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test your system...????


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try this out see how well you are protected..then do the test -see if ye know

if you understand what it is can you score the 100% pass?



20 minutes to live


According to computer security experts, 20 minutes is the average time that an unprotected computer remains clean after connecting to the internet. After that, the computer is infected with a virus or spy ware or is hacked.


its very smart ,try it.i did and got a bit of a shock!!!


and found my self ----check the 2 gif



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ok 1 its all simulated------there fore allow it to run --now you all picked up the first ,alert ,correct.


allow this to run....if you trust the soft ware?

ok next step your protecting soft ware has 3 mini nets to scan clean ..gaird

your system...


only run this if you know what you are doing,and trust this test...

its a simulator ,harmless ....


ok i played around with soft ware.disengage,and reengage,


now my last result is as shown....when my soft ware came alive ,and reacted inside the 3 min nits....



Gary leave this alone....you did right..and you pc was alerted to this testing app!


i use this a lot ,but found a better version--many people stared to scream

bad ,program.there fore were frighten to use it....


its a simulator, will do flux all to the system .when done it delints, the tests

pretend ended commands.


now i would not post a harmful program ,if i did not use it myself!!!


so why do i use it ,to find better apps to get it all a high as possible!

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ok first of all thank you for the concern.that is for me very kind ,you all jumped in and saying .HY itsmejjj you are unprotected!


na .trust this ,i am defensively in top shape, this is a build that is rather old ,2007 .but still a top leak tester...why ,the soft ware today are very bloated,and slow to react so this app saying to you ,thy are,as it gives you 3 mi nits,,now that is still a long time for software to see,and block the test ,attackers..made..so i turn of ,or install something different,to get this faster ,

to stop the,attack ,its done from my system ,no good going to a link,its to late if you or i failed, or a software did not pick it up..by a failed result..


yes one can use a sand box,but hy i don't want to ..i want raw protection the best i can achieve..so i fiddle with this,now next will be 360 ,i shall ,turn of every thig and try this ,see how it fairs,

i just forgot to run this for a bit ,than rechecked the site ,and its still the same app,


and posted for you to try..if you are game and run it ,allow it..

but i understand when faced with a red alert! you think NO THANKS..

piont is this


you run this .its not harming your system....its all simulated.

yes its a type of malaware ,sure as its singling your soft ware ,to alert you ,stop it...



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please not every thing bar iobit is of!




right --you see the post before this one i used a old version of iobit 360

now installed ,so tested ,and saw the resuts ..as we use it .?


now updated to the latest version..reinstalled,rebooted.ran a test ,all clear


ok ran the tests...now you see a tiny improve meant!

but is this plenty? judge your self---


ok this i think should of been a better result?

i do not know ,but it only picked up 2 -----


iobit should of stoped the malaware...as it is..



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the above is all simulated attacks.malaware ,spy,and so on...there nothing bar 2 alerts ,were shown .inside the time.that got deleted..yet that was it..

ok we are not talking virus,but spy ,and Malaware,spy. hits..


now engaged every thing as before and a 1% lift in protection was achieved

i was hoping for at least 10% in the last coll'em ..


now this may be all nonsense,but the other app did pick up all threats.


so is iobit still to weak?


my ESET picked up all of 90% any how..(Waring's)

.than my protector the rest..

so one may want to check your soft ware? ...


i do not know..perhaps ..but is it worth installed? yes ,it helped 1% so every bit counts...


i do gage this as genuine test..leaking test...but there are other ways one can ,this is i be leave very good....


any soft ware that clams it is protecting you should see and defended.

the simulated test..or at lest some of it..??

my ones did! and have .if you study the caps..

the point is, the program sits for your system to find and stop the treats 3 mi nits...! so if it picked up nothing well i wonder what you are using?





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Asquared also ok with it.


JJJ Asquared also didn't alert until actual insertion of test virus. I would not have done this except having checked it out, I was 95% sure it was safe.


The software ran the tests, then removed the components that alert.


Then redirected and tried to sell.


I removed it with REVO. Gone, Gone, Gone.


