corrupt The drive you end up With losing The Split D:\ drive

or a very good chance it will


Lets be honest here today and age its very cheep now to own a USB drive or A flash drive.

and worth a tiny investment. round $70 dollars or there about will give you a nice 400+ gig ,USB Drive now days. yes Mr bean still uses his old ie drives! 40 gig and 80 gig plus a few 200 ones ,not made any more. excellent for backing up onto.and in usb boxes.Round $30 dollars plus power unit .i also have 3- 2nd hand ones. a heap of DVD disks (far to many)i think near 800 now there about.(silly Uh)


OK the point we make here .simply please, if you read this do it. just for the sake of security.and a easy fix to any problem when installing what ever it is, or even updating.

thank you again my dear friends and members for reading my post and hope this will save you from a disaster if one should arise.and perhaps entice you into a good back up application.

what ever you fancy .

Mr Bean

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  • 3 months later...

Again like to remind readers.get hold of a back up program ,you still read the crying in the forums , many installation's gone wrong and some even very upset,tho should not have to be ,iterated yes we all are the odd times.as any install could mess things up.or are a risk.and not work for every one .


so you need to look into this.Get one free(google) This, and save your self from disaster

we not pushing the one we show you ,you decide on what you like,

there are a few good soled backup programs free.So long as you use your one you decide on.and have a image on a external DRIVE AND RESCUE DISK.

Mr Bean

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Yes Sir!


this Is In my opinion Probly the Better Back up Software for Windows


now I am Testing This Backing Up all Drives at the One Time

By That I mean the Ones in the Box that's used and that includes the Linux Os as Well So what I am saying is Back up the 3 drives and the one that is split

What I have is Linux on the drive by itself. as this is a widows program and windows cannot see the drive (Linux) but malcuim can. see all drive's< attached to the box

one can back them up(can take several Hours) depending How big thy are



but will it after a restore The Back up boot..? I do not know ,I know windows will,Linux I Do Not KNOW

Time will tell When it Fluxes Up .and Do a restore...

I would Think? it should

Mr Bean

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I recently had to do a Restore, using the Back-up utility that is in W-7,

and it worked great. :-D

I needed to replace a secondary drive with a larger one,

and had No problems doing that. :-D

That is the first time I've needed to do that since I started using W-7,

and was a little worried before doing it. :shock:

I had also made a complete Copy of the drive, on an external drive, but did not need it,

since Restore worked So Well.

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I recently had to do a Restore, using the Back-up utility that is in W-7,

and it worked great.

Ok Why not And its free.But For me been Dicky.


I needed to replace a secondary drive with a larger one,

and had No problems doing that.


(you mean swap to a new lager drive? THE d:\drive or we talking split drive?

and extend the split C:\drive


That is the first time I've needed to do that since I started using W-7,


(Can you tell me Why ? Run out of space?


and was a little worried before doing it.


I had also made a complete "Copy" You mean back up? of the drive, C: and D: on an external drive, but did not need It


since Restore worked So Well.


How you Manege That? if you swapped the drive ? it would be blank


or making the c:\ drive lager the d:\drive smaller. and depending how full it is

Where is the Back up file?



Mr Bean

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Yes, I swapped an old 300.GB drive for a 750.GB.

(ran out of space, since my wife does a lot of website graphics work on that one)

The Back-up and the Copies are stored on 2 external 1.TB drives in a single USB box.

(The Copy is just a 'drag and drop' copy of the complete drive)

It was actually the E:drive, since the C: and D: partitions are on the fist physical drive, in that computer.

I just formated and assigned the new E: drive and dumped the Back-up to it.


That way, I knew I could always put the 300.GB drive Back in, if it didn't work for some reason,

Or I could dump the Copy instead.


I found a good deal on some 750.GB drives the other day,

since it seems everyone want's 500.GB or 1.TB drives these days. :wink:

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thanks for that yep must be 750 and thy are very good the out side one is 500

spare ,3 in the box and a old 200 gb I swap the cables when wanting files


we were talking on Sunday with a friend about the 8 core? think that is what he called them the new ones ,then Talking hard drives ,it crossed my mind

perhaps to get a new one Tho wonder If I really need one as this is plenty fast

and for the net very quick, handles most any thing And at my age well this should see me out.from what i hear and read many do not use desk tops or rather shifting to lap tops.and a heck of a lot still use the Pentium 4's or there about.2 core thy were at the time made very popular.my guess still used, 70% in use.and boot very fast I use it as Linux System Pc just a 40 gig drive For surfing the net and the 200 external plunged in ,transfer any files..to


What so special about this model it has a back up build into the mother board and when booting hit F9 and it can back the system up or restore it

swap to any and drive (using the cradle)

Love this one ...


