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Problems with Nvidia drivers and deep registry scan


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I am using Vista 64 and a Nvidia g-force 250gts and for the last two Nvidia driver upgrades the deep scan have corrupted them resulting in all sorts of problems one being the time it takes to boot the system. (3-5 minutes) and closing down nvidia files abruptly.

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This is still beta version of program so its not reccomended to use it could harm your system! ( just like your problem or similiar)

Try to use Rescue function in Advanced System care or try to use system restore and see if that helps you


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But if you guys Don't do the Beta testing, how will IObit know when they need to make Changes ??? :grin:

Personally I have a computer dedicated to 'Testing New software and hardware'. :wink:

Of course there are some questionable things I won't even put in IT. :lol:

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Im running W7 NVDIa GF7100, NFrce 630i,

When i ran deep scan it found NO entries to correct.


IF it did find any,

those and any related to System32 entries i would have ignored them.



Not being unkind Davros But Vista + 64, I would be VERY carefull when doing any vista testing, but your thier dream vehicle

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Hi j_maybury,


Please kindly help us look into this issue.


1)Could you please describe what operations you have done before the issue occurred.


2)Please describe the issue with more details so that we can further look into it.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Cicely,

The only operation I had done before the issue occurred. was a full Deep Care scan and repair with nothing turned off.


the first time it showed up was on re-boot the program it closed down abruptly was Nvidia's nvvsvc.exe which had something to do with the Microsoft visual C++ runtime library.

The screen came up with the message-

Nvidia driver service version 280.26 stopped working and was closed

The main problem I'm having is video freezing in full screen mode. I have re-downloaded my Nvidia driver files and re-ran the Deep Care scan and repair, and the outcome was the same as above.

I hope this helps, if you need more info, I will do my best to help. but my knowledge is limited and i don't know a thing about C++, I barley dabbled with Dos! I would best be described as a tinkerer.

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IS NOT c++

It is the main Nvidia driver file,

Go into admin tools>services>Nvidia display driver services(nvvsce),(right click)


set to automatic


Local system account


First failure

Reset to Restart the service,(from dropdown).


I do know that Nvidia has been having trouble with drivers and many users have rolled back to earlier versions until the problems have been sorted out.


different sytem i know my driver version is 258.96



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Hi Roy, I have set the First failure to Reset to Restart the service.

I know that nvvsvc.exe is Nvidia's but I wanted to let you know that it was Microsoft visual C++ runtime library that gave out the message. so I thought there must be a link between these two programs somewhere?

You are most likely to know a lot more about it (IT) than I ever will, as I only pick up things as I go along, It's hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, but I do my best as only I know how.:oops:


But thanks again Roy.

I'll re-boot now to see what happens.

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Sunstaler posts.


You can find all the nvidea driver posts by sunstealer here: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_posts&mid=321828


Beta testing and limited release is an extremely common practice by software manufacturers around the world. They rely on the testers(users of the beta software) to refine and perfect the software, so it is safe to release to the general public.


Beta testing (using beta software) by any software manufacturer must be undertaken with caution! Unfortunately most users don't have the resources/precautions that Toppack has. At the least you should have an effective reimaging software such as Macrium or Prodogy. Important files should be removed to a disassociated drive and the drive then disconnected, the image should also be on this drive. A stand alone extra machine you can run on is ideal because if you fry it, doesn't matter(cause it doesn't contain important files)!


Beta testing (using) is completely voluntary with the risks and liabilities assumed by the user (tester). Many users enjoy testing(using) betas because it's fun and they know they won't lose anything important.




Live long and prosper!

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Thanks Mel & Roy,

I certainly appreciate the effort and all the research you both have put in to this, I have taken your advice on the Nvidia driver and rolled it back, as for beta testing I know I have limited knowledge of computers, not being schooled in computing, and just picking up what I could find in computer enthusiasts magazine's, but at least I can build my own computer, I always say, if you want to learn to swim, first you must get your feet wet.

I already do some beta testing for a games company, so I do know all the pitfalls. So I may have to re build my OS once in a while, it doesn't bother me that much, the biggest problem would be the endless amount of updates from Microsucks... dose anyone ells think that IE9 is a piece of crap:?:


So to re-cap, the problem Is really Nvidia's not IObit's even though the driver did work on my machine, before the deep scan, have I got that right?


All the best


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OS Vista Home Premium 64 bit, graphics 9800 1G piggybacked to 512mbs.


removes nividea updates even on light, w deep setting d/c; tech removed x settings and others: STILL removes driver updates, including taskbar settings, and R mouse showup nividea)

same problem. 285.62 nvidia removes taskbar settings, doesnt allow opening of moniter, even from Start button. when u can open it, swallows up 3 out of 6 settings (control panel, nividia: 3d settings, Display, Performance, Stereoscopic 3d, Storage, and Video) only leaves u w the first 3 and strips everything else.


the tech just told me I needed to use the the 1 yr tech support, but after he left I had to do a backup just to get to where I was. None of the other programs did this but iobit.


toolbox says I have 800 probs but I only had that since I kept trying to re install nvidea drivers, and was afraid to do a deep clean and lose any necessary drivers. Iobit just is no good w nividia drivers that I can see; and I've heard they are bad w Steam too on the Steam tech web page. so beware. I did a Rollback to before the tech "fix" and got my drivers back again, and in the task bar.

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Nvidia Control panel


Vista 64

Nvidia final release

I dont run beta pgms

Eventhough I like ASC5

Every time I run


removes just the Nvidia control panel


Why no check box to ignore for this for removal?

the fix is reinstall whole Nvidia install program.

WTF you guys at iobit.

sure not Nvidias problem

No real details in ASC5 like in CCleaner

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