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the direction of threads and their size

sunny staines

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Two points really at what size does a thread become too much to read, its ok for those that visit each day. but what about readers who have a problem but are not regular.


they find the relevant thread with the problem but it spans umteen pages and they have to read through tons of non relevant banter to find the info or find it leads away into another problem.


we all add comments which send the original thread in another direction or add loads of banter not a problem but i feel on occasions it gets out of hand.


my solution would be keep the replies as they are but non relevant replies get greyed out [eg moderators changes font to light grey] after a few days, that way they can still be read by all but someone looking for info can scan through a large thread quickly.


what's you views just an idea

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"relevant thread with the problem but it spans umpteen, pages and they have to read through tons of non relevant banter to find the info or find it leads away into another problem."





yes i agree -and as I one of the guilty parties,feel i will adapt your advice--

try to keep it smaller ,and to the relevant ! post's-theme(point)


more to the point --with out a long draw out useless explanations,

thanks for the reminder!


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As the Moderator on 3 Forums I think that it would become a full time job to edit by greying out passages that were not strictly true to the original intent of the Thread. Besides that one of the main problems with editing content is that many times the sidebar subjects turn out to be more informational than the original subject matter.


Many times I have encountered Threads that contained over 100 and sometimes as many as 200-300 posts and because of this I developed a search technique where I first click on 'reply to this post' and after the editor arranges all of the posts of the Thread on the page below I then use my Browser's Find Feature will locate the key words I'm looking for in short order.



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Lots of work!


The assumption being that someone will be assigned to monitor every thread and "grey" out the "less relevant" information? You gonna do that? How much monitoring, discussion, time, etc. would that cost?? If you wanna volunteer, I'm with you... I'll donate 10 bucks to keep you off the streets.

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The Lounge is a place where you can discuss more than our product or non computer related subjects. ????




Posting Rules

You may post new threads

You may post replies

You may post attachments

You may edit your posts

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code is On

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don't say you cant chit chat---or socialize ?


that mean keep it short to the point?

do not talk about your self? you can only type 20 words? and if not directly related do not post? do not post-? if you have a point to make? or say debate -enplane,express one self? admins delete non related expressions?

or general chit chat?

why is it called a lounge?


i would of thought so we can chat about any thing--? to socialize with one other? never mind what-discussed-even if it wanders of some--

to censer and gray out why?


perhaps split it in half -say here you cant --only for the non social MEMBERS-

here you can? --for the ANY thing you like to talk about -and have fun doing it ? i don't know ?


perhaps have a part for new members only -no general chit chat

only relevant posts made in this section- ? and then a other for longer time members-? any thing is allowed--


if we did as is suggested we would perhaps lose some good pll ?

we have a lot of enjoyment here -all different type of PC friends--i really think leave it as is


-"The assumption being that someone will be assigned to monitor every thread and "Grey" out the "less relevant" information? "

why ? and even if we volunteered what would be irreverent--or censored--


look i think the admins are already doing a excellent job-and keep a eye out

if the site is short on admins perhaps some of us could help? but there seems plenty at the moment--


so what i make there are already places fore the serious discussion -and keep to the relevant point's there off

so realy i would love to see it remain as is---




probably a touch long you think? but relevant to our discussion



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tending to agree with what you say about greying out after some thought, it was just an idea after some feedback from people i recommended to the forum, that mentioned the problem i posted.


the lounge is ok, but its the help threads i was referring to.


never been a moderator and posted to see what others thought.

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Hi jjj

It IS a Lounge

We have been talking among ourselves about perhaps to place a sub-section in the Lounge that discusses new or interesting software.

But it is hard to discern what is what sometimes.

Sometimes though the threads are highjacked, and this can make it harder to follow a subject, what the solution is to this I am not sure, - but perhaps when one discovers that one is going off on a tangent, to open a new thread that talks about this, - this on the other hand will generate a lot of new threads that will encourange people to bump the thread they are interested in, so I do not have an easy solution for this.



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you all have good points and yes sometimes it may seem that way -as for us who have to much time on our hands ,yes you are right also -


if i may say this - due to medical problems cant sleep,some days none, at all i wont bore any one with ,and this for me a terrific way to help pass time-keeps my mind of the pain--well helps-i am what thy called house bound-just able to potter about--


new readers or members

say thy cant find what thy are looking for-or find it tedious reading- -perhaps look at the either -type of way , in what it is thy seek

1 google.

2 yahoo

3 ask----------- in gens

than scroll down the headings-that how we find things? and post them ,then a in depth discussion may start--


here is what i do --say a very long thread on -Malcolm back up --where we went all over the place--a new reader my find himself lost,you can look at the en gens- for a answer -


-but better still get stuck into the post --

ask ! will not matter what it is--someone will refer,them to the post of interest to them or able to answer the ask--

we get lots that do -with the post like help me please and receive a prompt answer 90% of the time--some of us post very few words-some like my self write you a book! like a few have posted if you do not like a them-simple

don't read them---me i read just about all i can --how els are you going to learn--by some one answering 3 words? no -some time one needs a bible of a explanation--some times just a link--or very few words--


any how thanks for allowing my expression on this --and i hope you all enjoy

join in ! post --! get to know us !---and us you!



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Wink Another for Max

Hey shutterbug,take a look at "this" -Enjoy!


Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin

Reply With Quote




place a sub-section in the Lounge that discusses new or interesting software.


rather a rule place only" interesting links" -like new software -free,trial,extra--

something like above only allowed ? where you hit this. or a link provided

.and it takes you there-..if we want to discuss the program -then we could refer it --to this part of the forum --in the lounge?


no comments allowed to be posted ,or post any answer --to how good or any comment ,

or how any thing?


any long winded posts get diluted by admins --or assign some one ,any one volatiles the rule of posting will be deleted by the admin--(posts made)


if you all think this may add strian of the admins -or extra work load--


you could invite gary ,max,ted,sunny,myself or any one you think -- give them the power to rid any scams and so on --just for this section--


just a point to consider


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Seems ok to me


Personally, I don't see that the IObit forum needs much change.


The strictly business side of the Forum gets done quickly and efficiently.

Some members posts are short and sweet, others like to explain in more detail, some write a guide almost every time they post.

There is no good, better or best as long as the assistance is helpfull


The lounge has a vast array of hints, tips, bargains and general chit chat.

Again, the different styles of posting are evident.


Forums are a community and like all communities it is the responsibility of the members to maintain a balance, especially the 'senior/regular' members who are required to set an example.

Senior/regular members should need no moderating, if a thread drifts off-topic then that new topic can be taken to another thread, there should be no need to ask a Moderator to do this.

If personal issues arise it should be taken to Private Messages


The job of Moderators should be to just sit around drinking coffee, checking that new members are ok and banning spammers :-)


All the best, woz of oz

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very good answer . just as i like it ,you are right--speaking for my self i am glad it was wrote, to light-this has cleared a lot --of things--and in general we all agree--and all the comments were nice reply's-myself will try harder-to make it a wonderful forum as all do -the enjoyment when reading different post is -a booster -to my dally life--and i would think others as well --

i thank you all for your thinking on this-- .and sunny bringing this subject up--



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jjj- I'm glad that you appreciated the joke!:-P On a more serious note the Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse that my Daughter gave me at its highest speed and acceleration settings will scroll at the rate of at least 50 screens per second in free spin mode which can take me through even the longest posts or a huge photo catalog very quickly. My motto is 'Don't get mad just get out of there'!





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