My question is: What's the point of this? Why do this if you know you're protected? Its more of a sales and marketing tool for the inexperienced user than anything! You certainly don't need it!


Peace brother!

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JJJ Asquared also didn't alert until actual insertion of test virus. I would not have done this except having checked it out, I was 95% sure it was safe.


The software ran the tests, then removed the components that alert.


Then redirected and tried to sell.


I removed it with REVO. Gone, Gone, Gone.


My question is: What's the point of this? Why do this if you know you're protected? Its more of a sales and marketing tool for the inexperienced user than anything! You certainly don't need it!




Peace brother!



Then redirected and tried to sell. yep this i ignored ! close the browser.

its the app i am talking about .now you tried it and all is good..

so why not a new person ?

is this wrong?


yes i agree with you its for the ones who do not know ..

and why not share this ,so as to make them alerted to a week system?


or perhaps i should of not done this? its not that i worry about myself,

but point out .to the new user ,to defend there systems...

and show the different setting.unprotected,half protected fully protected


so did i wast my time?

if i did i apologize.to all the members...for doing the tests and show the variations ,of a system not well looked after...


i enjoyed bring it to the attention of the forum.not to scare any one

or be a show of its a simulated test..nor better or worse than any of this type..

leak test are in abundance.to try ,its just a veneration of one..

and lets face it most have a sales pitch, that's why thy make them.so will

i keep it ,yes its fun to run..test new apps..se if thy pick up the test...


roguish software.yes .its a sale pitch ,i do agree with you.and ,there are many .i did state ,you trust your self to run this.as gary stated ,wisely NO THANKS..

so that is why i did the postings.to shown its harmless to a system..

i would not post it if it did..i am still a little disappointing in the result but as you wisely stated top score is that.. but alleyways the but..heee

no sir you are both right..but hey its drawing attention

MY POINT OF THE POSTING...so the new people become aware?





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Hi itsmejjj,


You are doing great, but with a wrong rogueish software.


I have tried it, and all it does only if you give permission to it.


If you give the permission to connect to the internet, the best you can get is 100, 80, 75 respectively


Especially, not giving any chance for closing this software other than Task Manager is a good example of a rogueware. If you don't close it by task manager, you are obliged to be connected to the site to buy the software.


I wish you have spend this valuable time and valuable tests, with another geniune software.


All the best.



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i did state its malaware type program..and ran it as a bit of fun .

but relished again you are absolutely correct!!!

my over sight..2nd time i remember one i posted a while back .

probably runs from my fearless attitude testing..---sorry again...


ok DO NOT RUN THIS IF YOU THE MEMBER DO NOT UNDERSTAND USING malware.. software..i should of posted at the very first post...


closing this software other than Task Manager

well i don't know about this my one i hit close,it linked,that i close (browser)

then that was it..but yes ok it was fun and if it did draw attention ,to this well

i think now wrong? no i think it was a good exercise?and hope it alerts

not to trust any thing (links) posted..as i did state ,you must trust it to run ..

now i did .and no harm came from it .if it did .i most verdantly. would not post a dangers app! and i think every one knows ME for this.i be leave i am trusted,here ,and a very responsible man...i run a app first before i post it .TEST

now some i have run ,destroyed my system.so as always be careful.

do not just blindly run a app posted...and if ya see one i tell you all to try

UMM be carefuller.

i am a bit of a crazy fella.try anything,always stop and say to your self

oh oh whats he got here! we batter watch him first!!!!



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The new style of advertising ?


A-Square MalAware is also resorting to the scare tactics, words like You are urgently advised...... Don't take any chances....... (Image # 1)


Then the user must select Exit from the list or they will be taken to the website to buy the product even if they click the Exit button (Image # 2)


Welcome to the new style of advertising, all the free scans with redirects and free ToolBars you will ever need and then some :wink:


All the best, woz of oz

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I did check it out and Avia did notified me of a Test Signature Virus. As far as I know its just a Test Virus that wont warn your computer. I did run other scans after and came up with nothing


thank you for this,yes its harmless ,and was a gimmick ,to try to scare users ,into a pay up,and use..so now what do we class as aggressive adverts?

like woz is saying..,and then class rouge ware ,borderline averts? persistent links?


look its all aggressive now ,so many getting into .protection..this and that ,every one clamming, use ours only! look at them ,the last 4 years a increase

of 600% of applications.in protection software....



