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Smart Defrag 6.1.5 Leaves Fragmented Files in FAT32 File System

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  • Smart Defrag 6.1.5 Leaves Fragmented Files in FAT32 File System

    I am running SD 6.1.5 in Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I have a FAT32 drive, and when SD has finished, there are still fragmented files. These are at the end of the disk, as seen in the attached screenshot. This is a minor problem.
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    Hi bsfinkel

    It is difficult to assist with your concern, because you did not supply a colour code for your screenshot.
    Assuming that you are using default colours, then it appears that
    1) your drive has very little Free Space, which if true would prevent large files from being defregmented.
    2) You have Immovable files ( files which are in use by the system at time of defrag and therefore cannot be defragmented)

    If you could supply the relevant Info, we could assist you better.
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      Press DETAILS on ther right site (under the last red fragment) und u can see what file is not defragmented. make a screen and post it too.


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        Hi there,

        This is Cicely from IObit.

        Could you please send your concern to with the debug file got with the tool so that we can investigate it?

        Waiting for your reply.
        IObit Support Team --
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