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considering beta testing this

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I am a current user of asc5 pro, and i like it. does the beta with the built in antivirus have all of the pro features of asc5 pro?? if I uninstall my currently licenced version and install the beta, will I lose any of my currenty functionality during the beta test period???

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hallow this is very well programed,Sometimes one looks at a new program

and the size then looks at the one without the virus added in.thinking Na

to big,and slows every thing up.

first thing I looked at the wrong install! revised it to be 141.199 in size

OK not so large,installed it on my test PC windows 8.. saw it working

checking it and run the apps.every thing went fine...then should of

run it first..before saying no..its Just I do not like anti virus programs


and really should use one full time...figured as a long time user of IOBIT application this would be the thing to use as its made by IOBIT!



OK then decided to Installed it on my working PC.and went beautifully

no problems running.the anti virus went to work doing its thing..

speed not a worry if any thing things seem the same ..


testing it did some scanning,so far so good

by the way no conflicting with my other fire wall and IP blocking soft ware

i did worry a little it may of.



on both window 8 and window 7 run fine..


Just installed it over the 5.2 version not a problem..


Mr Bean

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may I first say I like it So far this is very good indeed,


please readers before you Install this beta like any,make sure you have a fully

backed iso file of the current hard drive before the install

in case you want to revert it to as you had it before the installing..


now if you are alerted you have the option of white listing the found virus

be very careful what you get rid of ,if you are not sure then white list it for now till you know...

the other thing I advice is when you first scan White list all it finds..

then say after 2 hours or so and it finds viruses,kill them off,but be carefuller

here.again when you recondite them ,then ask first..

remember its a beta..

and its still not 100% fully working..unknowns come into play here.


But I like what its doing ...

OK I of to some Dicky sites and download rubbish and hopefully virus ridden files..

see what happens...

Mr Bean

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hi dear friend

before this is read I purposely infected the system..then installed the program..to a virus ridden system.ThaT was sluggish running. start scanning.


well it certainly did the Job Cleaned out the Viruses when scanning,unfortunately took windows with it. By That I mean ended in a dead drive.


remembering I stated I would purposely download dangerous junk.risk that it may Kill of to well.


sorry I could not send any report the drive ended up dead.


thing was I tried to white list every thing as it was scanning, Asking,but the problem was it quarterdeck the exe files with out my able to halt it when scanning

the virus ridden OS..


thus the Os collapsed,and sat there frozen,on the next boot Ctrl-Alt-Del only way, DarK screened. showed

and that was the end of the OS able to boot.

tried to see the drive by booting into linux but complained it was corrupted non readable. 0 Bytes


what my guess is and am guessing,it moved all infected exe files locked them up nothing I could do about it.so 1/4 of the drive ended in jail

and the drive now non boot able,as the exe files were removed

caused a system co laps.


new drive tried a different approach,

testing it was fine , till I allowed virus ridden soft ware to install on the next test,.and certainly received a lot of warnings,that I ignored <<<<!

and persisted installing.thus collapsing the system..


the program is doing as its made to.and happy so far..

Now my ask here is this..how to stop it moving exe files without my say SO..and not move any files,


when a virus is found it loxes it up. before I am able to see what it is

telling to white list any found.a pop up shows but still to late.


No good to late to undo it.then depending what exe is , dirty the system starts to wobble and shut down.

I think?

the program needs to attempt a clean first.of a found file,before moving it (VIRUS FILE) and THEN ONLY

move it, ASKING FIRST>or ask the user??? If it cannot clean it. the option to forget it..


to late, if it gets moved ,then trying to restore the offending file or files, depending whats moved.in my case froze the system.ended with a dead drive..(Corrupted) non booting.

Mr Bean

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Hi Mr Bean,


What are your settings in Scan Settings and Protect sections of Antivirus Settings?


There are Notify the user to fix found threats in Scan Settings section and Notify the user to process found threats in Protect section, did you choose the radio buttons for them?


Did you use High Level at Protect Level in Protect section?

How about Real-time protection, was it On?



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Yeah i just uninstalled my asc pro and install the beta everything is working ive tested the antivirus to c if it was decent and so far so good i cant get any viruses to attack or execute. Im really happy with this product thus far and since i didnt do a clean install i was able to keep my old settings and everything is working so im considering buying this product.

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