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A-Square MalAware is also resorting to the scare tactics, words like You are urgently advised...... Don't take any chances....... (Image # 1)


I saw this also after the 10 second Emsisoft Malware Beta Cloud Scan and just considered it a warning as to its accuracy because I never saw anything like that with their much more rigorous and A-Squared Free on demand scanner which can take hours and yields much more accurate results.


The entire paradigm of personal computer security is rapidly changing these days as more and more of the top rated companies move toward adding additional layers of virtualization out in front of the more traditional default allow methods of protection and some of these companies are planning on setting the standard of offering this new and higher standard of protection absolutely free which will not be good news for the fee based computer security companies.



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Yay! Show me the money!!


With the advent and proliferation of protection software... its only natural for the seller to aggressively promote their products.


The selling tactic is "fear of loss"


When the fear of loss by not purchasing the product right now outweighs the perceived value of the money... people buy.


There are many incarnations of this in sales/marketing. Its called the "now" factor.


If you don't buy the car "now", the rebate,trade in $, sale price, "special financing", ... etc. won't be there tomorrow.


If you don't buy the house "now", the prime interest rate could rise, someone else could make an offer..., etc.


If you don't try the new burger at the closest fast food place... the "limited time offer" will expire.


The operating emotion being fear. If I don't do this now, I probably can't do it later and it will cost me more.


Aye Woz, its the same thing... asquared and all. The MalAware tool is designed for this!((But...I have to admit its pretty cool though to pop in my USB, scan, and show what they're(unaware users) are missing real quick!))



I believe the lines may continue to blur concerning what is "rogueish". Thanks JJJ for "food for thought"



Your friend,



So as this happens Maxx, where are they going to get the revenue to pay their bills? I wonder if we will have to suffer through visual advertisements???? For non-related products???

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No such thing as a free lunch <shrug>


Yeah, it's all a bit of a game now and I just ignore and/or un-tick the 'unwanted options'. Many do it, so I'm not picking on anyone in particular.

Remember the FoxIt PDF Viewer eBay icon and just recently I looked at Orbit Download Manager but the YouTube etc one-click download is only available through a ToolBar :-(


The funny (if that's the right word) thing about the A-Squared MalAware notice and many others as well, is that it almost says

This scan is not accurate so you just wasted your time doing it :wink:

By the way, I do a scan with A-Squared Free once a week, or if I suspect a nasty, and I think it is great :smile:


All the best, woz of oz

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Melvin_Deal- Comodo products have always been free and are promised to always be free. They did take some heat a while back for a user opt-out tool bar, but its nothing that CCleaner and many other software companies include in their program downloads. I think we've all learned to be cautious about pre-checked boxes when downloading any kind of software.


The computer security world is so worried that in July 2009 PC Magazine published an article called Can You Afford to Run Free Antivirus Software? that came to the conclusion "My common sense tells me that protection provided by the elite pay products is better than that provided by the free products." Why? Because they depend on the huge revenues that fee based computer security software companies generate to advertise in their magazine.


A Symantec execuitive recently made the statement "If you are only relying on free antivirus to offer you protection in this modern age, you are not getting the protection you need.".


The huge corporate computer security industry is quaking in their boots because they are routinely getting beaten badly in independent tests by free computer security software and it will only get worse for them in 2010 when Comodo releases CIS v4 featuring Sandbox Virtulazation, a new Behavior Blocker in addition to the Firewall Pro and Defense+ HIPS as well as the ultimate cure in the form of the Comodo Time Machine all at no cost to the user!





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Where is the money ?


I think, in the not to distant future, the moey will come from 24/7/365 assistance and maitenance

From my observations, in 'real life' (outside of the forums) most people want an all inclusive 'suite'.