Mr Bean

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Explanation of the numbers.


This is a copy/paste from Solbjerg:


1 bit is one of either 0 or 1

1 byte is usually comprised of 8 bit which means that you will be able to write all signs up to 255 (ÿ) within that framework.

1 kilobyte is not 1000 bytes but rather 2^10 bytes =1024 bytes > mil (thousand)

1 megabyte is 1024*1024 bytes 2^20 = 1.048.576 bytes > million

1 gigabyte is 1024³ bytes 2^30 = 1.073.741.824 bytes > milliard

1 terabyte is 1024^4 bytes 2^40 = 1.099.511.627.776 bytes > billion

1 petabyte is 1024^5 bytes 2^50 = 1.125.899.906.842.624 > billiard

1 exabyte is 1024^6 bytes 2^60 = 1.152.921.504.606.846.976 > trillion

1 zettabyte is 1024^7 bytes 2^70 = 1.180.591.620.717.411.303.424 > trilliard

1 yottabyte is 1024^8 bytes 2^80 = 1.208.925.819.614.629.174.706.176 > quadrillion


Usually when you are told that the size of your harddisk is 500 gB the computer will tell you that you have 465,66 gB (465,6612873077392578125).

The seller is using powers of 10 while the computer is using the binary system.

Therefore both agree that you have the capacity of 500.000.000.000 bytes.

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I always understood that there must be a reserved space (or IS) for recovering bad sectors,and the arm stays inside the plate,boundary from the inside to the out side the plate or disk never gets used? as I do not have a clue that's my thinking .or is the arm fixed so it cant go over or under the plate limit ?

Mr Bean

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Found this


All you wanted to know about Hard disks


Only use a low-level zero-fill or diagnostic utility designed for your particular hard disk. You can download one for free from your drive manufacturer's web site. Even though damage probably won't result from using the wrong program, you may lose data and you may also complicate any warranty service you try to have performed on the drive. (Technical support people at "Company X" generally don't like to hear that you used a utility on their drive written by "Company Y".)


Warning: Always back up your data before you use a low-level utility, and make sure that you carefully follow all of the instructions provided.


Warning: Never run a low-level disk utility from within a multi-tasking operating system such as Windows 9x. Other programs running in the background could interfere with the utility. Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode first, or reboot the computer from a floppy.


modern drives do not need to be low-level formatted by the end user, and in fact cannot be LLFed outside the factory due to their precision and complexity. However, it seems that the need to LLF hard disks on the part of users has never gone away. Like some primordial instinct, many PC users seem to have a fundamental desire to LLF their modern disks. Maybe it is built into the genetic code in some way yet undiscovered. ;^) In fact, even if it were possible, the vast majority of the time that someone "needs" to LLF a hard disk today, it is not really necessary. Many users jump quickly to wanting to try an "LLF" whenever they have a problem with their hard disk, much the way many jump to re-installing their operating system whenever it gives them trouble.

Part of the links information...


Mr Bean

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Definition of 'position'


Definition of 'position'


1. (n.) position

condition with reference to place, often relative to the location of others; location; situation.


2. position

a place occupied or to be occupied; site:

a fortified position.


3. position

the proper, appropriate, or usual place:

out of position.


4. position

situation or condition, esp. with relation to favorable or unfavorable circumstances:

The question put me in an awkward position.


5. position

status or standing; rank.


6. position

high standing or status, as in society.


7. position

a post of employment; job.


8. position

the manner of being placed, disposed, or arranged.


9. position

bodily posture or attitude:

sitting in an uncomfortable position.


10. position

attitude or opinion; stand:

his position on capital punishment.


11. position

the act of positing.


12. position

something that is posited.


13. position

the part of a sports field or playing area covered by a particular player.


14. position

a commitment to buy or sell securities, as stocks.


15. position

to put in a particular or appropriate position; place; situate.


16. position

to determine the position of; locate.

in a reclining position.; posture is usu. an assumed arrangement of the body, esp. when standing:; a relaxed posture.; attitude is often a posture assumed for imitative effect or the like, but may be one adopted for a purpose (as that of a fencer or a tightrope walker):; an attitude of prayer.; A pose is an attitude assumed, in most cases, for artistic effect:; an attractive pose.


Mr Bean

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