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32-Core Processors


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I found out that the Asus D16 Mobo has an optional LAN-port called the iKVM port, that I had not heard of before.

I think it's a Local network (not connected to internet) where computers are connected together thru a hub/switch,

used by Admin to control and configure computers on network, but Not sure if that is what it is?

Anyone familiar with a KVM-over-IP LAN, as to how it works and what it's Advantages are, over a normal LAN?

I can Not figure out why it would ever be needed and it seems that it would only complicate things on an enterprize network,

unless Linux or Unix has a special need for something like that?

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Ah, I found a Major advantage of the KVM-over-IP network.

You can have more control of computers and devices,

including Reboot and Power up/down switching, with special switch boxes.


So, I would call the KVM system a 'Remote-Control' system, more than anything else?

(Giving more control of devices on the network than a normal LAN does.)


BTW - KVM is Keyboard, Video & Mouse

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I got the Cooler-master 1000w Power-supply and 942 Case that I ordered. :grin:

Wow, that Case is BIG !

I knew it was Big but you just can't appreciate the size and weight until you see it in person.

I think I can put Several Mobos in that Monster! :lol:


I've already started Modifying and Painting it, to make it more Personal. :lol:

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I found another strange problem reported about the Asus KGPE-D16 Mobo. :roll:


The PCI-E x16/MIO slot will turn off if another PCI-E x16 slot is occupied and one PCI-E x16 slot will auto switch to an x8 link if another PCI-E x16 slot is occupied. I am not sure if the MIO sound card will still work in that PCI-E x16/MIO slot if the other PCI-E x16 slot is occupied. The manual is not quite clear about this.


Which is what I intended to do,

by putting a Video-card in a x16 slot and a Sound-card in the x16/MIO slot.

So I suppose that means I may have to try a different type sound-card, such as an old style PCI x1 card? :-? Since there is one x1 slot on the Mobo.


I know Asus tested with the MIO sound-card so the conflect problem must come from some x16 Video-cards but Not All Video-cards?

Of course it may Not be a Conflect at all, but is just the way the Mobo has been Designed?

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Another small problem:

The 942 Case has two USB-3.0 ports at front panel, with cables going to a 20-pin connector that is to be pluged into Mobo,

but the Asus D16 board does not have a USB-3.0 20-pin. :cry:


After a great deal of searching I found this small card that will solve the problem:

(See picture - The black connector is a 20-pin)

Evidently this is the Only card made to do that?

It's made by SilverStone and can be ordered at Amazon.

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I found another strange problem reported about the Asus KGPE-D16 Mobo. :roll:


Which is what I intended to do,

by putting a Video-card in a x16 slot and a Sound-card in the x16/MIO slot.

So I suppose that means I may have to try a different type sound-card, such as an old style PCI x1 card? :-? Since there is one x1 slot on the Mobo.


I found that this will Not be a problem, as long as I install Only one Video-card.

The Video card will go in slot-3 and the USB-3.0 card will go in slot-4.

If I put a 2nd Video-card in slot-5, I can not put a MIO Sound-card in slot-6,

an old style PCI Sound-card would need to be used in slot-1 Instead and I could not put a card in slot-4, if I did use 2 SLI-Video-cards.

So, maybe I'll look for a good Dual-GPU Video-card Instead?


Slot Specs:


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I'm thinking about adding two more LED lights to the case front-panel,

to monitor Network activity on the two LAN ports, since the ones at rear panel will be difficult to see.

I found that there are connectors for those LEDs on the Mobo,

so looks like a Good Excuse to add more Bling-Lights to me. :lol:


There's also a connector for a System-error-monitor LED,

that I could add to case front-panel also.

I just hope my Power-supply can handle All this Bling! ;-)

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Well I've desided to try the XFX Radeon HD-6790 Video card.

I really like it's dual-fan arrangement.

The GTX-590 is a Great card but just too expensive and around 400.Watts peak power is too much,

in combination with two high wattage CPUs.


Has anyone here tried the HD-6790 card?


See pic of HD-6790:

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I encountered another problem.

There are not many options available for CPU-Coolers that fit the new G-34 socketed CPUs.

The best I've found is the Dynatron-A6, but I've read reports that the odd sized fan (77.mm) is much too Noisy and does not cool well, with CPU at full-load.


So I found a fan Adapter that will fit the Heat-sink with slight modification at mounting holes. Then I can mount a 120mm fan,

which has higher CFM rating and is quieter, to get better cooling with less noise.


See pics of A6-cooler, adapter and 4-wire fan:

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Could this be an option? Available @ Newegg


Heatsink Options For The AMD G34 Socket

Assuredly one of the hardest tasks about just ordering your new ASUS KGPE-D16 server motherboard will be finding an appropriate heatsink for the dual G34 sockets. Five days after receiving my motherboard from Amazon, I was left waiting for both of my heatsinks to arrive, due to a lack of hardware vendors. The reason is simple; They are hard to find for sale online in the active role that an enthusiast builder would use. The reason for this is because the AMD G34 socket coolers are mostly designed for passive installations on 1U or 2U server chassis. In this configuration, air blows across the heatsink fins but it has no fan installed on the part itself. For desktop computers, we want active coolers. The Thermaltake CLS0017 G34 cpu cooler has a copper base and four heatpipes. I used two of these mostly because they offered 70MM fans with up to 46 CFM of air flow to help keep my eight core processors cool while running BOINC distributed computing projects.