They don't want to search for and install the 'best' AV and best Firewall and best ant-malware etc they just want 'set and forget'


I get the impression Comodo is working it's way to what could be the ultimate product (for many at least), the all in one suite that needs virtually no interaction from the user.

Comodo CIS plus Dragon browser plus Servers plus Time Machine plus SandBoxing and then 24/7/365 toll-free phone assistance when the computer is down and web assistance when the computer is on-line.


• Dragon Browser through Comodo servers and with SandBoxing is the first line of defense

• Then CIS (Firewall, HIPS, anti-virus/malware)

• Backups (images) are stored on Comodo servers and anywhere else you like

• On-line assistance (where they take over your computer) and not just for Comodo 'problems' assistance for all computer problems


My friends would gladly pay every year for a 'package' like this and they wouldn't even want to know all the details, just as long it works and someone else will quickly fix it when it doesn't.


There's the money :smile:


All the best, woz of oz

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I read it to the end, thanks! "Originally posted on the PCMag.com security blog, Security Watch."


This is a quote from the head Symantic man though... not PC Mags opinion..."My common sense tells me that protection provided by the elite pay products is better than that provided by the free products."


Comodo is fine software! They also must have a reliable revenue stream though.


His comments about MS finally entering the AV world are biased as well. MS stands to lose so much user loyalty by small start-ups with superior products such as this...(A/V,anti-malware,spyware...etc. and more... opera etc). Ms is forced to act with MSE. Soon they will be forced to support their own OS registry... (something else they've avoided)


The days of IE are numbered. IE coasts on the habits of users who don't want to change/try something new/do it different. So also the days of continuous MS operating platform upgrades are numbered. Win 7 is an attempt to take the good things out of Vista and put them back into XP. Should be called XP Ultimate?


As long as MS continues to inflict their OS on most every machine made, they will have a market and money in the bank. They attempt to slow market erosion through the release of MSE.


The stand alone MS office softwares, once provided free, you now have to pay for.(MS Office). Users are addicted to them so they will pay. They have to as they have built their information and document structure on this once (free) software.


MS will soon come out with its own tool to repair its own registry. Will probably only work for 7 though... to force everybody(eventually) to buy 7.


Just supposing/thinking/speculating/thats all.


Aye... nothing is free, in the long run it pans out and is paid for!


Still curious??? Do you sandbox now???

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Melvin_Deal- Yes! I have all 3 of my browsers set to start in one of three separate Virtual environments administrated by Sandboxie and even though I use 4 on demand scanners they have not detected so much as a tracking cookie thus far and that's including the time since 2 months ago when I uninstalled my Antivirus software after it reached into the Browser's Virtual Space and informed me that there was a Trojan Downloader present and asked if I wanted to have it take the Malware back into the computer and quarantine it.


Why would I want the Antivirus to quarantine Malware inside the computer when as soon as the Browser is closed Sandboxie will not just simply delete, but completely obliterate it by overwriting the Malware code and any and all other data that was in the sandbox 7 times including 5 passes of randomly generated data!


I have never enjoyed the internet so much as I have since I started using a Virtualized Browser because I know that whatever Malicious Code I may have picked up will never reach my computer because what happens in the Sandbox stays in the Sandbox until it is destroyed with impunity!



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hi max ok i am trying this out-after reading all your comments on this app..

now i assume we run in a sort of space environment?

so i surf about .download files .ok i recover .the files .

meaning ,thy get shifted? right.

now when i close this .whats happens if i do not recover them .( i assumethydissipated)

2 is this isolated from my drives

3 so lets say this now live,ok i close this session .where are the temp files

4 do thy disperse

5 or are thy still stored on the drive

6 if i reboot are thy there in the sand box or is it a new session

ok that will do for now

thank you ,from what i read from the posts made ,i understand that every thing dissipates.gone..so there is no cash to view?


Sandbox until it is destroyed with impunity! not sure what this is...that mean i have ta kill the name of the box ? as the files are still there after rebooting?


what i do not understand is a take a snap shot yet it is save on my normal folder

outside the box i think. well nothing was popping up from the sand box app saying any different..and i see the snap ..saved..


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