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    The new version looks sleek, but I miss the "Happy/Unhappy" face which shows immediately whether things are good or need maintennance.
    Perhaps a change of color to Red somewhere on the Care Panel (or perhaps even a text book saying a scan is required) would be very handy. As it is, I do bnot know when a scan is required.
    (Nice fix to the "swirly thingy" though. LOL)


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      Hi... Good Morning (or) Afternoon! <Feedback >

      The Performance monitor is missed... Scan button seems (to me) overly large... a multi-colored background perhaps (alternating colors)?
      or "dark" light silver/ ~ black... light grey charcoal on a toned down off white perhaps? Would be nice if in "Deep Optimization" perhaps a "hover over" would explain
      "if you do choose to make this optimize change ___ is the result" (so the "average end user notices & understands).

      Be nice if in "Homepage Advisor" your protection choice
      would also include Epic or Brave Browsers (or let you pick the browser of your choice) since it's common knowledge IE isn't exactly "secure". For "older people", could
      you please increase overall font size (please) in Toolbox listings (say a Century 11 or 12 maybe?).

      One last possible item to consider: Under "Options" ~ suggested order list:

      1. Quick Settings & 2. Settings (then) 3. . Rescue Center & 4. Tech Support (most "end users" will love this I promise you)…because it's for them "logical"
      < then> 5. User Manual (esp. if you can print it out in a .PDF (a godsend to someone panicking about their system!) 6. Check for Updates.

      - SPACERS - After 1rst 4 items then after 6 (ease of eye movement and place to "rest" eyes so one doesn't feel overwhelmed too much at once)..

      Last Section: 1. My Subscription 2. About 3. Send Feedback 4. Help Us Translate 5. About

      - SPACER - Because Download IOBIT Freeware has nothing to do with operating this piece of specific software so it should be located by itself.

      My suggestions as a Technical Writer and User Interface Design Specialist. Hope it helps... CarleS


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        The Performance Monitor is still there. Read back a few posts and you will see where to find it.
        The Font size can be changed in ASC....see Configure UI in User Manual.
        You can create your own Skins and make the Scan button anything you want.....or select a skin already created by other Users....see the Skins section of the Forum. Also when you open the ASC Menu (click the hamburger button) you will see a blank Skin box which when selected will take you to the Skins section.

        As a Technical Writer and User Interface Design Specialist...I am surprised that you did not check the User Manual and or the ASC Forum section before making your suggestions.
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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          Just downloaded ASC 13 tonight and an issue I encountered is if I am running the scan and switch between full window and back, the tabs to repair and skip disappear. I replicated it twice just to make sure it wasn't a one time deal.