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IObit should consider to make IObit Software Updater the ONLY updater

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  • IObit should consider to make IObit Software Updater the ONLY updater

    Hi IObit,

    I've expressed this on a support ticket but I think is a good idea to also post it here.

    I've found that currently IObit has 3 stand alone programs that have "software updater" functionality: ASC, IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software Updater.

    And few days ago I noticed a big inconsistency between IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software updater; Uninstaller was reporting that there was an update to TeamViewer, while IObit Software updater was reporting that TeamViewer was up to date

    See the attached screenshot.

    So, I would like to suggest IObit to ONLY have IObit Software Updater as the only and golden source for "software updates", please remove the updater module from ASC and Uninstaller, problems like the one I'm reporting will confuse users and at the end is the risk of creating bad reputation to IObit.

    IObit Uninstaller vs. IObit Software Updater
    DJ ektorbarajas:

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    Rather than remove a useful function from the other two programs....would it not be more beneficial and productive to ensure that the software updater in all three programs be improved so that they all give the same result.
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      Hi Scannan, that can be another solution for this.
      DJ ektorbarajas:


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        ektorbarajas, @Scannan,

        Thank you for your suggestions. I've recorded it, will forward it to the product team.
        We will keep improving the features of IObit Software Updater.

        Thank you for your support.
        IObit Support Team --
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