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threat of blacklist


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I wonder if anyone can enlighten me on a phone call i had today.The caller told me although i had ASC5 installed ,he tried to sell me 7 yrs back-up at a cost of £280,when i refused he told me i would be blacklisted by microsoft and would not be able to access internet account.Is this normal and can it be done despite buying windows,or is it just trying to extort money from me.I may install a different operating system to try to avoid any more scams like this.Thank you for any info you can provide.

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Sounds like an Extortion Scam to me.

I'm sure that IObit or Microsoft would Never do that.


I'm wondering how they got your phone-number related to you having ASC ?


Did you put your phone-number on any websites or email-replies recently?

(That is something you Never want to do!)

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Hi putty30, welcome to IObit Forum! :-D


If they call you again, tell them that you are going to do what they want, give them a date/time and inform Police immediately. IMHO that they are after the information in your PC by back-up too. Extremely dangerous scam. :evil:


No way that they can blacklist you for Microsoft or cut your access to Internet, if they can do, they will be caught.


Well, how about today's news? Are you prepared for the DNS Changer malware



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You can test for 'DNS-Changer' on this FBI website:

Click on the URL, in List on left side, in your language.

The background color of the graphic, that is then displayed, will be Green if your DNS IP is Okay,

and it will be Red if you have the Changer malware on your system.


(Some of the EU sites may not have the colors but just tell you if you have the malware, I'm not sure about all)



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hi == putty30


you too Uhh


we had a phone call few weeks back and my wife told the caller(from India she thinks.)go ahead and cut it of.we do not own a PC.


its a scam

lets face it if 1 in a hundred falls for it ,nice income...



read here before you check it...




click this http://www.dns-ok.us/ should give you the green background!


Mr Bean

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thank you all for your replies.this call came from india,and the so called technicians name was peter jordan,although the person who phoned me was the one who made the threat whose name i could not understand.it was peter jordan who installed the original ASC5 . THANKS AGAIN.

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That makes it different putty30, please make a complaint directly to IObit if you know how to conract (phone, address, URL address, company, etc.) that guy from India to give IObit info.


For the sake of being informed, how come this technician (peter jordan) reached you to install ASC in the first place and why?


It seems that your phone and the knowledge of your using ASC is spread from the original contact.



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Guest Guest

They probably just used ASC5 as an example, scammers will use any popular/well known software to convince you to go through with a scam.

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if you are in a playful mode.

the next time you get a call here is what you do (similar)

do this

before thy get going,you say


please hold the line ,then lay the phone on your TV, about 2 mi-nits pick it up

say hallow, PLEASE HOLD.then leave it there on the TV pick it up now and the repeat please hold on!

we had one Dumbo hold 8 mi-nits!

funny that was..


I do understand why thy do what thy do.its ruff to make a income over there.

and are hired to make calls now days the biggest sellers (door to door) are Indian

thy,try sell your grand ma if thy could. make a bob.


Mr Bean

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they must have got my e-mail address from a site i may have clicked on but i do not know how they got my phone .if they contact me again i will try to get info from them and pass it on.my problem is iam a carer for my wife and when i am on the phone she is talking to me all the time so i find phone calls hard.thank you.

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hi again


"if they contact me again i will try to get info " not a hope thy been trained for this!

just forget it.you may be hit again then maybe not.

I would guess not. do not get into a talking mood with them you wast your efort trying.

and thy already know what to watch for.


look we get did, a lot from who ever thy or what thy try to con,sell,last year the worst .


its a listing thy or some one stole .of phone directory.or CD. that auto search numbers,and ring.

and hit a place or country trying to extort cash .from people

a lot comes out of India,or pore country's,even set up by criminals? ,use them (cheap)

set up a phone ring.I remember one evening 4 calls! one the first had me rather baffled

the problem was understanding the caller as to what he wanted,lost patents put down the phone,then not long after it went again,3 more similar calls ,by then I was angry,and swore at the last to *&^%--- of .look do not worry if it happens again,just kill the call

thy get the idea?

and get this we have a silent number! we wondered how thy got that!

some one sold it with all the same type we figured?

look its not the poor one calling,thy need the work.its the ones behind the idea!

that extort the cash (try)I know one old lady Rather my Wife, someone told her she had to pay electricity insurance (uh). $450 for 3 years!! or be cut of .poor dear paid.unfortunately her cash now not recoverable.and the police did try to help.


its mostly the older dears, thy go after,or scrambled brains like me.tho when it comes to cash it sort of wakes me up! and gets the brain in over drive!

Mr Bean

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TELL you what i did one evening ,the phone rings,i got up rather in a silly mood picked it up and the caller went of into a wonderful sales p[itch,So being who I am a bit old and getting sillier each year type I decided to see how long I could keep him on. as he jabbered away I would say to him Sorry what are U selling? and he go off some more I agree to every thing,to a point.then reconfirm what he was saying,after he was near done I asked him to just exp lane it again to be sure I got it right.off he went,about half way asked him now can you just ex plane the first bit?? and he went silent,hallow you still there I asked and he gingerly replayed yes,so ask him I think I have it right,but need you to tell me from the start ,slower please so I am sure.

of he went again,now when done,said sounds a good deal ,ok now i still did not get the first bit,could you please tell my again.as the line was crackly,and he said things I cant put in writing,answered him that's not nice with that attitude you sell nothing. all I need is to be sure I got it right., he hung up

every time we get a caller like it start betting,how long we can keep him /her on when in a silly mood


and get some different reactions tell you that..poor things,thy try to make a living to I suppose.



Mr Bean

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Hi Mr. Bean.


The telemarketers... (phone sellers) are not poor things, they work hard at accepting rejection well! (If enough people hang up on you or yell at you and you persist... then you will find the one who will buy).


A good salesman is a rejection specialist... If you collect enough people who say no, the one who says yes will appear.




Live long and prosper!

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