Above taken from this review:epinions.com/review/asus-kgpe-d16-dual-socket-g34-amd-sr5690-v-2gbe-ssi-eeb-server-motherboard-kgped16asmb4ikvm/content_553298202244



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I looked at the Thermaltake cooler but to get the kinda low 48.CFM the small fan has to run at 6,000 RPM, which will make it noisy also.

So, I think it would need to be modified with a 120.mm fan also.


I'm looking at a 120mm fan with 133.CFM at 3,000.RPM Max, which should be way Better, even with the slightly restrictive adapter attached.

I think the adapter may act like a Venturi, causing a higher air-pressure at heat-sink inlet, but not sure about that?


All things considered I think the A6, with the larger fan mod, is still the best way to go, that I've seen so far.


Thanks for the suggestion though.

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I have the Case components painted, modified and tested,

I converted the power and HDD LEDs to be Network-LEDs and installed more promenently mounted LEDs for Power and HDD.

I tested the Power-supply, HD and DVD drives and other parts, by installing an old Mobo.


So, now I'm just waiting for AMD to Whip-up some 16-core CPUs for me to put in that very Empty Case. :lol:

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I encountered another Strange problem in this build.

I got 2 small USB-3.0 cards, 1 for cabling 3.0 ports to case front-panel and 1 for ports at back of case.

I first tested each one separately and they worked fine,

but when I pluged both in and installed both drivers, at same time, the computer went Crazy and would Not Boot-up. :shock:

I had to do a system-restore to get it to Boot.

So, looks like I will only have 3.0 ports at front-panel. :-(

I can always put the other card in another computer that does not have 3.0 ports.


See cards:

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Well, I'm very Disappointed that AMD has Not released even the 8 and 12 core CPUs with a Good Clock-speed. If they can't get it up to about 3.GHz or more, It just Won't Hack it.

Looks like my Great new Case will be waiting a Long time for some Good processors and Software that will use them. :cry:


Below is a typical Review of the G-34 processors being sold now:


This CPU is REALLY FAST for some special applications. (SMP)This is a great CPU if youre buying it for the right purpose.


Gamers and casual computer users need not apply, gaming will be slow and single threaded applications will not be nearly as fast as other offerings.


For example, a system with two of these on a single motherboard will perform about as fast in some circumstances as my SINGLE overclocked i7 930 (4.2ghz), and other times far slower. This is because most applications will not fully use all available cores. Most of the ones I've tested on it utilize at maximum 4 cores, sort of a shame.


Basically, it ends up that a 4.2ghz core is far faster than a 2ghz core, and this is the way most programs will see it.

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While I'm waiting for AMD to release some Good G-34 CPUs,

I desided to put a MSI 890FXA-GD70 Mobo and AMD X6 1100T CPU in the new case.

I really like that Mobo, with it's Dual LAN ports, but I encountered a problem.

I want to try using two video cards in crossfire config, but after putting the cards in the only two PCI-E-X16 Mobo slots,

I found Only One slot was available to use for other cards, since the video-cards are 2 slots wide and cover two of the empty slots.

I need that one slot for a USB-3.0 card, so that leaves 'None' available for anything else. :-(


I'll have to make sure everything else, I add, is USB compatible.


Oh well, maybe someday they will design a Great Mobo that has everything 'Just Perfect'.

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The MSI 890FXA-GD70 Mobo has a utility with it, called OCGenie, that automaticly determines the best Over-clock frequency, that the system should run at.

It increased it to 3.62GHz, which is higher than I was going to do manually. :grin:

It will also Decrease it automaticly if there is a problem.

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With the addition of the 2 video-cards, which have 2 fans each,

that makes a total of 13 Fans in the new case. :shock:


With all that Rotary-Power it would Fly, if it wasn't So Heavy. :lol:


My last build only had 9 fans, and I thought That was a 'Lota Fans'. :wink:


I wonder if I can also use it to keep my Beer Cold? :lol:

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All the components are staying below 55.deg.C, with them over-clocked

and at Heavy bench-mark load. :grin:

So, all those fans are doing their job

and I'm very Happy with the new system,

even though it does have Only 6 cores. ;-)


Maybe someday I'll be able get the 32 Core system I wanted. :-(

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Hey Toppack,


Seems like this has become the unofficial hardware upgrade thread, I thought I would jump in with my new acquisition. Have always wanted a Phantom case from NZXT, but it was space prohibitive. Enter the Phantom 410 (Ohhh Yea!!!). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146085 Will have to wait till Monday to physically lay hands on it, but excitement is already building. Reviews have all been excellent with relatively few hiccups. If it goes as reviewers have indicated, I should be able to clean-up the cabling issues that have been driving me to distraction.



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This was the first computer build, that I've tried, using Crossfire Video,

with two video-cards in parallel.

I've desided that it is Not worth the extra expense and heat generated by the second card. :?

I found that all software runs just as well with a single card, even the new graphics intense Games, using DirectX-11.

Since single cards are So Good these days!


So, I now have a good extra graphics card for the next computer. :grin:


Oh well, it was Fun doing the Testing! :lol:

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